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BetUS Promo Codes & Sign-Up Bonuses in 2021

BetUS Promo Codes & Sign-Up Bonuses in 2020

On this page you will see the very latest BetUS promo codes for April 2021. Join today and start playing with the BetUS sportsbook bonus money for your wagers online.

A bettor is only as successful as its chosen sportsbook.

BetUS Promo Codes & Sign-Up Bonuses April 2021

These are the bonuses that users are eligible for when they create an account on BetUS and make their first deposit.

  1. 125% Sports Bonus Sign Up Promo Code: OFFSHORESF
  2. 125% Sign-Up bonus (100% Sports + 25% Casino) with promo mode JOIN125150%
  3. Crypto Bonus (100% Sportsbook Bonus + 50% Casino Bonus) with promo code SU150CRYPT
  4. 150% Casino Bonus, match bonus up to $3,000 with promo code CAS150 
  5. Go To BetUS!Go To BetUS!

So, if you want to maximize your profits and put your sports knowledge to good use, you need a platform that can offer you fabulous bonuses, a pleasant user experience, and features that match your needs and goals.

Bettors in the US are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to reliable sportsbooks, and one of them is BetUS.

Since their website was relaunched, BetUS has been getting a lot of publicity, and you’ve probably seen a few ads about it already.

At first glance, BetUS seems to be a great sportsbook: the interface looks lovely, and there are a lot of sports covered. But what about bonuses? After all, they’re the factor that can make a difference.

For all your savvy bettors, we’ve compiled a list of bonuses currently active on BetUS and a few other details that will help you decide whether or not you should create an account on this platform.

About BetUS Sportsbook

BetUS is an online gambling company dedicated to users in the United States.

It was founded in 1994, which makes it one of the oldest players in the business, and offers a wide variety of services: sports betting, casino games, and horse racing.

However, that’s not all. BetUS also allows users to make proposition bets on many current events, ranging from politics to pop culture.

In 2007, they even made it to national television because they offered odds on the effects of global warming (of course, we already know about those by now), and, in 2006, the offered odds on whether the world would come to and end (before the dreaded 2012, there was a 06/06/06 theory).

BetUS takes pride in being America’s favorite sportsbooks, and they’ve collaborated with many hall-of-famers.

For example, Former Buccaneers and Raiders defensive tackle Warren Sapp confessed to being a great fan of BetUS, and he even appears on their homepage.

When it comes to sports betting, BetUS seems to focus on the major leagues such as the NFL and NBA.

There are other categories too, but you don’t have too many options if you want to bet on hockey, rugby, or Formula 1, for instance.

Living up to its name, BetUS was created for US bettors, and it doesn’t cover the sports that aren’t too viewed here. They’re included on the list, but you’ll find that the wagering options are a bit limited.

As you probably know, every major sportsbook is known for that one perk that sets it apart from the crowd.

For some, it’s the user experience, for others, the diversity of games or the payout speed.

For BetUS, the #1 perk is the variety of bonuses.

Whether you want to bet on sports or play casino games, whether you’re a new member or a returning one, there’s a bonus for you.

And, if those bonuses weren’t enough, you also have a loyalty program and contests with great prices.

BetUS has a license from Curaçao eGaming, but keep in mind that Curaçao does not mediate disputes between users and sportsbooks.

BetUS Bonuses

If you head over to the bonuses page on BetUS, you’ll be impressed by the wide range of options. New players, in particular, will be tempted because BetUS offers a fair share of welcome bonuses.

These are the BetUS Bonuses that caught our eye:

Re-Up Bonuses

These are the bonuses members can enjoy when they top-up their balance.

  • Up to 50% re-up bonus, 25% extra re-up bonus on every crypto deposit
  • First-time deposit 150% Crypto bonus (100% Sportsbook bonus plus 50% Casino Bonus), with promo code RU150CRYPT
  • 50% Blackjack Bonus (50% Match Bonus up to $500), with promo code PUMPKIN50

Additional BetUS Bonuses

It takes some great bonuses to keep the modern bettor engaged, and BetUS really sets a standard here:

  • Daily casino promotions. To encourage users to come back to the website every day, BetUS offers many awesome bonuses and promotions: Money Back Mondays, Straight Flush 3 Card Poker Mondays, Juicy Tuesdays, Trifecta Thursdays, Video Poker Thursdays, Super Slots Fridays, Wide Open Saturdays, Big Spinner Sundays, Second Chance Sundays, and On-the-Go Blackjack Sundays.
  • 100% referral bonus. Refer a friend and get paid! BetUS will give you 25% of your friend’s initial deposit, up to $1,000.

BetUS also has daily contests with awesome prizes and, if you stick around, you’ll get a lot of perks from the BetUS Loyalty Program.

When you spend real money on a wager, you will receive points.

Then, you can redeem these points to unlock rewards. The BetUS Loyalty Program has six tiers (blue, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and black), and depending on your level, you receive perks such as:

  • Free payouts
  • Exclusive customer support number
  • Welcome Free Play
  • Extra deposit bonus

As you can see, BetUS has bonuses for every type of player, so we’re sure you’ll find something that could make your betting experience more profitable.

But keep in mind that all these bonuses come with terms and conditions, so make sure you check the fine print before you claim them.

Should you choose a sportsbook just for its bonuses?

The answer may vary depending on whom you ask, but, in general, we believe that bonuses should play a part in every bettor’s strategy because they can grow your income.

As a beginner, bonuses can help you mitigate some of the risks and get nice returns for small deposits. And, if you’re an expert, they can turn big wins into astronomical ones.

We’re happy to report that the bonuses on BetUS were created for bettors with all levels of experience. However, a great sportsbook isn’t just about bonuses.

It also has to be reliable, have great customer support, and make prompt payments to its users.

Why Bet Sports at the BetUS Sportsbook?

Like we said before, BetUS only shines at major leagues in the US, so if you want to bet on sports that aren’t so popular in the US, you might not like it too much. However, if your betting strategy focuses mostly on the NFL and NBA, you’re in luck because you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Mobile betting. Like every respectable sportsbook, BetUS is available on the go. The website’s mobile version is just as intuitive and easy to use as the desktop one, the features aren’t limited, so you won’t have any issues there.
  • Live betting. Live betting has become very popular lately, not only thanks to the added excitement but also its flexibility. BetUS offers live betting options for over 200 games per day, so there’s always something to bet on.
  • Competitive odds. Compared to the average, BetUS has great odds that give you a better shot at winning.
  • A wide range of bonuses. As one of the oldest sportsbooks in the business, BetUS knows how to attract new players, and it’s hard to compete with their bonuses. From sign-up bonuses to re-up bonuses and daily promotions, there’s something for everyone.
  • Propositions and futures. Apart from standard bets, BetUS offers propositions and futures. For example, you can bet on who will win major sporting events such as the Super Bowl, the NBA, or the Belmont Stakes.
  • Great customer service. Most online sportsbooks these days focus on live chat, since that’s what most users want. But, if you still prefer doing things the traditional way, they have phone support too. Generally, their staff answer pretty quickly and solve user complaints promptly, which is always a plus.
  • Crypto accepted. More and more bettors these days have been using crypto instead of fiat currencies because they’re more secure, and if you’re one of them, you’ll love BetUS. You even get bonuses for using crypto!
  • eSports betting. Not every fan of sports is also a fan of eSports, but we can’t deny that tournaments such as League of Legends have a huge betting potential, and it’s nice to see that BetUS is also considering this direction.

How do I withdraw money from BetUS?

Withdrawing money from BetUS seems a bit complicated at first because the sportsbook doesn’t mention all their options clearly.

Their FAQ section details the available deposit options (credit card, cash transfer, crypto, and bank wire), but the payouts section isn’t so generous with information.

They only mention that the daily limit for payouts is $5,000 and that the crypto payouts are free and paid 24/7, but when it comes to actual withdrawal options, they instruct users to log into their account or call a phone number to learn more.

The withdrawal options are the same as the deposit options, but BetUS could be more transparent about this for non-registered users and mention the processing times too.

There have also been several complaints that it takes a long time for users to get their money, so hopefully, in the future, BetUS will be more careful with this.

Where is BetUS located?

Where is BetUS locatedBetUS serves American bettors, but it’s not located on US territory. In fact, it’s based in Costa Rica, which is known for its relaxed policies.

The sportsbook is owned by a Nicosia-based company, and their domain name is registered in Panama.

Before you think this is a scam, note that BetUS has been on the market since 1994, and it’s difficult to last so long without being legit.

Plus, most US sportsbooks are located off-shore, so it’s not an uncommon practice.

BetUS is tailored mainly to the needs of US bettors, so it has many country restrictions.

For example, you won’t be able to access it from countries such as Australia, Canada, France, and the UK, so if you travel a lot, you’ll probably want to bypass the restrictions with a VPN.

BetUS is not a scam, but their history hasn’t been fully positive either.

Over the years, some users have complained that withdrawals were delayed for too long or that they didn’t go through at all. BetUS says that these problems are now in the past, that they’ve changed the team, and there haven’t been any noteworthy complaints lately either.

Verdict on the BetUS Sportsbook

So, should you open an account on BetUS?


  • Fast, easy to use website
  • Great for mobile betting
  • Live sports betting
  • A wide range of bonuses
  • Crypto deposits accepted
  • Tailored to the needs of US bettors


  • Wagering options are limited for rugby, hockey, boxing, snooker, and other sports that aren’t so popular in the US
  • Their FAQ lacks transparency with regards to withdrawal options and processing times
  • BetUS received complaints in the past for delaying payouts or not sending the money at all

If you love sports betting and bonuses are on your list of priorities, BetUS is one of the best sportsbooks you can join.

The welcome bonuses are pretty impressive, but, once you become a member, the sportsbook doesn’t forget about you.

BetUS is actively trying to boost loyalty with daily bonuses and promotions, and it’s hard to find another sportsbook with so many great offers.

The fact that they have bonuses for both casino games and sports is a plus, and the ability to use crypto makes it more secure.

However, BetUS is in no way perfect.

Wagering options for not-so-common sporting events are limited, and we can’t gloss over the fact that they had a lot of complaints in the past.

Being a large platform, BetUS managed to bounce back, but these events linger and can affect their credibility for years to come.

Ultimately, if you love bonuses and can move past the bad reviews in the past, then BetUS is a great option, but if you’d rather not risk it, there are plenty of other options out there.
Go To BetUS!Go To BetUS!

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