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The legalization of US betting has begun with the repeal of the 1992 act which prohibited online gambling. All the offshore betting sites below mean US players can play online safely and secure in the knowledge that it's legal to do do.

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If you are looking to have a bet online from the US then your quickest option is to bet via offshore betting sites.

This isn't anything to be apprehensive about. This is because you now have a good choice of top standing sportsbooks to choose from.

All the sportsbooks listed on this website are regulated and licensed by the country they reside offshore in.

Costa Rica and Kahnawake in Canada are two of the more popular destinations. Below you will find an overview of only the best offshore betting sites to side with.

We have also reviewed the offshore sportsbook bonuses and background of each betting site.

Top Offshore Betting sites

We review the top offshore betting sites by their online rating, reputation and lines.

#1 Bovada Sportsbook

Offshore Sportsbook
50% up to $250
Bovada sportsbook for US players

Bovada.lv Sportsbook - 50% Deposit Bonus up to $250

Fast payments, good range of Prop bets, rated Live betting platform and an easy to use and understand website gives players a welcome at Bovada.lv. Not available for every US state but most are accepted. Decent sign up Bonus too that's instant with very low rollover. #1 All round sportsbook.

18+, T & C's Apply

The Bovada sportsbook is the offshoot of the long standing Bodog brand that has been around since the 1990’s. Bovada.lv was established as a bookmaker for US players. It found the way around the ban on gambling in the US by setting up offshore in Latvia. You will find Sports, Casino, Poker and Horses with a 100% Sign up Bonus giving you an instant, up to, $250 bet at Bovada.lv. Live and Mobile betting are all available as you would expect from such a trusted and longstanding Bodog brand in betting.

Bovada Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Credit Cards Visa
Minimum Deposit $20.00
Maximum Deposit $1,000.00
First Deposit Free – 4.9% fee on each Credit Card deposit afterwards

Rapid Transfer
Minimum Deposit $100.00
Maximum Deposit $750.00

New York and Utah players get one free Withdrawal per month.

The Background and Legality of Offshore Gambling

offshore betting from the USAThere have been ambivalent reactions in the USA on whether betting is legal or not, and which states legalize it. Many people disagree on what the law states about the activity, and until there is a clear explanation of if betting is legal or not, people will always have confusions. Over the years, the American government has debated against the Internet betting legalization by pointing out the Interstate Wire Act. This was passed to limit sports betting between different states with the use of devices incorporated with wires or the telephone.

The History of Offshore Betting

A ruling was upheld by the 5th U.S circuit court of Appeals in 2002. This ruled out a lawsuit that was presented by two online gamblers against credit card companies. This was due to debts brought about by placing bets on casino games. The case was dismissed and the court claimed that the Wire Act only covered sporting events.

On the other hand, The US Department of Justice perceived the matter differently by claiming that the Wire Act covered every form of internet betting. This was agreed by the U.S District Court of Middle District of Louisiana. The US Justice Department ushered in the Casino City Operators, in the event of dismissing the case.

The Casino City was a website that acted as a portal for betting sites. The court ruled out that the government was interested in advertising of illegal activities and that included Internet gambling. The ruling was supported by the 5th Circuit U.S Court of Appeals. So from that moment, online betting was officially illegal.

Some of the state that participated in the activity and were banned from participating in gambling included;

  • New York
  • California
  • Las Vegas
  • Nevada, the state that holds Las Vegas, The gambling city.

The Legalization of Offshore Betting

Representative Barney Frank ushered in the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act in 2007, which was aimed at legalizing Internet gambling. At the same time, Representative James McDermott brought up the Internet Gambling Regulation and Tax Enforcement Act, which was termed as a partner bill to the one that was ushered in by Rep. Frank. The Internet Gambling Regulation and Tax Enforcement Act talked about how to control online betting sites and how tax can be collected on each wager that was made.

McDermott announced that there was a firm would make about $3.1billion – $15.2 billion in revenue during the first 5 years, this is in the course of Internet betting regulation. The same regulation would attract $8.7 billion to $42.8billion within the first 10 years.

Currently, there are more states that have been legalized to carry our online betting. New Jersey and Delaware for instance, have been mandated to engage in online gambling. California, Illinois, Hawaii, Iowa, Mississippi, Texas, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania have been approved to be a legal gambling state by the National Conference of State Legislature.

The Offshore Betting Sites

Offshore betting is a new way that is used to ensure safety for gamblers and improve the activity more. It sendsOffshore-Football-Sportsbooks money to a certain offshore gambling site and it might be carried out in several ways. The money can be transferred via money orders and other bank wired, online money services or through credit cards. This money is stored in a gamblers offshore online account and they can bet on several things, including poker, sports, casino games, horse racing and many more.

Several offshore betting sites have all these features incorporated in one site or they could have links that redirect gamblers to the other offshore related sites. For instance, a site could have sport betting names, but be involved in online poker. This will allow you to have access to their poker website using the same money that you are using to bet on a sporting event. That applies also to other betting activities such as casino betting and horse racing. All these available options link in the same site.

Why Choose Offshore Betting Sites?


Offshore betting sites offer a great advantage to the gamblers in terms of making gambling easier. On an offshore site, you will not be required to visit a local casino in order to lay down your bets on a certain sport. You also will not be required to go to a local card room to participate in a poker game. All these can be done on one offshore site, without needing to change anything. These offshore sites are favored because they let a gambler play several betting games from their homes in the most flexible way.

Safe and Secure

Playing at offshore betting sites is the same as dealing with a bank, whereby you will be sure of having your money safe and readily available at any time. In these offshore sites, you will be able to put your bets at any time of the day, or any day of the week.

Extra Bonuses and Perks

You will be awarded bonuses by offshore betting sites for participating in an activity. In most cases, gamblers are able to get deposit bonuses, which they will then convert into real cash.

Watch the video showing you how to place a bet online at the offshore sportsbook Bovada. The No.1 choice sportsbook for betting offshore.

For that reason, many offshore betting sites such as Sportbetting, TopBet and Bovada, have moved their domains to .ag, .eu and .lv respectively. These sportsbooks want to fully utilize the beneficial features, legal gambling and capability of the offshore sites. Through these sites, betting websites are gaining more clients and they are sure of their safety and comfort whenever they play.

The offshore functionality allows top wager sites to make more money in terms of revenue and this is making them more legal in several states. This is because the offshore sites help the government to earn revenue, via tax and be sure of limited fraud cases or money laundering.

One of the major things that agitated the government to ban gambling was tax evasion, fraud and several money laundering cases. Nevertheless, such cases are limited in an offshore wager site, which uses high technology to ensure money is safe and that the revenue earned is well accounted for. That has significantly improved the economy and the US government has strongly supported online gambling in some of the major states in USA.

Offshore Betting Lines

Get the latest offshore betting lines from SBO (sportsbettingonline.ag). Another source for offshore gaming with a string of tempting bonuses to boost your bankroll. This offshore sportsbook has a 10% NO rollover requirement on their welcome bonus as well as weekly cashback on your turnover again with NO rollover.