Does Bovada Payout in Bitcoin in 2022?

How Do I Get My Money from Bovada?

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to gamble with Bitcoin.

It makes sense, really.
 Bitcoin will often provide you with access to online sportsbooks and casinos that you normally wouldn't be able to access. 

It also means that you can actually put some of your BTC to use.

We need to encourage things like Bitcoin usage, because it will only push the value of Bitcoin up.

On this page, we are going to take a look at everything that you really need to know about Bovada and Bitcoin.

Does Bovada Payout in Bitcoin?

Does Bovada Payout in Bitcoin in 2022

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Not only does Bovada accept payments in Bitcoin, but it will also pay out in Bitcoin, as well as a whole host of other cryptocurrencies, including:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Bitcoin SV
  • Ethereum
  • USD Tether
  • LiteCoin

Do bear in mind that when you gamble at Bovada, you are going to be gambling in USD, even if you deposit cash into your account using BTC.

You will be given roughly the market value when you make your deposit.

The same happens when you withdraw cash from your account to BTC.

You will be converting from USD to BTC.

You will be given the rough market value for the Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency that you are withdrawing to).

Obviously, the price of BTC does fluctuate, hence why you will only get the rough market value for it.

Payout Time Frame For Bitcoin

There are fees associated for Bitcoin withdrawal.

However, we cannot possibly tell you what these fees are.

Due to the way in which Bitcoin works, the fees can vary based on the amount of congestion in the Bitcoin network.

The more people that are making transactions, the more expensive it becomes to transfer Bitcoin. So, do expect there to be a transaction fee taken from your Bitcoin sale.

However, this is going to be due to the network. It has absolutely nothing to do with Bovada, and they won't be able to tell you what these fees are.

Of course, if you have used Bitcoin before, you will already have a rough idea of how everything works.

Here is the payout table for all cryptocurrencies that you can withdraw using at Bovada.

Bovada does not have any minimum or maximum withdrawals in place for cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency Name Withdrawal Time
Bitcoin 24-Hours
Bitcoin Cash 1-Hour from withdrawal approval
Bitcoin SV 1-Hour from withdrawal approval
Ethereum 1-Hour from withdrawal approval
USD Tether 1-Hour from withdrawal approval
LiteCoin 1-Hour from withdrawal approval

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How To Withdraw Using Bitcoin at Bovada

If you want to withdraw Bitcoin at Bovada, you are going to need to have a Bitcoin wallet. If you don't have one, then get one now.

Your Bitcoin wallet will give you a unique wallet number.

You need to use this number to make your withdrawals from Bovada.

Make sure that you record it accurately.If you don't, your BItcoin won't turn up, and there is nothing that Bovada can do about it.

Once you have your wallet address, head to the Bovada website and look for the ‘digital wallet' option.

Hit the receive button.

Follow the various steps to withdraw in Bitcoin. You will need to enter the amount in USD.

If all goes to plan, you should have the cash available within 24 hours.

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Why Gamble With Bitcoin at Bovada?

The main reason to gamble with Bitcoin at Bovada is the speed of withdrawals.

While you can use other methods for withdrawal using Bovada, they are all going to be quite slow.

Bovada can take just a few hours for Bitcoin. This means that you can get hands on cash as quickly as possible.

Of course, because the value of Bitcoin does change a lot, you may stand to make a bit of cash when you make your withdrawal from Bovada.

$25 deposited in Bitcoin may be worth more than $25 when you withdraw it from your account.

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Bovada accepts Bitcoin, and it is often touted as one of the best Bitcoin sites in the world.

Check out the site. Not only do they accept Bitcoin, but we reckon that you are going to have a very enjoyable gambling experience there.

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