Is it better to bet Spread or Moneyline?

Is it better to bet Spread or Moneyline?
  • Spread or Moneyline bets – which is better?.
  • Moneyline versus Spread Bets Explained: The Pros and Cons.
  • Best Sportsbooks to wager your Spread or Moneyline bets in 2020.

Spread and moneyline bets are two of the most popular in sports betting, especially for beginners.

Many people see them as being direct opposites, which is why moneyline bets are popular with those who bet on sports like soccer and basketball, while spreads are more popular in football.

Spread or Moneyline Bets Explained

Before choosing between these two types of bets, the first step should be to understand them.

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are the classic bets, where one simply has to choose which one, of the two teams playing each other, will win outright.

Say, for instance, the Green Bay Packers are playing against the Chicago Bears.

The odds would be Packers +150 and Bears -180.

  1. Moneyline bets would have the bettor choosing either the Bears or Packers to win.
  2. A $100 moneyline bet on the Packers will result in a $150 return if the Packers win the game.
  3. A bet on the Bears would require one to wager $180 to win back $100 if the Bears win the game.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is slightly more complicated than the moneyline.

When one places a spread bet, they need the team they bet on to cover the spread that is created for the game for them to win.

Again, using the Packers and Bears game as an example, the spread for the game would be as follows.

Packers +3.5 (-110) and Bears -3.5 (-110).

  1. Placing a spread bet on the Packers and winning means the Packers have to win the game outright or lose by less than 3.5 points to cover the spread.
  2. On the other hand, placing and winning a spread bet on the Bears would require then to win the match by over 3.5 points to have them cover the spread.

In either case, if the team one chooses covers the spread, a $110 bet would result in a win of $100.

Spread or Moneyline Bets Pros and Cons

Each option has pros and cons.

Moneyline Pros

  • Moneyline bets are simple; the bettor only has to pick the outright winner in the match.
  • The bettor does not have to worry about how many points their chosen team wins by, or how many points the two teams score.
  • Moneyline bets are all about the winner, and involve fewer variables, which is why most beginners like them.
  • For the more experienced bettor, the moneyline offers them the chance for bigger returns when they bet on underdogs.
  • It could be a greater risk, but the payout is ultimately more than the amount one wagers.

Moneyline Cons

One of the cons of moneyline bets is that when betting on favorites, one will have to lay down more money than they stand to win, or generally more money than the spread bets.

Further, when betting on the underdog, bettors do not benefit from getting points during a game.

Speadbet Pros

  • When it comes to spread bets, bettors do not have to wager more money than necessary.
  • Cost is an important factor here, as it is almost always a constant.
  • For most sportsbooks, the bettor knows every point spread they make will cost them a constant number, most of the time -110.
  • Further, the range is small regardless of whether one bets primarily on favorites, underdogs, or a mix of the two.

This, therefore, makes it less risky when it comes to betting on heavy favorites to win.

One also ‘gets’ points on underdogs, meaning they can win a bet even in situations where the team they picked suffers a loss.

Spreadbet Cons

  • Spread bets are, however, relatively more complex, there are more variables involved, and the bettor has to keep track of such events in the match as when the team you choose takes the lead, the personnel they employ after that, their strategy during the match and so on.
  • In a parlay, many believe the odds offered for spreads are unfair.
  • Point spreads are created by experts knowledgeable in sports and betting. These odds generally ensure there is enough betting action on both sides in the game.
  • The odds in spread bets are rarely ever an indication of which team is likely to win.

Is it better to bet Spread or Moneyline Verdict

The sportsbooks like it when people bet on both teams as they stand to benefit on either team wining or losing, rather than the moneyline situations where when one team wins or loses, the sportsbook loses collectively more.

Regardless of the bet you choose, pick one with which you are comfortable.

Ultimately, whether your bet wins or loses will depend on the stats and performance record of the teams involved. The approach might also change depending on the specific odds offered.

Top Sportsbooks to Bet Moneyline or Spread

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