Is MyBookie a Legit Betting site? – We Take a Look in 2020

Is MyBookie a Legit Betting site

Bettors want to know that whichever sportsbooks they are using are legit and safe. There are reputable and trusted veteran sites out there such as Bovado and BetOnline. And there is one relatively newer site that seems to be trending;

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The question I want to answer is whether MyBookie is a legit site or not, and worth you using in the long run.

The sportsbook has only been operational for five years, that is still young given the industry. A lot of sportsbooks aren’t considered safe and risk-free, it takes time to build a reputation.

However, MyBookie seems to be setting themselves apart from the pack.

Along with several different ways to bet, MyBookie has large deposit bonuses.

MyBookie Welcome Bonus, Deposits and Promotions

With a site like Bovada, when you deposit up to $250 to your account, you receive a 50% bonus deposit. With MyBookie, they offer a 50% bonus on deposits up to $1000. That attracts more of the high-rollers or frequent bettors.

Speaking of deposits, you can add money to your account through Visa or Mastercard and with no fees. You can also add funds through e-checks, cryptocurrencies, and Person2Person.

As a bonus, MyBookie covers fees from using Person2Person for deposits of $300 or more.

Unlike sites like Bovada and FanDuel, MyBookie has no banned regions.

They use promotional bonuses to help draw in even more traffic. Promotional gifts are exclusive bonuses that occur during big sporting events: first week of the NFL season, the NBA Finals, March Madness, etc. It usually involves boosted odds, deposit bonuses, and/or risk-free bets.

An example of a risk-free bet could be that MyBookie will refund your money if you bet up to $100 on a promotional bonus event.

There are other contests that MyBookie conducts throughout the year to keep things fresh and exciting.

During the NFL regular season, there is a contest with a $100,000 cash grand prize.

There is also a weekly NFL survivor contest. This type of contest involves picking the winner of one game each week. If you pick correctly, you proceed to the next week. One wrong answer and you’re out.

Loyalty Pays with VIP Status

MyBookie also has something most of the other sites don’t have a loyalty VIP program.

VIP programs will bring people back for added perks. As you bet and earn money, you start to receive “Bookie Points.”

The more you place bets, the more points you receive. The more points you receive, you reach a higher level.

As you reach higher levels, you can redeem better prizes. This could include free funds, iPhones, and even a vacation.

Once you get to the highest level of the VIP program, you can even earn cold hard cash with your points.

Everything seems good with MyBookie, but it wasn’t always like that.


Through the first few years of MyBookie being active, there were tons of bugs. It was slow to deposit money and even slower to withdraw it and be able to physically use your winnings.

This is normal for any new sportsbook.

People get wind of a new site and the heavy traffic bogs down the servers, slowing everything down and sometimes crashing it.

MyBookie learned from feedback and from their errors.

There was a recent revamp with management, and things have improved greatly over time.

So Is MyBookie a Legit Betting site?

The bottom line is yes, for more than one reason.

The site is still young, with most sites not getting the label of an elite and safe sportsbook until they are at least a decade in.

MyBookie isn’t the usual site, though. In just a short amount of time, they are currently at a point where they can be in the mix of one of the best to use.

Bovada has been a mainstay as an elite place for bettors but look at how MyBookie stacked up against them.

Bovada was beaten out in certain areas in deposits, perks, and payouts.

The main reason why MyBookie checks out is how well they excelled in such a short time.

There are other top betting sites that MyBookie has already surpassed: GT Bets, BetOnline, and even BetNow. Why?

It is because they located their weaknesses and immediately put a plan in action to improve their site.

The issue that MyBookie still faces is one that they can’t win: Time.

If you do a google search for the best betting sites or sportsbooks, it will take quite a bit of digging.

There are still several sites that have been around much longer and have a dedicated group of followers.

Don’t let this sway your decision. By the time MyBookie has been around for 10+ years, it can likely be more popular than Bovada.

For now, MyBookie is 100% legit and you should indulge in them as soon as you can to experience a new type of betting.

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