Bovada Super Bowl Odds 2021

Bovada Super Bowl Odds 2020

Bovada Super Bowl odds 2021 and the latest contenders for the title in the betting.

Bovada Super Bowl Odds 2021

Check out the latest Bovada Super Bowl Odds 2021 below.

February 7, 2021 4:30 pm Super Bowl 2021

2021 Super Bowl Outright Winners Odds

Kansas City Chiefs550550 550
Baltimore Raven700700 700
San Francisco 49ers900900900
New Orleans Saints1200  1200  1200 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers120012001200 
Philadelphia Eagles18001800 1800
Dallas Cowboys200020002000
Greenbay Packers200020002000
New England Patriots 20002000 2000
Seattle Seahawks20002000 2000
Buffalo Bills22002200 2200
Pittsburgh Steelers220022002200 
Indianapolis Colts25002500 2500
Los Angeles Rams280028002800 
Minnesota Vikings28002800 2800
Tennessee Titans280028002800
Atlanta Falcons330033003300
Chicago Bears330033003300 
Cleveland Browns330033003300
Houston Texans400040004000
Los Angeles Chargers400040004000
Arizona Cardinals500050005000 
Denver Broncos500050005000 
Las Vegas Raiders500050005000 
Carolina Panthers66006600 6600
Detroit Lions800080008000
Jacksonville Jaguars80008000 8000
New York Giants800080008000 
New York Jets800080008000
Miami Dolphins10000  10000 10000
Cincinnati Bengals150001500015000
Washington Redskins150001500015000
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The NBA, MLS, NHL and the Stanley Cup are all among the most important sports leagues in the USA. Each sport in the USA has a large fanbase that lives for its team’s matches and dreams to see the captain lift the oh-so-wanted trophy. There’s one match, however, that trumps them all – the Super Bowl. See who the favorites to win the Super Bowl 2021 are..

An annual championship game in one of the most popular sports in the USA, the NFL, the Super Bowl is the decider after the regular season that starts in summer the previous year.

To give you an idea of how big the Super Bowl is, it’s the most-watched sports game in the USA every year and the second-largest day for US food consumption – the throne is still held by Thanksgiving Day.

The Super Bowl is also one of the matches most punters bet on, with billions placed in bets every year.

Many of these bets are placed illegal, but the majority are placed online. Everyone wants a piece of the action – from regular punters to major Hollywood and sports stars, the Super Bowl is a very anticipated event to bet on.

From favorites to points spread, the Super Bowl betting craze doesn’t seem to stop, breaking new records every year.

Thanks to the rise of online and mobile betting, Super Bowl bets have exploded recently, with wagers flooding in after the match starts too.

Why Bet on the Super Bowl?

Why not? It’s fun, it’s exciting, and if you’re smart you can make money off it.

Super Bowl lines will be immediately available at Bovada as soon as the AFC and NFC Championship games are finished. This usually happens in late January, which means you’ll be able to bet on the Super Bowl around the same time.

Picking the winner of the game is the most popular type of bet placed with covering the spread rarer. Bovada has made the whole process of placing a bet as simple as it gets especially if you bet on your mobile phone. You can do it with just a few touches and at great odds, of course, since the bookie is one of the premier betting destinations for Americans.

Bovada is also one of the Super Bowl offshore betting sites with earliest odds on the event, meaning you can place your bets earlier than others.

NFL futures are also available if you want something a bit more different. However, with Super Bowl time coming in fast, new and veteran bettors will prefer the main event.

The key component of the NFL Futures market, the Super Bowl section at Bovada provides early betting on the biggest event in American sports. Scheduled for early February, you can jump the gun and go straight to the heart of the action by betting on the top favorites to win the Super Bowl.

It’s still early to predict the champion and as we know, the NFL is full of surprises. However, Bovada’s expert team has identified the top favorites and underdogs earlier than others and you know how they say – the early bird gets the worm.

Let’s see the favorites for the 2021 Super Bowl and which team Bovada has identified as the top pick.

Baltimore Ravens

In the past decade, the Patriots have been the go-to Super Bowl favorites each year and that’s not surprising. The Bill Belichick-led team has had stunning success in recent years thanks to him and players such as Brady. However, Bovada isn’t sold on the Pats this year, instead giving the nod to the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens last won the Super Bowl in 2013 against the 49ers in the first Super Bowl match that featured two brothers coaching against each other.

John Harbaugh defeated his brother Jim and brought Ravens’ fans the second Super Bowl in the history of the club. It was also the final game of NFL legend Ray Lewis who will later go down as one of the greatest linebackers in the game.

After a long wait, the Ravens lead the list of Bovada Super Bowl Odds 2021 favorites at Bovada at +220 in front of the Patriots who were widely expected to repeat.

It’s an exciting time for Ravens fans who have a new favorite in Lamar Jackson, a player with untapped potential and a bright future ahead of him. He’s almost a lock for a future Super Bowl MVP, maybe as early as next year.

New England Patriots

With 3 titles in the past 6 Super Bowls and a further Super Bowl loss in 2017, the Pats are rightfully considered one of the greatest NFL teams ever.

Led by the incredible Tom Brady who will most likely go down as the best quarterback in history, the Pats are always the frontrunner at online bookies for the Super Bowl except for this season.

They’ve been surprisingly beaten to the top spot by the Ravens which is probably because of Brady’s age.

However, Brady continues to defy expectations each year – last season, he became the oldest QB to win the Super Bowl at 41.

Although the Pats aren’t the frontrunner at Bovada for the Super Bowl 2021 (+450) they are still big favorites to land a record 7th Super Bowl and forever cement Brady’s and Belichick’s place in the history of the NFL.

The Ravens may be younger and hungrier, but who can count the Pats out for sure? If you’re not sure about the Baltimore Ravens, the New England Patriots are a surefire favorite.

San Francisco 49ers

After winning 5 Super Bowls during the Jerry Montana era, the 49ers haven’t been in the limelight. Their last Super Bowl appearance was in 2013 when they lost to the Ravens. Since then, the team didn’t have a lot of success until this year, when Bovada tied the 49ers to the Pats for Super Bowl 2021.

At +450 with the Bovada Super Bowl Odds 2021, the San Francisco-based team looks like a great pick for those who don’t believe in a Pats repeat or a Baltimore Ravens revival.

The Ravens may be the team to beat according to Bovada, but we wouldn’t sleep on the 49ers. Led by the highest-paid player in NFL history (on a per-year basis) Jimmy Garoppolo, the team could surprise the league and win the prized trophy.

Notable Teams

Apart from the top trio, Bovada Super Bowl Odds 2021 has identified the New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs as two possible favorites for the 2020 Super Bowl with odds of +550 and +700 respectively.

The Seahawks are next at +1100 before giving way to the Green Bay Packers (+1400), Minnesota Vikings (+2800), and the Houston Texas (+3500).

The unlikeliest team to win in the Bovada Super Bowl Odds 2021 are the Broncos, Colts, and Raiders, each of them tied at +75000.

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