Is Bovada Legit and Safe to use in 2024?

Is Bovada Legit and Safe?

Is Bovada legit and a safe sportsbook to bet on in 2024 and beyond? Yes it is!

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  • Whether you are an amateur or an experienced bettor, selecting the right sports betting site can be intimidating.
  • A simple Google search can result in finding dozens upon dozens of sports betting sites within a matter of seconds.
  • The trick is to sort out the worthless sites out to scam you and find which ones genuinely deliver.
Even the newest person to sports betting has likely heard of the site Bovada. The question remains though is Bovada legal and are offshore gambling sites legal to place your bets or not?.

At first glance, you can answer yes.

Bovada Popularity

Bovada is one of the more popular United States online gambling sites.

In fact, Bovada is the most popular site in the States, and second place is not even close. Their popularity helps with their reputation since the US is chock-full of “predator sites,” ones that are only out to help themselves and do not care about their customers and users.

One positive thing is that the sportsbook site has longevity.

  • Bovada has nearly ten years under its belt, starting back in 2011.
  • Additionally, no other site comes close to having this level of monthly traffic.

Word of mouth might seem cheesy, but it works. Just look at the statistics. Most sites, including Bovada, have constant changes in traffic.

However, Bovada has slight dips and significant peaks. They also have a large number of first-time visitors each month.

The reason? Word of mouth.

Newbies hear it from an acquaintance and check it out for themselves. The site checks out, and the next time someone asks their opinion on where to bet on sports…bam. You get another new user.

Safety and Privacy

Is it legal and safe to bet on Bovada?

Everyone is cautious when it comes to their privacy these days. So is Bovada safe to use?

Clicking on the wrong site or opening a random email can completely wipe out your hard drive or allow someone to steal your personal information.

Luckily, Bovada is secured with an encrypted connection that protects its users this makes Bovada safe to use.

Which US States Allow Bovada?

All US States are allowed to join and gamble at Bovada except the ones listed below.

Here is a shortlist of the places where Bovada is NOT available:

US States of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Nevada.

International countries that are not allowed are limited to the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, and Switzerland.

Does Bovada offer Fast Pay Outs?

Now let’s get down to the meat and potatoes of things. Every bettor wants their money, and they want it now.

You don’t have to call J.G. Wentworth for your fast payout, do your betting with Bovada.

With as big as a following that Bovada has, you would think payouts to so many people would take longer than the competition.

The reality is you get your money just about as fast as any other major sportsbook.

The perk with going with Bovada comes down to Bitcoin currency. Your winnings can be paid out to you within a matter of minutes after placing a withdrawal.

Things may seem flawless so far when it comes to Bovada.

Is Bovada Legit?

Is Bovada LegitIs Bovada legit when it comes to it's license?.

The red flag is that Bovada is currently unlicensed. In basic terms, this means that any user bets at their own risk.

Bovada does not have to follow every guideline and rule that a licensed site does.

Technically speaking, there are site issues, or you are owed a refund due to a reconcilement, the site doesn’t have to fulfill their end of the deal.

The worst part is that the user has no leg to stand on.

The good news is that Bovada does not seem to screw over their users, even if the site was the one in the wrong. They tend to thrive more so on their reputation.

So is Bovada safe and legal?. Safe yes but not legal in the eyes of the US state of New Jersey who has banned all “offshore betting sites“”. However is Bovada legit?, yes because of it's reputation and record of treating it's customers fairly.

What are the Bovada Deposit Fees?

Another negative aspect are the fees.

As stated above, Bitcoin sports betting is the best way to go with Bovada. There are no fees for deposits or withdraws, and you get the quickest payout.

The issue is when you deposit via a credit or debit card. They give you the first one free, but every additional transaction involves nearly a 6% fee.

Bovada Lines

There is a lesser-known part of Bovada that most bettors may not know about, and that is a dual lines policy.

What this means is that they give different odds to different bettors.

After winning your first few bets, you may start seeing your odds change. You can log-in and win a few chances, log-out, log in again, and see different odds.

The more skilled bettors will start getting more challenging odds.

Bovada Sports & Games Choices

Don’t let the few flaws scare you away. No site is 100% perfect. One thing that some of the other big-league betting sites don’t offer is different types of gambling.

For some bettors, you need a break from sports and want to gamble on some card games if you are in a losing spell.

Bovada offers slots, video poker, Texas Hold ‘Em, and even high-stakes poker. Every Sunday, there is a tournament with $75,000 in prize money.

Having that level of payouts gives Bovada the green light alone.

Along with traditional gambling, Bovada sports also has one of the most prominent groups of different sports to bet on. In addition to the major US sports like football, baseball, and basketball, here are other aspects:

Boxing, Cricket, Cycling, Darts, Horse Races, Motorcross Sports, Motor Sports, ESports (Gaming), MMA, Politics, Entertainment, Handball, and Table Tennis. That’s right, ping pong.

Similar to most US betting sites, the format on the website is crisp and easy to use.

Everything is easily identifiable in tabs, and there is a support site in case you do run into issues.

Being a business in the United States, you need an app version. By joining Bovada through their app, you can receive a free site bonus.

Some sites post their betting limits somewhere on their website. Bovada does not as they don’t have any maximum bet limits.

They only have minimum bet limits you must meet to bet.

The dual lines policy doesn’t require a bet limit.

Those who bet thousands at a time are either experienced or have an inside tip. The system gives experienced bettors different odds to halter how much they win at once.

Is Bovada Legit? – The Verdict

In conclusion, the question remains on is Bovada legit and a safe sportsbook to bet with?.

There were some questionable red flags, of course. When you weigh them against their reputation, policies, and track record, there is no denying it.

Regardless of Bovada being one of the top sites while also an unlicensed site, Bovada stands above the rest for the reasons discussed.

Their positives counter their few negatives. The best way to indeed find if Bovada or any site is worth your money is actually to use it and get a feel for it.

  • Honest feedback is that Bovada is safe and secure.
  • It suits both amateurs and experienced high-stake bettors.
  • There is more variety of what you can bet on compared to the competition.
  • Bitcoin is widely popular, and they make it the easiest to use it.

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