Bitcoin Sports betting Guide

  • Learn How to use Bitcoin for sports betting with our informative Guide below.
  • We list the best Bitcoin sports betting sites for your online crypto bets in 2022.
  • Sign up at the crypto betting sites for extra generous sign up bonuses paid out in Bitcoin.
All the gambling sites accept fast Bitcoin deposits/withdrawals and are licensed sportsbooks – meaning a safe place to bet.

Top Bitcoin Sportsbook list [2022]

The following list of sportsbooks and casino sites all accept Bitcoin plus other Cryptocurrencies and are legit, licensed sites.

BitStarz Casino review BitStarz Casino review
5 / 5

5 BTC + 180 Free Spins Welcome Package

Bitstarz casino online is a unique casino experience featuring cryptocurrency payments. Read our review to learn all about it!

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18+ Full T&C's apply.
BetOnline Sportsbook Review BetOnline Sportsbook Review
5 / 5

Up to $1,000 Deposit Bonus offers the latest betting technology with exciting promotions like their Lifetime 25% Bonus Guarantee with up to $250 in freeplays on EVERY deposit you make - 24/7/365!

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BetNow Review BetNow Review
5 / 5

150% Up to $225 and 200% Crypto Bonus up to $200. sportsbook provides 24/7 online betting with customer service to match.Here are our promotions for March Madness.

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Cloudbet Review Cloudbet Review
5 / 5

100% Matched Deposit Bonus up to 5 BTC

Leading Crypto betting site for sports, casino, esports for 2023 with 100% deposit match up to 5 BTC bonus.

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Wagerweb Live Betting site Wagerweb Live Betting site
5 / 5

100% Cash Bonus Up To $1,000

Trusted Sportsbook since 1994. Welcomes US, LATM and Canada players with Top $1,000 Welcome Bonus.

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Everygame sportbook review Everygame sportbook review
5 / 5

$750 Deposit Welcome Bonus

Sign up and bet with one of the oldest sportsbooks online that welcomes North American bettors.

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betanysports review betanysports review
5 / 5

30% Cash Bonus Up To $2,000 Use Promo Code: BAS30

Join a top Reduced Juice sportsbook for the best odds. Choose your welcome bonus on sign up and play at the sportsbook, live casino, lottery and horses betting site today.

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YouWager Sportsbook review YouWager Sportsbook review
5 / 5

100% Bonus up to $1,000

YouWager sportsbook review - US players welcome and a choice of great bonuses including Bitcoin deposits. It's one of the longest tenured sportsbooks and also one of the best ... read on!

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EXPIRES 10/23 AT 11:59:59PM EST. 1 TIME OFFER. Deposits from $100 to $1,000. Deposit methods: Banks, Cash Money Transfer, Credit Cards, Crypto Currencies, EWalletCards, Zelle. 10X rollover & 30 days. No profits until the requirements are completed.
Jazz Sports Review Jazz Sports Review
5 / 5

50% Up to $1,000 Welcome Bonus on 1st Deposit

Collect a Jazz Sportsbook 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000 when you join today and make your first deposit. Use the Promo Code: JAZZ50 to qualify on your deposit.

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BetUS Bonus BetUS Bonus
5 / 5

125% Up To $3,125

BetUS Sportsbook - 25 years of service to bettors at this long serving, trusted sportsbook. Use our Exclusive Deposit Code : OFFSHORESF and get up to $3,125!

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5 / 5

100% First Deposit bonus, up to 200 USDT

Join a new and exciting Crypto esports betting and casino sportsbook with a 100% First Deposit bonus, up to 200 USDT.

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Looselines Sportsbook Review Looselines Sportsbook Review
5 / 5

$1,000 Welcome Bonus/ Reduced Juice Odds

Join an offshore sportsbook that promotes Reduced Juice lines as it's main feature.

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13 Sportsbook Review Sportsbook Review
5 / 5

111% Up To $1000

Same day payouts, Live Streaming, Top Bonuses and Rebates, 24/7 Support, Crypto friendly online sportsbook since 2014 all at

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5 / 5

25% Cash Up To $500 1st Deposit Bonus

The has been around since 1996 and knows a thing or two about offering great lines after all it's “Where The Line Originates”. with 24/7 Customer support, fast payouts, and a tasty 25% deposit bonus worth up to $500.

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18+. Full terms and conditions apply. Get a 25% cash bonus, up to $500, on your first deposit using any method besides cryptocurrency. 10x rollover requirement on deposit amount + bonus before any withdrawals can be made.
Sportsbetting eSports betting site Sportsbetting eSports betting site
5 / 5

Up To $1,000 Welcome Bonus

Get your free play instantly and boost your bankroll by up to $1,000 on top of your first deposit.

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16 Sportsbook Review Sportsbook Review
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Up to $1000 + $10 Casino Chip

MyBookie Sportsbook - Enjoy a VIP online betting experience with up to $1000 First Deposit Bonus + $10 Casino Chip. Excellent customer reviews. 24/7 Support, Fast Payouts.

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Achaubet Review Achaubet Review
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50% Free Play Bonus on Deposits from $100 to $1,000

Achaubet Review - Collect a 100% Free Play Bonus on your deposit when you join with same day payouts. Free Casino cash with every deposit, Gamblers Insurance and USA / Vietnamese customer support.

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Deposits from $100 to $1,010
Deposit methods: Cash Money Transfer, Credit Cards, Crypto Currencies, EasyPay, Paynow.
15X rollover
No profits until the requirements are completed

New Bitcoin Sportsbooks 2022

Here are our latest Bitcoin sportsbook reviews in 2022. Check them out for the biggest and fastest deposit bonuses.

About Bitcoin Sports betting

Bitcoin sports betting has been a fixture in the online gaming industry for a long time now. 

In fact, there are many offshore betting sites that have been exclusively accepting bitcoin for a number of years now.

Further, several of the well-known sportsbooks have included bitcoin in their list of payment and banking methods, and with good reason.

Granted, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the idea of bitcoin, seeing as it is a virtual currency.

It is a currency that is built on blockchain technology, with its control being beyond the purview of any single person, regulatory or government entity.

When used in the betting and gaming industry, though, bitcoin offers several advantages that bettors might want to take advantage of.

Bitcoin Sports Betting Advantages

  • Security & Safety
  • No Fee Bitcoin Deposits
  • Faster Deposits
  • Big Bitcoin deposit Bonuses for Sports & Casino betting
  • No Rejections on BTC deposits

Let's take a look at how Bitcoin sports betting helps the player.


The main selling point for bitcoin is the security measures around the use of the currency.

When using bitcoin, one can be assured of safety and security.

Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency, a term that was coined from the idea of cryptography, which refers to the process of encrypting messages and ensuring that they cannot be accessed by any third party.

Bitcoin is therefore by definition one of the payment methods that are hardest to hack or crack, offering the kinds of security and encryption that many bettors crave, especially in the offshore gambling sites market.

Bitcoin Sports Betting Sportsbooks Bitcoin is engineered with financial security in mind and has built-in protections that ensure it is free from fraud, theft, malice and any third-party infringement. It is also completely anonymous, and the only time one will ever be required to give out their identity will be when they buy bitcoin at an exchange.

When payment is sent to the sportsbook in the form of bitcoin, the sportsbook does not receive any personal information, financial or otherwise, related to the payment.

Bitcoin is perfect for those who would rather not provide any personally identifiable information to their sportsbook.

While other payment methods require some verification and ID to match bank accounts, all one has to provide when using bitcoin is the unique address and key.

The fact that it is an anonymous standalone currency also implies that it will be immune to currency fluctuations that are related to different countries and banks.

Bitcoin Fees are Non-existent

Every banking method attracts some fees when used for making payments. For instance, using credit cards attracts credit card fees as well as a wide range of other hidden charges.

For Bitcoin sports betting, the costs are ridiculously low, and in some cases non-existent.

Bitcoin’s design is such that it is decentralized, and one typically does not have to pay for any third-party oversight.

Instead, the payment is for a one-time miner’s fee. To understand the miners fee, one will have to understand how blockchain works.

The blockchain confirms transactions on a public ledger or network.

The nodes within this network authenticate and verify the various bitcoin transactions being made on the ledger.

This process of verification and authentication takes a great deal of computing power, and the people who keep this system running are referred to as miners.

They are given a tiny portion of Bitcoin from every transaction in the form of a miner’s fee.

Even for the miners, there is still no transfer of public information.

The Bitcoin system simply divides the mining fees across the various different transactions to the various unrelated parties.

Further, it is important to note that the sender is the one who is responsible for the mining fee, and can even get to decide how much it is.

Generally, the higher the fees, the faster the transactions will get to be processed. This, therefore, means the sportsbook will be responsible for this miner’s fee when sending.

Given the lack of traditional banking costs and third-party involvement, the use of Bitcoin gives sportsbooks a little bit of flexibility when it comes to the higher maximums and lower end minimums.

On average, maximums are almost 100% higher with bitcoin, with the minimums about 50% lower.

Faster transactions

The speed of transactions, especially payouts once a wager has won, is one of the factors people use to judge their sportsbooks when choosing a site to bet.

Whether you are withdrawing or making a deposit, using bitcoin will guarantee you the shortest wait times. Granted, it helps to have different banking options, but none stand up to bitcoin in terms of the speed of transactions.

For instance, if one requests for checks in the mail, the collective amount of processes it takes to have the check ready could lead to delays of several days.

The sportsbook has to make backups, and the bank has to perform extra due diligence tests. All of this can combine and end up taking up to two weeks.

All of these checks and processes are absolutely necessary, but the wait can be unbearable.

When using bitcoin for deposits, the average wait time can be as low as 6 minutes.

Further, many sportsbooks allow their bitcoin betting customers to start betting even before the transaction is officially cemented.

The longest wait time most people experience is about 40 minutes, which although relatively longer, is still a lot faster than other channels available.

It is important to note, though, that the rules with bitcoin are different when it comes to withdrawals, with the withdrawal time taking as long as 48 hours in some cases.

Most sportsbooks will, therefore, give the 48-hour timeline in case of anything, but most transactions will be completed within a few hours.

Bitcoin Sportsbook & Casino Bonuses

Given the advantages and ease of use for the bettors, it is safe to say bitcoin sports betting is just as advantageous for sportsbooks as it is for their customers.

For instance, the more their customers can stake, the more they stand to make.

Further, they do not want to deal with the delays from third party institutions as well as the complaints from customers any more than the customer does.

Naturally, it pays for the crypto betting sites to encourage users to bet online using bitcoin.

This is one of the reasons why bitcoin betting often attracts large bonuses, especially for new bettors.

In some cases, bonuses for bitcoin deposits can be up to twice as huge.

Deposit bonuses can either be the initial deposit bonuses or bitcoin reload bonuses.

Initial deposit bonuses can be almost 100% higher when bitcoin is used than for other conventional methods like bank transfers, PayPal, or credit cards.

For reload bonuses, some sportsbooks offer bitcoin specific reload bonuses, many of which will always be available throughout.

No Rejections with Bitcoin Deposits

Offshore sportsbooks almost always operate from jurisdictions that have lax laws in terms of taxation and gambling regulations.

However, despite the fact that many of these companies are legitimate, registered and licensed in their various countries of operations, they might not necessarily appear so from the perspective of the third parties in financial transactions.

This raises the likelihood of deposits or withdrawals being rejected. For instance, many credit card companies would prefer not to deal with sportsbooks they deem untrustworthy, especially when the base of operations and licensing is offshore.

It is natural and perhaps expected that there is a chance these deposits might end up being rejected because of the doubt.

Bitcoin does not have any third-party involvement, so the arbitrary restrictions that are often placed by credit card companies and banks do not apply here.

There is, therefore, a zero chance that the transactions will be rejected.

Bettors can therefore buy, hold or spend their bitcoin in whatever way they see fit without any fear of failure or transactions not going through.

What Risks are there with Bitcoin Sports Betting?

  • Despite the numerous benefits, it is important to mention that bitcoin is not without its risks.
  • Even though some of these risks are not inherent to the bitcoin system itself but could be dependent on the user’s habits and security measures, they are important to mention.
  • For instance, conventional wisdom calls for users of bitcoin to generally avoid the use of bitcoin exchanges, and instead use a bitcoin wallet to send funds.
  • Wallets are not susceptible to the anti-money laundering regulations that the bitcoin exchanges typically have to follow.

Further, there have been reports in the past of various online exchanges like Coinbase restricting transactions that involve sportsbooks.

This is a limitation that is not the doing of either the bettor or the sportsbook but might lead to the freezing of funds when they are found to have been sent to an online sports betting site.

While this does not mean the bitcoin would be lost forever, one will have to transfer their bitcoin to another wallet to be able to complete the transactions.

Bitcoin Sports Betting Verdict

For many players, the pros outweigh the cons, which in this case are only just worst-case scenario possibilities rather than actual regular events in the bitcoin world.

Ultimately, the speed, ease of operation and anonymity that bitcoin offers trumps the other options available.

Observers have even gone as far as suggesting that the use of bitcoin herald’s a new beginning in the world of sports betting, a return to the golden age if you may.


The most common questions asked about Bitcoin sports betting on the web, answered for you below.

Where can you bet with Bitcoin?

Both online sportsbooks and casinos allow you to deposit and bet with Bitcoin. Only choose the licensed one's though.

Here's a list of our Top Licensed Bitcoin Sportsbooks to use - they all accept Bitcoin bets.


Why do gambling sites use Bitcoin?

Because it's a much faster way of banking for deposits and withdrawals - no clearing companies to use which sit on your funds - it's pretty much instant.

It's also a lot cheaper - everyone wins because there's no additional processing fees the sportsbooks have to shoulder and so no extra fees are passed onto the player.

It does away with the expensive credit card fees.

How do I place a Bitcoin bet online?

A cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital style currency that uses cryptography for it's security.

A crypto is unable to be copied.

A crypto is not generated by any single authority or bank therefore it cannot be altered or regulated by a Government or banking institution making it free from any interference.

This is the major appeal for it's use by individuals.

To place a bet using Bitcoin follow these simple steps and you'll be placing your wagers in no time.

1. Create a Bitcoin Wallet

Some popular wallets used by players are;

Now you have created your wallet you need to buy some Bitcoins.

2. How to Buy my Bitcoins?

There's plenty of options available to purchase your Bitcoins.

The simplest way is to go to Coinbase, Bitstamp or Kraken .

Once you have bought your Bitcoins you need to transfer them into your Crypto Wallet which you did in step 1 above.

Is Bitcoin sports betting legal?

Yes it is - betting on sports using Bitcoin as your deposit method is perfectly legal with no danger of prosecution.

There is no difference to selecting Cryptocurrencies as your banking choice - to fund your online sportsbook than there would be with any other method - like credit cards etc..

How old do you have to be to gamble Bitcoin?

You have to be 18 and over to gamble period!

The age limit applies to all gambling online in any shape or form - using Bitcoin or credit cards the online sportsbooks will ask you to verify your age to ensure you meet the legal requirement age.

What is the best Bitcoin casino?

There are several we can recommend as the best Bitcoin Casino and you can start by going through our list below or visiting our Casino page.

Bitstarz is Canada only but all the rest welcome both US and Canada players.

6 of the Best Bitcoin Casinos

  1. MyBookie Casino

  2. Bitstarz

  3. DaVincis Gold

  4. Paradise8 Casino

  5. Cocoa Casino

  6. ThisIsVegas

How do I withdraw my Bitcoin from sportsbook?

Follow the instructions at the sportsbook in the cashier section. Below is a step by step general guide as to how to withdraw your Bitcoin from the sportsbook.

To Withdraw BTC

Log in to your Sportsbook account.
Open the Cashier, select the Withdraw tab, and select Bitcoin.
Enter the Amount to withdraw.
Paste the receiving address you generated from your Bitcoin exchange account.
Request a Verification code to be sent to your phone number on file.
Enter the Verification code.

How do I deposit Bitcoins on MyBookie?

The MyBookie sportsbook makes it nice and simple for you to deposit with Bitcoin and they have a detailed video tutorial on it as well.

Follow these Steps below.

  1. Login and go to the Cashier.

  2. Choose Bitcoin and select Deposit.

  3. Copy the address or scan the QR code.

How To deposit Bitoins at Sportsbook?

  1. Login to your BetOnline account and go to the Cashier.

  2. Click on Deposit and select your preferred cryptocurrency.

  3. Type in the amount of your deposit in U.S. dollars, include the BetOnline Bitcoin Promotional Code CRYPTO100 , and click Next.

  4. Only send the amount shown on the cashier screen from your crypto wallet to BetOnline using the alpha-numeric address provided by the BetOnline cashier. The Bitcoin address can only be used once as it will expire within a given amount of time so do not delay for too long.

  5. Wait for the transaction completed message to appear on the deposit page when completed. This will probably take only a matter of minutes but allow up to 2 hours in total.