Super Bowl Prop Bets for 2020 – The Wild and the Crazy

Super Bowl Prop Bets for 2020

Super Bowl Prop Bets for 2020 are out and there's some great entertaining wagers to be had. Pit Bull to join the stage at half time anyone?.

On February 2nd, 2020, the USA and the world will hold their breath for the Super Bowl. The culmination of the 100th NFL season is the 54th Super Bowl match that will decide the new world champion.

Played at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, it will be the 11th Super Bowl in the South Florida region and the 6th hosted in Miami Gardens. The stadium has nearly 65,000 seats and has already hosted 5 Super Bowls, the last time in 2010.

Home of the Miami Open tournament, the Hard Rock Stadium is a true Florida jewel – there’s a reason why it has been picked to host 5 Super Bowls before.

The February 2, 2020 game is already generating a lot of interest among fans and punters with everyone eager to see who books a spot in the final.

Online bookies have already provided early betting lines and presented the favorites with the Pats among the top three. This isn’t surprising considering the fact that Brady is still in the league.

Surprisingly, the top Super Bowl favorite currently are the Ravens who are eager to bring the title to Baltimore after a long wait.

Early Super Bowl 2020 Favorites

As mentioned, the Baltimore Ravens are the early bookie favorites for the upcoming Super Bowl. BetOnline has them at +220 with the Patriots and 49ers behind at +450. Although it’s way too early to predict the winner, many bettors will jump at the chance and hope that their favorite reaches the Super Bowl.

Although the Ravens are riding high right now, no one can count the Pats out. With Belichick and Brady at the helm, the New England Patriots are always a threat and will no doubt look to continue their Super Bowl streak. Don’t sleep on the 49ers as well. It’s been a while since the team has won a Super Bowl and this season, its chances look great.

Super Bowl LIV Betting

As the greatest and most watched annual sports event in the USA, the Super Bowl craze starts even before the arrival of the NFL playoffs. You probably already know that the event isn’t just about the match. Those 20-second commercials that cost millions and the halftime show are part of the fun and the reason why millions love the Super Bowl. It offers a complete package, not just a decider for sports fans.

The most fun part of all is that you can bet on everything in the Super Bowl, including the color of the winning Gatorade shower. Sure, betting on the match winner or MVP is fun, but nothing’s more fun than betting on the coin toss or National Anthem or halftime show props. Super Bowl betting isn’t for sports fans only – anyone can bet on anything and be a winner.

Super Bowl LIV Prop Bets

All American bettors consider the Super Bowl the Holy Grail of betting. Literally everyone gets in on the action from college students to grandparents and of course, seasoned vets. Newbies will most likely stick to match winner or point spreads while pros love point spreads and totals.

Super Bowl Prop Bets MyBookie

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There are countless Super Bowl markets to bet on suitable for everyone and at great odds.

There’s one type of bet, though, that makes it all the more interesting – prop bets.

Proposition or prop bets as they’re widely known are a special type of bet that strays away from familiar territory and doesn’t correlate to the outcome of the match itself.

Players Total Yards

Instead of betting on the final score, you can bet on how many yards a player runs or a certain quarterback’s touchdowns during the match.

Even better, you can also bet on who’ll appear on the halftime show, the outcome of the coin toss (highly popular bet) or which color the winning Gatorade shower will be.

There’s a slew of crazy Super Bowl prop bets each year – last year, for example, you could have bet on who is the first person the winning quarterback thanks in the post-match interview.

Wife and family led the list with odds of +160 with God behind at +800.

No matter how crazy prop bets sound, they make betting on the Super Bowl fun and suitable for all bettors.

With bets this year projected to all-time highs, prop bets will surely play a big part. We’re still in the early stages of Super Bowl prop betting and there are already dozens of markets.

Coin Toss Prop Bets

As the event draws near, expect the number of markets to at least double. Right now, apart from the Gatorade shower color and coin toss, you have plenty of halftime show prop bets.

Halftime Show Props

The upcoming Super Bowl will be headline by Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, so most of the best are focused on the world-famous singers.

For example, MyBookie gives Jennifer Lopez odds of -160 to do the famous Shakira hip dance on stage, with the option for no @ +130.

You can also predict if other major stars join the stage. MyBookie looks like it knows something we don’t, giving Pit Bull odds of -150 to appear on the stage.

Enrique Iglesias is also thrown in the mix, but his odds of appearing are +300. If you ask us, stay away from the ‘Will J-Lo or Shakira Sing in Spanish?’ market as the Super Bowl prop bets MyBookie have odds for are -500 for yes.

Considering their heritage, there’s no point in betting on Yes.

National Anthem Prop Bets

On the crazier side of things, you can also bet on if any scoring drive takes less time than it takes to sing the National Anthem.

The odds are -145 for Yes and +105 for No.

Gladys Knight will sing the Anthem this year, and you can bet on how long it takes her to go through it or if she forgets or omits a word.

The number of songs during the half-time show and more exotic options such as if a fan will run onto the field during the game are also available so make sure to carefully examine all the options at your disposal.

Each passing day brings us closer to the Super Bowl LIV and with that, we’re also closer to a slew of new prop bets.

If you want to bet at great odds on the Super Bowl but you’re not a sports fan, you’ll love many of them. Even sports fans love prop bets as they’re a departure from classic sports betting action.

If you want to take a break from outrights or point spreads, they are the most fun choice.

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