What Is the Best Player Prop Bet for the Super Bowl?

What Is the Best Player Prop Bet for the Super Bowl?

Looking for what is the best Player Prop bet for the Super Bowl?.

NFL prop betting is one of the most entertaining and unique forms of betting available on NFL football. The prop bet is not in any way affected by the game’s outcome, allowing bettors to place bets on different aspects of the game like individual player performance and team statistics.

Betting on props is a quick way to grow your bankroll. Sports offshore gambling sites offer lower limits and takes less action on props than what they do with other forms of betting, so they do not have much incentive to post accurate lines.

The NFL football prop bets might not be as popular as money line wagering, totals and sides, but the prop markets have grown a lot since the invention of sports betting online.

We are not just talking about the extended prop options for a super bowl either. Today, some oddsmakers have over 50 team and player props available for each NFL game.

This is where the best player prop bet for the super bowl comes in.

Team and Player Props

Team and player props are an important factor to consider altogether. There is a wide range of betting options for bettors here.

One important thing that you must always remember includes things like the money line markets, totals, and sides, the proposition usually includes overtime, unless stated otherwise.

NFL Player Props

NFL Player Props

NFL player props are usually centered on the performance of a player in a specific game.

The most popular and the best player prop bet for the super bowl is the over/under. This type of wager is based on the players rushing yards, receiving yard, passing yards or a combination of receiving and rushing.

  • Almost all the betting sites we recommend offer odds for every player to score a touchdown.
  • We’ve looked over many players prop bets and the common team prop bets.
  • We have taken the prop bet odds from the best NFL oddsmakers.

6 of the Best Player Prop Bets for the Super Bowl

Here are our handpicked six that makes most sense based on the player usage and matchups as outlined here:

Sony Michel scoring a Touchdown (TD) (-134)

Odds at Bovada

Although the patriots player started with some injury issues from the training camp and this might be the reason why he had a slower start.

Sony Michel scoring a Touchdown

Nevertheless, after Michel got healthier for the 2nd part of the season, Michel became the team’s vital runner which is the responsibility that he had been enlisted for.

One important thing that makes the player so noticeable right now is that he can handle incredibly large volumes of carries like he just did 53 in their past two games and has since been on the winning streak with rushing touchdowns.

Michel has previously scored 5 rushing touchdowns in the team’s previous two playoff fixtures to go alongside 242 yards and has also scored three out of their previous four games in total.

Also, something else that is very easy to notice is that he has not been removed from numerous goal-line scenarios and with the team having the capacity to consistently moves the ball perfectly, the chances of Michel scoring are very high.

Therefore, Michel’s price at -135 is quite reasonable. You should bet on this with Bovada.

James White More Than 5.5 Receptions (-167)

Odds at Bovada

Although Rams have been one of the best teams in regards to covering the opposing runner backs from the backfield throughout the season, Rams struggled a lot alongside the saints during the NFC contest match and conceded 13 receptions to RBS Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara.

James White, a 5th-year pro, made 19 total receptions in only two games in the season’s playoffs.

White is the kind of person that many teams will not be very concerned about since he is not very flashy or fast but can get very open and OC Josh McDaniel’s and quarterback Tom Brady trusted him very much.

He seems to be very involved on Sundays and taking over a total of 5.5 reception total at -167 is quite reasonable.

Place the bet at BetOnline or Bovada.

CJ Anderson scores a Touchdown (+130)

Odds at Bovada

The rebirth of Anderson as the featured runners has been so amazing. After Anderson was released by two teams early this period, Anderson signed with Rams and has gone ahead to carry the ball over 82 stints in his 4 games with Rams.

CJ Anderson scores a Touchdown

The most amazing thing regarding Anderson’s performance is the fact which was previously thought that he was very out of form to make a direct contribution (if you had watched him, player, immediately after he joined the Rams, you know what we mean). Yet he was able to carry the ball about 43 times in their first 2 games at a time that he was filling in for the starting RB Todd Gurley.

Being the 6th-year pro, Anderson has scored in three out of four matches with Rams, including 2 rushing touchdowns in the squads 1st playoff against the Cowboys.

Although Gurley ought to be a featured runner for the match, Anderson still must get enough work volume in as his reserve and check out to get a few goal-line straight carries.

Andersons +130 number with Bovada will be worthwhile.

Josh Reynolds Scoring A Touchdown (+175)

Odds at Bovada

After losing WR Cooper Kupp for the regular season because of a torn, Reynolds, a 3rd-year competitor, has seen an incredible increase in receptions, passing targets and playing time.

With Kupp having been excluded from the squad, Reynolds has already managed to get 52 pass targets in 8 times (6 regular seasons, 2 playoffs).

Reynolds size is perfect for the position of a receiver (6-3, 195), usually plays outside when playing alongside experienced players such as WR Robert Wood.

Technically, Reynolds had a series of almost touchdowns in the 8 matches without Kupp on the pitch. Generally, this means he was either engaged closer to the goal line or he was open, but never got the ball for some reason.

Here, the feeling is that the Patriots might attempt limiting the WR Brandin Cooks, who used to play downfield for the patriots and this means that Reynolds that averaged approximately 14 yards on every catch in a season and averages 18.6 yards/catch in Reynolds 2 playoff matches can become open for fewer big plays in the game.

Bet on Reynolds scoring a TD with Bovada.

Julian Edelman More Than 6.5 Receptions In Total (-155)

Odds at MyBookie

While Reggie Jackson may have been nicknamed (Mr. October) because of his exceptional performance in MLB playoffs with Yankees, although Julian deserves a moniker (Mr. February/January) because of his stunning performance in the playoffs extending back to the year 2013.

Julian’s performance has been stunning.

In his previous 12 matches over the past five seasons (Julian never played in 2017 playoffs because of a knee problem) that he has scored a stunning 96 receptions.

He is the itemization of an overall reception and the number of matches he has played as shown below:

  • 2018: 16(2)
  • 2016: 21 (3)
  • 2015: 17(2)
  • 2014: 26 (3)
  • 2013: 16 (2)

While Rams are well known for being amazing, Julian’s performance has been nothing but incredibly principal in the playoffs extending back a few years ago.

Make a winning prop bet with Mybookie.ag.

Malcolm Brown Over/Under 3.5 Total Receptions

Odds at MyBookie

At this point, Malcolm Brown is the first situational target vs. the Bucs. Currently, the Rams are currently the home favorite.

Malcolm Brown Player Prop bet

Malcolm has undoubtedly received the inconsistent playtime this season mainly since he has been Todd Gurley’s backup.

One clear thing is the fact that despite what the coach seems to be saying, Todd Gurley continues to be limited since he suffers an arthritic knee.

Malcolm has only received 3 rushing attempts in their previous match but saw 6 and 11 in their opening weeks of the regular season.

With a huge volume, Malcolm approached the 5 yards per carrying up to the time he run into a rough match when they played the Cleveland browns.

Presuming that Gurley will still achieve his common 15 carries, Malcolm can easily get the desired double-digit carries in case the Rams are ahead?.

Buccaneers are ranked in the top 5 in the NFL’s rushing yards allowed. This only allows 53.33 yards each game to the running back position.

What’s more, the Buccaneers are yet to feature in a fully negative match script. Despite the stout rushing defense, this amount of volume will be a lot to keep Malcolm under this insignificant number.

Best Betting Sites For NFL Best Player Prop Bets

[pokareview_tablelist sort=”rating” num=”10″ reviews=”21272,21522,21064,21519″ size=”small” style=”narrow” counter=”true” score_style=”percentage”]

If the smaller betting site does not have numerous props to offer, there is an excellent opportunity they have many of them for NFL games.

As mentioned earlier, player prop bets are ideal markets to try out. However online betting sites usually limit the wager size of players who beat them mostly betting on props.

So you should be careful as you choose the best NFL betting sites.

Four of the most trustworthy and reliable betting sites to place your best player prop bet for the Super Bowl are Bovada, BetOnline, Mybookie.ag and BetNow.eu, Join and try one today!.

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