Is BetUS Sportsbook Legal?

BetUS Sportsbook

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As you may well know, up until recently, the legality of online gambling in the US was somewhat up in the air. It was technically legal, but the government introduced laws that would make it insanely difficult for anybody to gamble at an online sportsbook.

Thankfully, some of those laws have now been relaxed. This means that we are finally starting to see some pretty awesome online sportsbooks pop up. Of course, this does leave many gamblers a bit confused as to whether online gambling is legal.

So, is BetUS sportsbook legal? If it is legal, is it somewhere worth gambling? Well, we are going to answer all of your most burning questions throughout this page.

We have a ton to cover in this BetUS review, so why not just jump in?

Is the BetUS Sportsbook Legal and Legit?

Yes, although with a little bit of a caveat.

BetUS can operate legally in the US (they are based out of Costa Rica, and the licensing is recognized in the States). However, this doesn't necessarily mean that it is legal throughout the United States.

Despite the federal government relaxing rules related to online gambling, some states have put together some pretty tough rules that still prevent it. This means that there are certain states where BetUS may not be legal although, thankfully, these rules are starting to be relaxed somewhat.

Generally speaking, if you can access to the BetUS website where you are, then it is legal to gamble on it.

Remember, the onus is always going to be on the sportsbook to prevent people from gambling in areas where they shouldn't be gambling.

So, if BetUS doesn't say that it is blocked, then you are free to gamble away!

Remember, you should only ever be gambling at a legal online sportsbook like BetUS.

It will give you greater protection when it comes to ensuring that your online gambling experience is sublime.

What Are The BetUS Sports Betting Choices?

When it comes to sports betting options, BetUS is not going to leave you high and dry.

Just about everything that you could want to bet on is available through this site. This means that you get to enjoy all of the major sports (soccer, football, baseball, basketball, etc.) as well as a whole host of more minor events too including darts, e-sports, and handball.

The company is always shaking up its sports betting options. If there is a major event around the corner in any sort of pro sport, then chances are that you will be able to gamble on it at BetUS.

If that wasn't enough, they often have dozens, sometimes hundreds, of markets available for each individual event. Whether you are a casual gambler or a regular gambler, you will find plenty to get your gambling appetite satiated here.

How We Rate The BetUS Sports Website Against The Top Sportsbooks

Alright, so we have covered the available gambling options. However, the sports available don't make a site.

There are a lot of things that go into making a great website. So, does BetUS deliver on that front? Let's take a look!

Betting Promotions

BetUS Sign Up Bonus

BetUS Sign Up Bonus

Get The BetUS BonusGet The BetUS Bonus

It's impossible for us to cover all of the betting promotions that BetUS offers, mostly because they offer a lot of them and they can change fairly regularly. However, there are some epic bonuses that keen gamblers can take advantage of.

At the moment, the welcome bonus is a matched deposit of 125% up to $2,500.

This is probably one of the largest sportsbook bonuses in the US at the moment, and probably one of the main reasons people start to pay attention to BetUS (although, they will very quickly discover that the site brings a lot more to the table)

On top of this, you have regular reload bonuses and enhanced odds promotions.

On the enhanced odds front, the promos tend to be focused on the futures market, although a small smattering of prop bets for major events will creep through every so often.

Betting Odds

The betting odds at BetUS are tremendous. While most regular gamblers will want to have a couple of sites under their belts to ensure that they can always nab the best odds in the business, casual gamblers would be perfectly fine with BetUS.

Unless you are gambling huge sums of cash, you will find that the betting odds at BetUS are ‘good enough' across the board.

As with most sportsbooks, BetUS is constantly adjusting their betting odds. This means that you will need to keep an eye on them.

Based on our experience, BetUS tends to have lower profit margins than other sportsbooks (hence the great odds), but they also appear to match the betting odds of other sportsbooks (where possible) to help them to stay competitive.

Live Gambling

If there is a sport listed on the site, then 90% of the time is going to be available for live betting. This means that you can bet while the game is in play. This is great if you are watching a sport and are thinking of having a flutter.

We love how easy the site makes the live gambling experience. There are often dozens and dozens of markets available for every event, but it never really feels like a chore to go through all of them.

You can easily find the bet that you want to make and place it within a matter of seconds. This is something which is highly important

Banking Options

While BetUS does allow you to deposit using the typical deposit methods (credit/debit card and bank transfer) their main focus, at least for the last few years, has been on Cryptocurrency. This means that you can deposit and withdraw with your Bitcoin, etc.

When you deposit using Bitcoin (or another crypto) , it will be converted into dollars. When you withdraw, it will be converted back.

While you are going to be 100% fine gambling with normal deposit/withdrawal methods here, we highly recommend this site if you are a crypto gambler.

It is one of only.y a few online sportsbooks in the US that will give you bonuses if you gamble in crypto.

If that wasn't enough, the withdrawals here tend to be quite. Crypto is processed almost instantly, while your standard dollar withdrawals will be processed within 24 hours (with the speed of hitting your bank account determined by your bank).

Ease of Use

The site is dead simple to use.

We review a lot of online sportsbooks in the US. Most of them not only have terrible layouts, but they tend to have ads pretty much everywhere that you look.

It can be easy to get overwhelmed. Thankfully, this isn't an issue with BetUS in the slightest. The interface is clean, allowing you to really drill down and find the bets that you want ot place in a couple of seconds.

How We Rate The BetUS Sportsbook App

Sadly, there is no app that you can download from the Google Play or Apple App Store. However, this doesn't mean that BetUS isn't available on your mobile device. The way that BetUS tackles things is so much better than any app.

With the BetUS site, you can access their mobile site by heading to their website on your mobile device.

The mobile site is tremendous. You can do everything that you would possibly want to do there (including watching the BetUS betting tip podcasts and live betting).

Honestly, it is pretty evident that BetUS has invested a lot into its mobile gambling platform.

So much so that we are not afraid to say that this is probably one of the best mobile sites in the business right now. If you are a keen mobile gambler, we highly recommend it.

BetUS Sportsbook Pros ; Cons

Let's wrap up with going through the pros and cons of the BetUS website. This way, you will be able to work out whether it is the right place for you to spend your cash (hint: it probably is).


  • Good bonuses
  • Well-supported crypto banking options
  • Good selection of sports
  • Competitive betting odds
  • Great mobile website


  • Focuses more on American sports
  • Not so many non-crypto banking methods
  • No mobile app (not a problem with the mobile website).

Summary – BetUS Top Sportsbooks?

So, is BetUS sportsbook legal? In most states in the United States, BetUS is 100% legal. If the site lets you access it, then you should be good to go.

BetUS isn't just a legal sportsbook, though. Oh no. We wouldn't be writing this BetUS review if we drew the line there.

This is also one of the absolute best online sportsbooks in the US right now. This means great betting odds.

Great sports selection, and a great mobile gambling experience.

Great promotions on top of all of this, and it amounts ot an almost perfect website.

If you are looking for a new place to bet your cash (or even looking for your first online gambling experience), then we can think of no better place than BetUS.

Get The BetUS BonusGet The BetUS Bonus