Best Soccer Betting Sites for Premier League and MLS | Guide

Best Soccer Betting Sites in USA

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If you have come looking to find the best soccer betting sites online, you have landed on the right page. Our soccer betting guide will help you choose the best online websites for your soccer bets and understand the betting game itself.

So when you want to place your MLS, Premier League, or any other football League soccer bet online, you can do it at the fully licensed and legit offshore sportsbooks below.

Best Soccer Betting Sites in the USA listed

Our list of best soccer betting sites will provide you with a safe sportsbook to place your soccer wagers and, even better – reward you with first-time deposit bonuses.

Check out our recommended soccer betting sites for USA players below as we take a more in-depth look at each sportsbook and what they can offer you.

MyBookie Soccer

Established in 2014, MyBookie’s goal was to provide the best odds and give US bettors easy deposits and fast payouts.

Since its inception, has grown into one of the finest sportsbooks on the US market. It offers a creative and ever-expanding list of sports markets for players of all types.

If you’re new to online USA soccer betting, you’ll love this bookie.

You can earn a variety of bonuses and score promos while betting at the best soccer leagues and competitions.

MyBookie’s odds are pretty great in a highly competitive market which is another important factor to consider.

Click on soccer from the sports menu and you’ll immerse yourself in a new world of betting.

MyBookie features all the best European leagues and competitions. These range from juggernauts such as the La Liga to lower-tier leagues worldwide.

Pick your ‘poison’ and you’ll get hundreds of betting markets including moneyline, spreads, totals, outrights, and many more.

You don’t even have to spend your own money to bet at the site.

Claim the massive $1,000 welcome sports bonus and you can try your luck at the best European leagues.

Further promos and bonuses await you at, giving you the option to earn lots of extra bucks.

In order to bet at MyBookie, you’ll need to fund your account first.

This can be done with a wide range of deposit methods. The list spans credit/debit cards, bank transfer, e-wallets, and Bitcoin.

That’s right – Bitcoin owners can choose to bet on soccer with cryptos instead of fiat money. Thanks to lightning-fast deposits and withdrawals and top security, it is the payment option MyBookie recommends.

All in all, MyBookie is an excellent choice for new and experienced soccer bettors.

It has a long list of options for you to bet on along with a great collection of bonuses and promotions.

If this is your first foray into the world of online soccer betting, look no further than

Bovada Soccer

One of the online betting/casino giants, Bovada offers industry-leading odds and hundreds of soccer betting markets.

The betting site offers professional experience in a convenient package that works seamlessly across all devices.

Soccer is one of the sportsbook’s highlights, with great odds available on the biggest tournaments and leagues from all over the world.

One great characteristic of Bovada is that it doesn’t undermine the underdogs.

As a matter of fact, it offers great underdog odds which means that you can earn nice sums in return for your bets.

As soon as you enter the site, you will see the Soccer section separated and listed centrally.

A member of the major Bodog network, Bovada gives you the chance to bet on all the soccer league and events you can think of.

From La Liga to Bundesliga to the English Premier League and beyond, Bovada has a long list of sports markets suitable for any type of bettor and any bankroll.

The soccer betting sites odds are among the best in the business.

From moneyline and props to handicaps and team and individual bets, the soccer betting section at Bovada is excellent.

New US bettors will likely stick to moneyline bets, but there’s a whole world of soccer betting markets for you to explore. You name it, Bovada’s got it.

On top of it all, the bookie is known for its wide range of great sports bonuses.

Claim the welcome bonus and plenty of promotions later to try your hand at the best European football leagues and world competitions.

The MLS is, of course, heavily featured, with betting markets on all the matches along with outright favorites.

The Bovada live betting platform is nothing short of amazing. The dynamic odds are great and you can bet on each second of the action.

The only thing that’s missing is live streaming for registered users, but we’re sure that the bookie is already working to add the feature to the site soon.

Funding your account at Bovada is a breeze. You have a wide range of options that span popular debit and credit cards as well as bank transfer and e-wallets.

Bitcoin is also included, giving US bettors the chance to spend their hard-earned Bitcoins to bet on the most exciting soccer matches.

If you want a safe, secure, and respectable soccer betting site, Bovada is a great option.

BetNow Soccer

the BetNow sportsbook is among the top soccer betting sites options for all US bettors.

The site claims to have the best sportsbook initial and reload bonuses up to 50% and promises a safe, secure, and seamless soccer betting experience across all devices.

It also boasts having the highest parlay payouts in the industry, something you should keep in mind when picking your bookie destination.

The soccer betting section at BetNow is pretty great in our opinion.

A highly intuitive site to navigate, you can easily select soccer from the list of sports options to the left and make your pick.

There are dozens of leagues and tournaments on offer starting with the major European competitions to lower-tier leagues from around the world.

When it comes to markets, BetNow isn’t as rich as its competitors.

You still get to bet on moneyline odds, totals, and props, as well as other markets. The starting prices look great and suitable enough for new and experienced US bettors.

Before you start betting, checking out the promotions section is a good idea.

New US bettors can get their hands on a massive welcome bonus as soon as they make their first deposit.

You can spend this extra cash on hundreds of soccer betting markets and possibly get a nice sum in return.

Making deposits is very easy thanks to the great options.

You can use Mastercard, Visa, or Amex, or go with bank transfer or Bitcoin. The latter is the recommended option since it offers blazing-fast deposits and withdrawals with no fees at all. Soccer

One of the most popular sportsbooks that accept US bettors at the moment, Xbet is a trusted bookie that has been around for a while. It is fully regulated by the government of Curacao and boasts 256-bit SSL encryption that will keep your data and transactions under lock and key.

In short, this site is a bookie you can trust.

Xbet’s team comprises of experienced industry professionals that have pioneered online betting and gaming itself.

It offers a rich selection of sports betting markets with soccer featured front and center.

You get Premier League odds, Champions League odds, World Cup odds, and markets on all the major and minor leagues across Europe and the world.

While speaking on odds, we have to say that the bookie does well in a highly competitive market.

You can bet on all the markets you can think of. From outright favorites to moneyline odds, handicaps, and a bunch of individual, team, and special bets, soccer betting at is a real delight.

Live betting is also available with in-play lines on numerous matches.

Select it to get a full schedule of the matches as well as detailed statistics that will help you keep up with the action.

The betting markets in this section largely replicated the fixed odds so you shouldn’t have trouble to understand things at all.

Funding your bankroll can be done with a wide range of betting options.

From bank transfer and credit/debit cards to Bitcoin, US bettors are truly spoilt for choice. The bookie itself recommends Bitcoin for easy and safe transactions and so do we.

Soccer Betting Strategies

The cool thing about soccer betting is that you can learn a lot about it by reading guides, tips, and predictions.

Basic soccer betting strategies can also be applied and will raise your chances to win some of your bets.

Not all of them, of course – betting with that mindset can be dangerous.

Our tips would be to keep your bankroll in check and not going all in on soccer bets.

Chasing your losses is also a big no-no. Just like any other form of gambling, soccer betting can be dangerous if you lose your head and you don’t bet with a solid strategy in mind.

We will now explain how to bet on soccer, the types of bets and how to select the best soccer betting sites.

Online Soccer Betting Explained

soccer betting explained

Soccer is, hands-down, the most popular sport around the world. While ice hockey and basketball are immensely popular in the United States, leagues such as the MLS are becoming increasingly popular among US bettors.

The Major Soccer League has grown a lot in the past decade and that’s one of the reasons why US bettors want to bet on the matches and find soccer betting sites.

In Europe, betting on soccer online is largely legal. In the USA, the situation’s a bit different. Since there’s no federal law on online betting, states get to choose if they allow it or not.

New Jersey and Nevada allow soccer betting sites, while others are yet to join the fray. The number of states that allow online soccer betting is on the rise.

Currently, you can legally bet at soccer betting sites online in:

  • Pennsylvania
  • New Jersey
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • West Virginia
  • Rhode Island
  • Delaware
  • Mississippi

The number is set to expand in the coming period as states are realizing the potential of online soccer betting.

Even if you’re not from one of these states, offshore operators give you the opportunity to bet on the Champions League or MLS without fearing legal repercussions.

What Tournaments and Leagues Can I Bet On?

As the most popular sport in the world, soccer is present in almost every country.

The Big Five leagues from across Europe generate the biggest interest.

These include the Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, France’s Ligue 1, Germany’s Bundesliga, and the English Premier League.

When it comes to organized tournaments, the Champions League is the most popular.

International competitions are also viral among the US bettors. Here are some that most bettors are interested in:

  • European Football Championships: held every four years, the Euros pit the best international European teams against each other. The tournament lasts for a month and is quite easy to bet on, even for beginners.
  • World Cup: if there’s one international soccer tournament that trumps them all, it’s certainly the World Cup. Every 4 years (2 years apart from the Euros), the World Cup puts the world’s top international teams against each other. Beginners can easily place bets on World Cup matches since time stops when a World Cup takes place.
  • MLS: a league attracting enormous attention in the USA, the MLS is quickly becoming a preferred destination for many European soccer stars. It is one of the soccer leagues that’s most popular among US bookies, with many betting markets available.

Types of Soccer Bets

The number of soccer betting sites markets is incredible. From money line (match winner) odds to handicaps, Asian handicap betting, and beyond, you have many options.

Spread betting, over/under, parlays, and prop bets are also very popular at soccer betting sites, allowing bettors to earn a nice return for their wagers.

Visit US soccer betting sites (we have great recommendations below) and you’ll be astounded by the number of markets for sure. The biggest European leagues and the MLS often feature hundreds of markets for each match suitable for beginners and high rollers.

The US soccer betting online market is on the rise. Of course, you’ll need to find reputable site when choosing where to place your soccer bet online. While most soccer betting sites are registered, there are many scam sites out there you should look out for.

How do you pick the best soccer betting sites?

When choosing a bookie to bet on, you’ll need to take a look at numerous factors.

  • Licensed sportsbook
  • Soccer betting apps
  • Competitive Odds
  • Soccer betting markets
  • Choice of Payment options

The soccer betting sites license is the first and most important one.

Whether it’s a local or offshore sportsbook, it must be properly licensed. Safety and security are of paramount importance as well, so you should definitely check the safety and security methods implemented at the site as well.

The soccer betting sites odds and number of markets to bet on are extremely important.

You’ll want a bookie with dozens or hundreds of soccer betting markets. The more options you have at your disposal, the better.

As a hepful pointer some sportsbooks will also have a list of the best soccer bets today on their site. This could prove useful to see where the moneys at.

Shopping and comparing odds online is also a great idea since you’ll want to have the best soccer odds you can find online.

The list of payment options is also important.

Most soccer betting websites these days allow you to use a wide range of e-wallets along with credit/debit cards and bank transfer.

Some, however, have cryptocurrencies in the mix. Bitcoin sports betting and the likes are great if you want easy, fast, and secure transactions.


How to bet on soccer online?

Betting on soccer online is very easy.

Pick a reputable bookie, fund your account, claim a free bet or a bonus if offered, and you’ll be placing bets on soccer matches before you know it.

How do I bet on soccer live?

Live betting is a bit more complex than fixed odds betting, but more exciting as well.

To bet on live matches, you should select that option at your bookie and follow the instructions.

It may look complicated at first, but it’s very easy once you get the hang of it.

Which is the best soccer betting site?

That depends entirely on you. If you ask us, the best soccer betting site is the one that meets all your wants and needs.

See the list of top soccer sportsbooks that we have listed at the top of this page - any one of them should be good enough for your betting choices and odds.

What is a PK bet in soccer?

PK in soccer betting means Pick or that the spread for both teams is 0.

What does a 0.0 spread mean in soccer?

A 0.0 spread in soccer indicates a double Asian handicap.

A bet on the Home team on 0.0 handicap means that your bet will win if the team wins by one goal or more.

What does +2 mean in soccer?

Another instance of handicap soccer betting, +2 means that your pick starts the match with a two-goal advantage.

This means that your bet would have to win by two goals or more for you to get paid.

What is the best soccer prediction app?

The best soccer prediction app depends on a lot of factors.

Look for apps created by experts that have the largest amount of predictions and tips.

Special features such as odds comparer and others would also give you an advantage when you’re ready to start betting on soccer.

How do you win a big bet in soccer?

Winning a big bet in soccer isn’t something that’s easily done.

While luck plays a big part in it, winning a big bet also requires a lot of knowledge.

Read in-depth guides, tips & predictions to get a sense of the favorites and increase your chance to win big on soccer betting.

How does soccer 6 payout work?

A soccer 6 pool means correctly predicting the results of six matches.

You can choose either team A or team B to win the match or the match to end in a draw.

Since there are six matches in play, the payout for this bet is usually big. This means getting those six match scores right at the end of the 90-minute mark.

How do soccer money lines work?

Soccer moneyline refers to the odds on the straight-up outcome of a soccer match.

Popular on the US soccer betting market, moneyline odds are represented with either a positive (+) or negative (-) sign.

The underdog team is listed with a + while the favorite is listed with a -.

The minus side will pay less than the original wager while the plus side pays more.

What is 2.5 point spread?

A 2.5 point spread means that the underdog loses by 2.5 points or fewer, your bet wins.

How do you read soccer odds?

Soccer odds are easy to read once you learn the three main types of odds.

Decimal odds: this one’s the easiest format to read.

It is displayed in a decimal format like 2.2 and can be calculated by multiplying the odds per your stake.

For example, a $100 bet on 2.2 odds will bring you $220 in return if your bet wins.

Fractional odds: fractional odds are popular in the UK and take a more traditional approach.

Usually displayed in the form of 3/2, these indicate the ratio of the amount (profit) won to the stake.

In this case, you’ll win 3 units for each 2 wagered.

Moneyline odds: moneyline odds are popular in the USA and also known as American odds.

The figure can be either positive or negative, representing underdogs and favorites respectively.

Betting on a team with a minus sign shows that you need to bet $100 to win $100.

Betting on a team with a plus sign indicates how much money you need to bet to win $100.

What is a three-way money line?

Typical moneylines involves a bet that can go both ways – a win or loss.

On the other hand, three-way moneylines involves three options in total.

In this way, you can either bet on Teams A or B to win or the game to end in a tie (draw).

Since this bet is harder to predict, it offers more value to US bettors than traditional moneylines.

What does a spread mean in soccer?

Spread betting is not the same as betting on point spreads. It is a type of soccer handicap betting and very popular among US bettors.

Also known as goal line betting, this type of bet indicates lines for the favorite and underdog team.

If you bet on a team with a -2.5 spread, that team must win with 3 goals or more for your bet to win.

Betting on a +2.5 spread means that your choice must lose by no more than 2 goals.

Is a draw in soccer a push?

No, a draw in soccer is not a push.

If you bet on a draw in a soccer match, you will win your bet if the match ends in a draw.

You will lose it if either team wins regardless of the score.