What is the Moneyline in Sports Betting? – Explained

How Does Over Under betting and Moneyline bets work

So what is the Moneyline in sports betting?

Have you ever thought about getting into the world of sports betting, but you’re not sure where to begin or how to start?

Some bettors start out by making small bets here and there, perhaps making very basic bets with friends or coworkers, but eventually they want to move on to actual betting on major live sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, World Series, or the NBA Finals.

Figuring out how to read a point spread can be quite difficult and confusing and hard to understand without the proper education.

That’s when a bookie may offer the bettor to take the moneyline instead.

You might be asking yourself, “what on earth is the moneyline in sports betting?”

What is the Moneyline in Sports Betting?

  1. To put it in simple terms, the moneyline is the type of betting line that lays out the player must wager in order to win $100 or the amount the player wins on a bet of $100.
  2. To make it even simpler, there is no gimmick to this bet for the team picked to reach a certain number of points.
  3. The chosen team just has to win the match and the bet is won.

Simple, right?

[su_panel border=”4px solid #cc0000″]This article is going to take you through the more detailed analysis of what the moneyline bet is and why it is a much safer bet to take than the point spread bets.[/su_panel]

Explain That One More Time

Okay, so we briefly covered what the moneyline bet is in the previous section, but let’s cover it once again so that we really understand it.

  • The moneyline is one of the easiest bets you can make at any sportsbook.
  • It basically just means that you are betting money on a specific team to win a game.
  • Betting on the point spread is about who wins and by how much, but the moneyline only depends on the victory.

Now, we did say that the moneyline is a fairly simple and easy bet, but there’s more to it than meets the eye and it can be a little confusing at times.

The payoff of a moneyline bet is based solely on true odds of the matchup and not by fixed odds.

The team favored in the game is marked with a minus sign (-) and the underdog team is marked with a plus sign (+).

Examples of a Moneyline Sports Bet

What is the Moneyline in Sports Betting

When you go to place your first bet on a moneyline, it is important to understand exactly what is required from you and how you win the bet.

Like we previously mentioned, the bet lays out the amount of money it takes to either make $100 or the amount of money you win with a $100 bet.

The NFL is one of the more popular sporting leagues for gamblers of moneyline bets due to their profitability.

Let’s take a look at some examples of NFL games, their moneyline odds, and what they mean.
[su_panel border=”4px solid #cc0000″]If a matchup between the Denver Broncos and the Los Angeles Chargers carried a moneyline of Broncos (-140) at Chargers (+160) then that would mean it would cost the bettor a $140 bet to win $100 if they placed their bet on Denver and Denver won.[/su_panel]

On the flip side, the bettor would win a total of $260 on a $100 bet if they placed their bet on Los Angeles and the Chargers won the game.

In other words, bets on the favorites to win will cost the bettor a little bit extra on their bet in order to win back some of their money, while betting on the underdog generates more of a payout.

What’s the Difference Between a Moneyline Bet and a Spread Bet?

Moneyline bets and point spread bets are two options of betting that most sportsbooks carry for bettors.

We’ve briefly covered the main difference between the two options, but are there other differences between them?


[su_panel border=”4px solid #cc0000″]Some of the biggest differences between moneyline betting and spread betting are that moneyline bets can often lose even if there’s a winning percentage, point spreads can be a little bit easier to understand than moneyline bets.[/su_panel]

Moneyline underdog bets often bring a bigger return, moneyline bets can be an easy choice for bettors as they simply just pick the winner of a game, and the parlay odds for moneyline bets are generally more favorable than those of point spread bets.

What is a Moneyline Parlay?

Parlays are growing in popularity when it comes to moneyline bets.

To put it simply, a parlay is one single wager that is made up of multiple outcomes. The payouts for parlays are greater than the payout for an individual game.

These types of bets are becoming very popular due to the larger payout of the bet.

Parlays are also growing in popularity because of the simplicity of picking multiple favorites to win their games. However, picking multiple winners is just as hard, if not harder, as picking a singular winner for a bet.

[su_panel border=”4px solid #cc0000″]In fact, sportsbooks have generally won 31.7% of the time since 1992.[/su_panel]

The parlay bet is only won if none of the selected teams in the wager are a loser of their contest.

However, parlay bets do come with some rules that could benefit bettors.

For example, if a bettor is wagering on four baseball games and one of the games is cancelled due to weather, the bettor still wins their bet.

However, the bet will not be paid out to the original amount of four games, but rather just the three games that were played and won in the wager.

Where Can I Make a Moneyline Wager?

If you’re looking at making a moneyline bet or any type of sports bet really, the best place to start looking would be one of the many sportsbooks on the internet. It must be said that you should do your due diligence before signing up for just any sportsbook, but there are some pretty reliable and reputable sportsbooks available for people to use.

Some of the most popular sportsbooks on the internet include Bovada, MyBookie, Sportsbetting.ag, BetNow.eu, Xbet.ag, and BetOnline.

Again, it is extremely important that you pay close attention to the betting and Reddit sportsbook sites that you use and should only use ones that you trust with your money and personal information.

You should also always use safe and responsible betting practices and make sure that you do everything by the book, no pun intended.

Is a Moneyline Bet My Safest Option For Sports Betting?

Generally speaking, yes.

The moneyline bet is considered to be the easiest or safest bet for bettors due to the simply picking a team to win.

  • Before making any bet, a bettor should always do their homework to make sure that moneyline betting is the way they want to go with their money.
  • While a moneyline bet can be easy, it can also be a bit difficult to understand at times.
  • The best benefit of the moneyline bet is the payout from an underdog bet winning.

This is why sports like basketball and football are great for moneyline betting and can be a fun and easy way to get into sports betting. Please always remember to be responsible with your bets!.

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