What is the Moneyline and Over Under Betting?

How Does Over Under betting and Moneyline bets work

Do you want to know what Over Under betting and Moneyline betting mean?.

If you’re a newcomer to the world of online betting, you may rightfully be confused about the types of bets you’ll find.

Moneyline, over under betting, handicaps, goals, individual bets, and dozens of other markets are available at online offshore betting sites on many sports.

That’s before you even get to point spreads and special bets.

Seeing all the markets at a sportsbook can be a lot to take in for new bettors and many are literally put off by it.

  • What is the moneyline and what does it mean? What are outrights? Over-under – what kind of bet is that?!
  • Can I just bet on the winner?.
  • Yes, you certainly can.

Even though bet types can be confusing, you should only learn the basics of each to grasp its meaning and eventually become a master.

The great thing about the large number of bet types is that some are much more valuable than match betting on fixed odds.

Live betting is another great option for punters, so when it comes to online bets, it pays to know the different types and how to wager on them.

What Are the Most Popular Bets in the Industry?

When it comes to popularity, moneyline bets are the most popular and simplest at the same time.

This type of bet is present on all sports unlike, for example, point spreads, which can’t be applied to certain sports.

Apart from moneyline bets, over/under markets and futures are also popular in the sea of sports bets you can find online nowadays.

If you’re confused about futures, don’t be.

This bet allows you to bet on future matches or events – betting on who wins the Super Bowl is a perfect example of a future bet since we’re months away from the biggest national sports event.

Totals, double result, and a variety of specials are also there to make things exciting and help you enjoy the wonders of online betting.

While on the subject of specials, you’ve probably come across prop bets at any online bookie.

Short for proposition bets, they allow you to bet on things that you’ll never think of.

From coin toss to national anthem prop bets and even the color of the Gatorade winner shower, prop bets show a funnier side of online betting you don’t get with other markets.

When it comes to sheer popularity however, moneyline and over under betting are sitting comfortably at the top.

Moneyline Bets

  • The moneyline bet, also known as picking the winner, is the simplest type of bet you can place on a sports match.
  • Perfect for newbies, it allows you to pick the winning side in a match and applies to all sports.

Let’s put things into perspective: if, for example, the Ravens meet the Pats in the Super Bowl, you can bet on either team to win.

Of course, the odds will differ, but in this particular case, they should be quite close.

One team will be the favourite and the other one an underdog which, of course, doesn’t mean that the favorite will win. Still, the chances of that happening are higher and the odds softer.

Underdogs offer more value and promise a higher return should you predict well.

However, you have to understand that the chances of an underdog beating a favorite are smaller while knowing that nothing is impossible in the world of sports.

In American sports, the favorite is indicated by the – sign in front of the team – for example, the Pats may be a Super Bowl favorite at -200.

On the other hand, the underdog is indicated by the + sign.

Using the aforementioned example, the Ravens might be a slight underdog at +250 or something similar for the upcoming Super Bowl.

As mentioned, underdogs pay more, but their chances to win a match are lower.

The easiest way to understand how moneyline works is to consider a base bet of $100.

Betting on the Pats using the example above won’t bring you much – a $100 bet on -200 odds spells a payout of $150.

Place a $100 bet on the underdog at +250, however, and you’ll get a payout of $350.

When you work with a $100 bet, moneyline is easy to calculate.

Read tips and predictions regularly and it won’t take long for you to master it.


  • If you’ve ever bet online, you surely came across the over under betting (O/U) market.
  • Applicable to many markets, O/U is part of the family of total wagers.

Totals are pretty fun and give you another betting angle that allows you to predict the total number of points scored by both teams in a match that can either go over or under the line set by the bookie.

It may sound scary, but once you learn the basics, you will love betting on totals.

When it comes to the set line, it depends on the bookmaker and the type of game.

For the Super Bowl, most sportsbooks and casinos keep the line at 46.0, and you as a punter can bet if a statistic goes over or under that line.

  1. If you bet under, for example, you’ll win if the total score is 45.
  2. If you bet on over, you’ll win your bet if the match ends with a points total over 46.

This type of bet is usually applied to basketball, baseball, and the NFL.

When it comes to the statistics, a sportsbook can choose anything from home runs and runs batted in in baseball, points, blocks, assists or steals in basketball, to down conversions, interceptions, completions, and everything else in American football.

Now that you know how to bet on moneyline and the over under betting market, you can try both out for a tiny wager or use a bonus to do the same.

Over time, you’ll eventually become better at predictions and this should translate to major wins in the future.

Andy nelson owner of offshoresportsbookfact.net

Andy Nelson

Andy has been writing and posting about offshore sportsbooks for over 15 years. He's also an active sportsbook bonus seeker and seasoned online gambler on US sports.


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