Is sports betting legal in Wisconsin? What to know …

Is sports betting legal in Wisconsin

If you are a Wisconsin resident, you may be wondering if Wisconsin allows sports betting and online sports betting.

In this article, we will answer just that. More specifically, we learn about the legality of sports betting Wisconsin, including online sports betting, brick and mortar sports betting, and sports betting options for Wisconsin residents.

Read on to learn more.

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Online sports betting is not legal in Wisconsin, but individual casinos are trying to pass bills that allow sports betting on site.

This shows that although sports betting is currently illegal, legalization may start to gain traction.

In the meantime, the only way that you can bet on sports in Wisconsin is through offshore sportsbooks.

Is sports betting legal in Wisconsin?

Is sports betting legal in Wisconsin

USA map with magnified Wisconsin State. Wisconsin flag and map.

Unfortunately, Wisconsin has not yet legalized sports betting. In fact, there have been no attempts to legalize sports betting in the state of Wisconsin since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) ended in 2018. In other words, legalized sports betting hasn’t been turned down in the state. It just hasn’t been attempted yet.

Sports betting is not the only form of gambling lacking within the state. For example, there are no forms of commercial gambling available. The only forms of betting legal in Wisconsin include the state lottery and 27 casino locations that are operated by the 11 Native American tribes in the state.

So, there are currently no forms of legalized sports betting in Wisconsin. Especially where online betting Wisconsin is concerned, residents have very few options to choose from, and most of which involve traveling out of state or using offshore sportsbooks instead.

Recent updates on sports gambling in Wisconsin

Because casinos and the state lottery are permitted in Wisconsin, there is a precedent that online sports gambling can be legalized. The issue is simply that no discussion has ever been attempted in the state to legalize sports gambling.

That being said, July of 2021 has been an interesting year for sports betting in Wisconsin. Although there has still been no conversation about online sports betting in this state, individual Native American tribes that run the casinos have tried to take steps towards legalizing sports gambling in the state.

As of July 1st, 2021, the Oneida Nation and Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers signed an agreement that permits certain sports bets inside Wisconsin. This agreement is different from many other states because it is not yet legalized for online gambling or all reservations throughout the state.

Instead, this agreement explains that certain sports bets will be allowed at Oneida Reservation Casinos only. Although this is not as convenient as online sports betting in other states, it still shows a huge step in the right direction towards legalizing sports betting in Wisconsin.

Now, the agreement has 45 days to be approved by the US Department of the Interior Bureau of Indian Affairs. This department can either green light the plan or reject it. If it is rejected, sports gambling will be prohibited everywhere, just as before.

Wisconsin online sports betting

Since sports betting as a whole is prohibited, so is online sports betting. Even if the Oneida Agreement is approved, it will still not be permitted. This agreement only allows sports betting at the brick and mortar Oneida Reservation Casinos.

A bit more disappointing is the fact that there are currently no plans or projections for when Wisconsin will legalize sports betting online. If the Oneida Agreement is approved, there is hope that online sports betting will be approved in the future, but it is unclear when that will be.

Why sports betting is difficult to legalize in Wisconsin

Part of the issue for legalizing sports gambling in Wisconsin is that the Native American tribal casinos must be on board in order to keep everyone happy. This can be a bit difficult because online gambling takes potential customers away from their physical casinos.

There have been precedents set throughout the rest of the United States for getting Native American tribal casinos on board, though. So, Wisconsin natives can be really hopeful that the Wisconsin government officials can work with the tribal casinos to legalized sports betting in a way that everyone is happy and on board with the project.

How to bet on sports in Wisconsin

The question remains: how can I bet on sports in Wisconsin? Given that the Oneida Agreement has not yet been approved, Wisconsin residents only have one option: offshore sportsbooks. Even if the Oneida Agreement is passed, many Wisconsin natives will still only have offshore sportsbooks as a convenient and nearby option.

Aside from offshore sportsbooks, Wisconsin natives will have to drive to nearby states where sports betting is legalized. Obviously, this is a very inconvenient option, which is why many Wisconsin natives forgo sports betting entirely.

If you are choosing between traveling out of state and using an offshore sportsbook, we recommend simply using an offshore sportsbook. This option is convenient, safe, and fun, so long as you select a safe and reputable site. Traveling out of state can be fun too, but it simply is not a viable option since it requires such a time and financial commitment to get started.

About offshore sportsbook betting

Offshore sportsbooks are online sites that are not licensed to operate within the United States. How it works is that you log onto the site and send your money to the offshore gambling site. You can use money orders, bank wires, credit cards, and online money services in order to fund your gambling.

Once you fund your offshore sports betting fun, you’re free to start placing a variety of bets, ranging from NFL to horse racing. American sports and international sports are often covered on these sites. Many offshore sites have traditional casino games that sports bettors also enjoy.

Technically, no offshore sportsbook is legal within the United States simply because they do not have the license to operate within the states. At the same time, they are not outright illegal either.

Offshore sportsbooks simply are not under the jurisdiction of the US. State governments do not interfere with residents playing on these sites. However, offshore sportsbooks are subject to local laws. So, be sure to learn about the laws where you live first.

Even though there are some offshore sportsbooks that are downright sketchy, which we will discuss more in the cons section, many online sportsbooks are very safe and set industry standards. Offshore sites located in Canada and Australia tend to be super safe, reliable, and reputable.

Pros of offshore sportsbooks

The biggest benefit of using an offshore sportsbook is that it allows you access to sports betting, even if you live in a state where sports gambling is not allowed. Additionally, you don’t have to go to local casinos either. This allows you to enjoy the convenience of online sports betting, no matter where you are located.

Another major benefit of offshore sportsbooks is that you have quite a few betting options. Even in states where sports betting is legalized, certain states and sportsbooks prohibit individual bet markets, such as prop bets on individual events. Many offshore sportsbooks, however, have many more sports betting options to choose from.

The last major benefit of using an offshore sportsbook is that they tend to have really impressive signup bonuses and perks. Especially in comparison to US-licensed sportsbooks, their sign-up bonuses are amazing.

Cons of offshore sportsbooks

Although offshore sportsbooks can be very beneficial for people who live in states where sports betting is not yet legalized, you have to be careful when selecting which site to use. Because these sites are not regulated by the American government, some sites can be really sketchy and outright dangerous.

There are quite a few safe and reputable offshore sportsbooks, but you have to do your research beforehand to ensure this is the case for the sportsbook you want to use. If you select an unsafe site, you run the risk of never seeing your payouts or your personal information being leaked.

The last major con of offshore sportsbooks is that they are not technically legal. That is simply because they are not regulated by the United States government. That being said, the national, state, and local government entities do not interfere with these sportsbooks, especially if they are run by another reputable entity, such as Canada.

Top offshore sportsbooks to consider in Wisconsin

As mentioned above, selecting a reputable offshore sportsbook allows you to enjoy plenty of sports betting opportunities with peace of mind.

At the same time, there are many offshore sportsbooks that are dangerous and risky.

So, it is important to select an offshore sportsbook that you know has a great reputation.

Our favorite offshore sportsbooks to consider in Wisconsin include MyBookie, BetOnline, Bovada, and Xbet.

These sites are very safe, reputable, and reliable.

You don’t have to worry about not seeing your money or your information being stolen.

Plus, these sites offer tons of bonuses and plenty of betting options for a variety of sporting events.


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MyBookie Sportsbook - Enjoy a VIP online betting experience with up to $1000 First Deposit Bonus + $10 Casino Chip. Excellent customer reviews. 24/7 Support, Fast Payouts.

MyBookie is our favorite offshore sports betting site.

We particularly love the fact that it comes with super personable service and a slick and easy-to-use interface.

At the same time, it comes with great bonuses, including sign-up bonuses, reload bonuses, and refer-a-friend bonuses.

Our favorite feature about MyBookie is its great user design.

Many sportsbooks have a slightly dated website interface that isn’t quite difficult to use, but it certainly isn’t eye-catching or modern.

The MyBookie site, however, looks sleek and up-to-date with recent technology, making it one of the easiest sites to use.


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BetOnline is ranked as one of the top offshore sportsbooks in 2021. Of course, BetOnline is incredibly safe and reliable. You don’t have anything to worry about when using this site. At the same time, BetOnline has a phenomenal bonus payment system, bonus codes for all major sporting events, and a great interface for mobile devices.

If you don’t want to deposit money using the traditional deposit options, BetOnline may be one of your best options. The site accepts around 15 deposit methods, meaning you should be able to find one that works for you perfectly.


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Bovada sportsbook with a $750 Bonus offer for new players is equipped with the experience and skill to quickly become the industry's powerhouse brand and the most relied on.

Bovada is another top offshore sportsbook. It accepts the most basic deposit options, including Visa card, MasterCard, Bitcoin, and more. At the same time, Bovada has some of the quickest and most reliable payouts, as well as an all-inclusive gambling experience that has been established as an industry Titan.

The best part about Bovada is that you know you are playing on a site that is completely safe and reputable. This offshore site has been a leader in the offshore gambling industry, which means you have nothing to worry about when playing on this site.


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SUMMARY is a New exciting sportsbook with up to $200 First Deposit Bonus. Use the Xbet promo code: XBWELCOME50.

Even though Xbet is not quite as popular as some of the other offshore sportsbooks we have mentioned, it is still a great site. It has some of the most competitive odds and a huge variety of sports to bet on. Its welcome bonus may be a bit smaller than other options, but it is still an impeccable site due to its many betting options.

In fact, Xbet has so many betting options that extend beyond traditional sports. Of course, they provide betting options for football, baseball, soccer, and other leading sports, but they also have options for E-sports, entertainment, and even religion.

Wisconsin sports to bet on

If you want to bet on Wisconsin teams specifically, you are in luck. Wisconsin has tons of professional and college teams to bet on. They particularly have some of the best teams where football, baseball, and basketball are concerned. Here are the professional teams to bet on in the state:

  • Milwaukee Bucks – Basketball
  • Wisconsin Herd – Basketball
  • Wisconsin Glo – Women’s basketball
  • Beloit Snappers – Baseball
  • Milwaukee Brewers – Baseball
  • Milwaukee Milkmen – Baseball
  • Wisconsin Timber Rattlers – Baseball
  • Forward Madison FC – Soccer
  • Milwaukee Wave – Indoor soccer
  • Green Bay Packers – Football
  • Green Bay Blizzard – Indoor football
  • Wisconsin Dragons – Women’s football
  • Milwaukee Bombers – Australian rules football
  • Madison Radicals – Ultimate (formerly known as ultimate frisbee)
  • Milwaukee Admirals – Ice hockey

Of course, Wisconsin isn’t just known for its professional sports teams. College sports are also super popular in the state. Some of the most popular college teams include the University of Wisconsin Madison and Marquette, but there are over 20 colleges in the state in total.

The future for online sports betting in Wisconsin

Once again, sports betting is not legalized in Wisconsin. Even if the Oneida Agreement passes, online sports betting will not be approved. However, the fact that the Oneida reservations are trying to legalize sports betting on site is a huge step in the right direction.

In fact, Wisconsin’s governmental structure is set up so that sports betting can be legalized pretty easily. In comparison to some other states, Wisconsin certainly is more likely to approve sports betting in the near future.

Although there is no estimated or projected time for when sports betting will be legalized in the state, Wisconsin residents can be hopeful that it will be in the near future. In the meantime, Wisconsin residents must use offshore sportsbooks in order to fulfill sports gambling fun.


We answer the most popular questions being asked on teh web about sports betting in Wisconsin below, for you.

Is sports betting legal in Wisconsin?

No. Sports betting is not legal in Wisconsin.

Although there are some efforts to legalize it at brick-and-mortar locations, the agreement has not been approved, and no forms of online sports betting are legalized yet.

When will sports betting be legal in Wisconsin?

It is unclear when sports betting will be legalized in Wisconsin.

Currently, no discussions have been brought up in order to legalize the past time.

There have been some efforts to legalize sports betting at individual casinos, but the conversation has never been brought to the state level.

So, we have no projected timeline.

Are offshore sportsbooks legal in Wisconsin?

Technically, offshore sportsbooks are not legal in Wisconsin because they do not have the license to run a business inside the States.

However, federal, state, and local regulations rarely interfere with offshore sportsbooks.

So, you can use offshore sportsbooks, but make sure to select a sportsbook that is safe and reliable to ensure optimal safety and reliability.

Is MyBookie legal in Wisconsin?

Technically, MyBookie is not legal in Wisconsin because it does not have the license to run inside the state.

However, Wisconsin officials do not regulate the use of MyBookie, which means you can place sports wagers using MyBookie in Wisconsin.

This answer applies to any other reputable offshore sportsbook you may consider, such as Bovada, as well.

What are the most popular sports in Wisconsin for sports betting?

The most popular sports to bet on in Wisconsin include the NFL, NCAA, NBA, and MLB.

Wisconsin has multiple teams that fall into these categories, which is why Wisconsin residents love to bet on these sports.

Given the size of Wisconsin, there are plenty of other popular sports for sports betting too.


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