The Ultimate Guide To European Betting Sites

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Sure, the US has Las Vegas, but when it comes to offshore sports gambling, nowhere does it better than Europe. Europe is home to some of the largest gambling companies in the world. It is home to some of the most gambled-on events. For centuries, gambling has been a national pastime for many countries in Europe. It still is in a few of them.

If you live in Europe and you love gambling, then you are insanely lucky.

Nowhere in the world has as much choice for online sportsbooks as you do.

This does pose a pretty major problem, though. There are a lot of European betting sites.

This can make it incredibly tough to choose a quality website to gamble at. You're basically spoiled for choice.

That's where we come in.

On this page, we are going to run you through the six best European betting sites. Before we do that, though, we're going to let you know why gambling on European sites is so fantastic.

What Makes European Betting Sites Great?

European Betting Sites

European Union.

Gambling has been popular in Europe for centuries. As far back as the Roman era, people were gambling on sports. Although, the sports back then were somewhat more violent than the ones that we have now.

For many countries in Europe, gambling has become a part of the culture.

Take the UK, for instance. Gambling is advertised heavily, and pretty much every town, city, and village will have at least one high-street bookmaker.


Even during the age of online gambling, people are still waltzing into physical branches to place their bets. However, online gambling is still much more convenient.

Unlike the US, Europe has never really had any rules that restrict gambling.

Sure, you get the odd European country where it is banned, but those countries are few and far between.

This has resulted in many major online gambling companies being based in Europe, and they have been able to develop quickly.

In fact, when it comes to gambling-related businesses, the United Kingdom and Sweden are the most ‘packed' in the world.

If you notice software on an online sportsbook or casino nine times out of ten, it would have developed in one of those countries.

The fact that so many companies have launched across the continent has meant that European betting sites have needed to work incredibly hard to stand out.

They need to offer great features, great bonuses, and more. You won't find anywhere else where sportsbooks care as much about their patrons as in Europe.

This is why, most of the time, we recommend that people gamble at European sportsbooks. They are the best of the best. It is where you will have the best gambling experience, and many of them boast awesome features to hook you in.

It really helps that the top gambling regulators are located in Europe too, which gives a bit of extra protection when gambling online.

Choosing The Best European Betting Sites

As we said, there is no shortage of European sportsbooks.

There are hundreds and hundreds of them, with new ones popping up all the time. If you are new to gambling, this can make tracking down a decent sportsbook really difficult.

Luckily for you, we have done the work. We have gone to huge lengths to wade through the wealth of European betting sites and come up with a list of six websites that you really should be checking out.

In fact, these are the places where we spend most of our time gambling.

Before we tell you about those sites, though.

We figured it would be wise to quickly walk you through the criteria that we use when judging an online sportsbook.

This way, if you want to hunt down a sportsbook or two yourself, you'll have the tools needed to do that.

Site Licensing

Any online sportsbook needs to be properly licensed. Sportsbook licensing means that the sportsbook has been given legal permission to operate.

When a sportsbook is licensed, it means that they have demonstrated that they are a safe and secure website for gamblers. They have stated that if there are any issues, there will be a way for the gamblers to make a complaint to gambling authorities (who often side with the customer).

There are a lot of gambling licensing bodies in Europe.

The main one will be the UK Gambling Commission, although not all companies are licensed by UKGC.

The big companies are, but most smaller ones will be licensed in Gibraltar or Malta.

Some companies will even be licensed outside of Europe in Curacao.

Truth be told, where the site is licensed doesn't matter too much (unless you live in the UK, you can only gamble on UKGC sites there).

What matters is that the licensing country is reputable and that the license is legit.

On our list of the best European sportsbooks, we have made sure to only cover legit companies.

Sports & Gambling Markets

No sense heading to an online sportsbook if there isn't anything to gamble on, right? This is where European sportsbooks thrive.

Tons and tons of tiny sporting leagues often get representation in sportsbooks, which is awesome.

Of course, you will still want to hunt around to find the site that offers the sports that you want.

Although, we reckon it will probably be football, horse racing, or something along those lines.

Bonuses & Promotions

One of the great things about a competitive gambling market is the bonuses & promotions.

A lot of websites give some sort of incentive to people gambling there.

Keep an eye out both on welcome bonuses and the bonuses available to regular gamblers.

Betting Odds

Betting odds determine how much cash you can win when you place a bet. Again, one of the joys of European competitiveness is that most of the websites have great betting odds.

Banking Options

The world of online gambling is going through a bit of a change right now. Sure, major withdrawal/deposit methods e.g. bank cards, Skrill, PayPal, etc. are accepted. However, you will find more and more sites accepting cryptocurrency. We have included both of these options on this list.

The Best European Betting Sites – Guaranteed 

So, what are the best European betting sites? As we said, we have looked through countless websites and come up with a pretty solid list.

These places should be accessible throughout most of Europe.

Honestly, all of these sites are pretty similar to one another. We recommend that you sign up for a few of them. This way, you can always take advantage of the best online betting odds, sports selections, and more.

We will give you an overview of what each site brings to the table.

Do bear in mind that the competitive nature of online gambling in Europe does mean that all of these sites are constantly growing and changing.

But, we will ensure the information here is as accurate as possible.

We doubt any of these sites will be knocked off the list of the best European gambling sites any time soon, anyway.



MANCHESTER, UK – Exterior view of Betfred sports betting store in Manchester, UK. Betfred was founded in 1967 and has more than 1,300 shops as of 2014.

British Betfred is one of the largest online sportsbooks in the world, the site was founded in 1967. This site is famous for a reason.

The bonuses at Betfred can vary slightly between countries, so you should always look at what offer is happening where you live.

The typical welcome bonus is in bet credits with a minimum deposit of around €10. Additional promotions will also run once registered, including awesome loyalty bonuses, boosted odds, and more. You will often find Betfred running a promotion or two during major sporting events.

Almost every sporting event is covered here. As you can imagine since Betfred is a British website, a lot of the focus is on football, cricket, and horse racing.

They even have a great live betting system for many of these events. In fact, Betfred has one of the best live betting systems out of all the sites on this list.

The odds are competitive, too. You will never find the greatest odds at Betfred (since they are a large site, they need to earn a lot of cash), but the odds are decent enough that most casual gamblers won't worry too much. You'll have the protection of a reputable site, after all.

Away from the Betfred sportsbook, you have a great online casino, plus one of the better poker platforms around.

So, this is one of the more ‘complete' online gambling platforms for punters.

Bet365 offers different payment methods, depending on the country that you are in. For example, if you live in Sweden, you would have access to Swish, which no other country gets.

However, basic payment methods are covered too. This means bank transfers (via Trustly), credit/debit card payments, Paysafecard, and PayPal.

Unfortunately, Betfred does not currently accept crypto, and they do not seem to have any plans to do so.


Betway launched in 2006 and is licensed by every European country where online gambling is allowed.

It also holds licenses in the US and is a member of multiple organizations dedicated to the safety of online gamblers.

Basically, Betway is one of the safest places to gamble online. In fact, when it comes to treating their customers right, Betway has often spearheaded many initiatives in the gambling industry.

For example, they ditched VIP gambling promotions and toned back some of their bonuses to ‘protect' gamblers.

Although, don't worry. It's still a fantastic place to gamble.

Like all the sites on this list, Betway promotions can vary a little bit depending on where you are.

You could receive up to €50 in free bets with your first bonus, although some countries put this as low as €10.

Betway does a few ongoing promotions for regular gamblers, but not quite as many as their competitors.

This is because Betway has trimmed back some of their VIP bonuses. They claim it is to help ‘problem' gamblers (which it does), but also has the side-effect of ensuring that their betting odds are a little bit better too.

As the sponsor of West Ham United (a football team in the UK), Betway's main focus is on football gambling, and all the ‘usual suspects' when it comes to sports are covered here.

Interestingly, Betway was one of the first online sportsbooks to deal with e-sports and, even now, they have a dedicated part of their site for gambling on video game events.

While we don't gamble a lot on e-sports, we know that many people do, and Betway is probably the best platform to check out if you are into that sort of thing.

Outside of standard sports betting, you have a great live gambling system. In fact, probably one of the better live gambling systems if you bet on smaller events.

While many of the sites on this list will stick to major sports such as football for live betting, Betway goes for smaller events too e.g. volleyball, table tennis, and more.

There is rarely a time when there isn't something to gamble on live.

If you get bored of the online sportsbook part (who gets bored of that?), there is a good online casino.

Withdrawal/Deposit options are pretty standard and can vary depending on where in Europe you are gambling from.

We do want to draw attention to the fact that they have Neteller as an option, though. While Betway doesn't allow crypto deposits directly, Neteller will allow you to convert your crypto into EUR, and it can be deposited onto Betway, which is nice.


For the next couple of options, we are moving toward some of the smaller sportsbooks in Europe.

New launches. We want to show you that sites don't have to be big to make a splash on the European gambling scene.

They just need to offer a great gambling experience. LSBet does that.

LSBet is based in Curacao (where it has its gambling license) and holds a secondary license in Malta.

Outside of Malta, it isn't licensed in any other place in Europe.

Although, this doesn't matter too much. Because the Curacao gambling license is so respected, it can still be accessed in most countries. You are still protected if you gamble there.

Because LSBet is a smaller European sportsbook, it needs to work hard to stand out from the crowd.

This means that its bonuses are some of the finest that you will stumble across.

New gamblers can receive up to €120 on their first deposits (matched 100%), but you will also find a ton of awesome bonuses popping up every so often.

This includes some cracking cashback offers, boosted odds, and a lot more. If you are registered for LSBet (and we seriously suggest that you get registered for LSBet), you will find that there is no shortage of promotions.

Every week, head to the promotions tab on that site and you will be enthralled by the wealth of options.

Because LSBet is a smaller gambling platform, the sports it covers are much more laser-focused, bar a few exceptions, you aren't really going to find tiny events covered here.

LSBet draws in punters by focusing on major leagues, sports, etc.

This works to their advantage too.

Since LSBet is not spending huge sums of cash on lower leagues (i.e. the ones that barely have anybody gamble on them), it can offer better odds for the games that it does offer.

A lot of the time, we found that LSBet had some of the best odds out of every platform.

Outside of sports betting, you can find a great online casino that features top European game development companies, including Microgaming and NetEnt.

This means tons of awesome slot machines. There are even more bonuses related to their online casino, including some free spins promotions.

While does feature some standard payment options, the main focus of the website is crypto.

So, if you have some Bitcoin burning a hole in your wallet, then it may be worth checking out

When you are active in the sports betting business for a bit, you will notice that there aren't actually that many companies making it big in the business.

Many of the smaller websites are owned by the same company, but they target different areas of the market. Take, for instance.

This is just another version of the LSBet website. However, as the name suggests, this is much more targeted at slot machine lovers.

Don't worry, though. Their online sports betting is still tremendous. has the same gambling licenses as LSBet.

It is all done through the same company. So, there are no differences there. No differences in the sports, casino games, etc. offered on the site either.

The main difference comes with promotions.

SlottoJam's main focus will be casino bonuses, but there is a great sports betting bonus too.

All new sign-ups can get access to up to €300 in bonus cash. This is gained over two deposits. However, the best part about the site is the weekly cashback.

If you gamble on sports, then you can receive up to 10% of all of your staked cash back (maximum of €500 returned per week), which is a fantastic incentive for sticking around on

In fact, this cashback has helped to catapult to one of our ‘most played' online sportsbooks. The same will probably happen for you.

As we said, outside of this, there isn't that much difference between and

The layout of the sites will be the same, but the betting odds, features, etc. remain consistent.

We recommend that you sign up for both. This way, you can take advantage of the betting bonuses available for each.

William Hill

William Hill

Epsom Surrey London UK, A High Street Branch Of William Hill Betting Shop

William Hil is the oldest European sportsbook on this list. While the other sites appeared during the online gambling boom from 2000 onward, William Hill was founded in the UK back in 1934.

Of course, back then, William Hill was a high-street bookmaker.

It still is.

It can be found all over the world, with major physical gambling locations in the US.

This company is massive, and they know how to do gambling properly.

William Hill is licensed in most countries where gambling is legal, just like Bet365.

Since William Hill is a British company, its main license is in the United Kingdom. However, the site is accessible in most places in Europe.

The promotions at William Hill can vary a little.

We love their bonuses too.

Since William Hill tends to target the more casual gamblers, their bonuses are much smaller but have fewer restrictions.

The current promotion (in most countries) is €40 of free bets when you place a single €10 bet.

The company also loves to run boosted odds promotions, deposit-based promotions, etc. during major sporting events.

Because William Hill has been doing the gambling thing for almost 90 years now, their operation is solid.

While we won't say that William Hill always has the best betting odds, we will say that they are consistent. William Hill tries to remain competitive wherever possible.

So, most gamblers would probably be fine if this were the only place they gambled. In fact, due to the prominence of William Hill, for many casual gamblers, this is the only place that they gamble.

All major sports are covered here, with football getting the most coverage.

During the off-season, there are still tens of thousands of football bets to place. Almost every single game has multiple open markets.

This means that you can get pretty creative with the bets that you place.

Their live betting system is tremendous.

William Hill has really worked on developing its system, and when you live bet, not only do you have access to a ton of different open markets, but you have access to extensive stats to make it easier to make the right betting choice.

We love this. Very few platforms do that.

Outside of sports betting, William Hill offers an online casino, poker, and online bingo (only in some locations).

Payment options vary depending on where you are, with the most common being credit/debit cards, bank deposits, and Paysafecard.

Tornado Bet

And, we are going to wrap up with Tornado Bet, which is another website from the team behind and

You can say that  Media Entertainment N.V. is the king of smaller, online European sportsbooks.

Tornado Bet isn't drastically different from the other platforms, so we won't take a deep dive into what it offers here. Their bonuses can vary a little bit, but the main one is the same as (€300 in potential free bets when you register).

However, their cashback bonus is a bit better. You can get up to €1,000 back each week, although with a few more restrictions.

Tornado Bet encourages people to gamble with Bitcoin, but if you don't want to do that, then you can use a ton of different payment methods.

This includes debit/credit cards, Paysafecard, and more.


It only takes a quick Google search to learn that there are a lot of European sportsbooks.

While many of them are good, if you are going to be gambling online, you want the best of the best.

This is why we suggest that you make an account on each of the six sites that we suggested here.

This way, you can jump between them and ensure that not only will you constantly have access to the best betting odds, but you will have access to the best promotions too.

These are the six sites where we spend most of our time, and they should be where you are spending most of your time too.

These sites cannot be beaten.


What is the biggest betting site in Europe?

Betway is one of the largest betting sites in Europe. In fact, this British gambling company is one of the largest gambling companies in the world.

What are the biggest online betting companies in Europe?

Betfred and William Hill are probably up there as some of the online betting companies in Europe. Betway, Sky Bet, etc., may also be there too.

Which betting sites can you use abroad?

As long as a website has been licensed to use in multiple countries, then you should be able to use it abroad. The problem is that all European sportsbooks will be blocked in some countries, so whether you can access your chosen sportsbook overseas will be 100% dependent on where you are traveling to.

There are no guarantees here.

What is the most popular betting sport in Europe?

Football is the biggest sport in Europe (actually, the biggest sport in the world). It is the most gambled-on sport in Europe, with horse racing being a very, very distant second.

Where is the gambling capital of Europe?

It depends on who you ask. Monaco and Romania both have large gambling communities. However, some of the largest gambling companies in the world come from the United Kingdom, and gambling there is seen almost as a national pastime.

What are the top European gambling companies?

Betfred is currently one of the largest online sportsbooks in Europe, although William Hill isn't too far behind. The rest are very tiny European sportsbooks by comparison. When searching for an online sportsbook, you should probably think less about the size and more about what that site can bring.