Are Offshore Gambling Sites Legal as Rochester Man found Guilty


Are offshore gambling sites legal as a Rochester man pleaded guilty Friday to operating a gambling ring.

Joseph Ruff, 32, ran part of the gambling business out of The Marina Restaurant and Bar in Charlotte.

Man pleads guilty to operating gambling ring

The Marina Restaurant and Bar in Charlotte.Investigators say cash payments were made with bank deposits, face-to-face deliveries, drop-offs at homes and FedEx deliveries.

Detectives state they have actually been running the gaming company since 2012 utilizing overseas Web gaming web sites.

Ruff took a plea offer which requires 41 months in jail. Ruff's lawyer, Matt Parrinello, stated his customer pleaded guilty so he might proceed with his life.

Parinello stated Ruff took wagers from NHL star Thomas Vanek.

Parinello stated Vanek owed his customer about $10 million after years of bets.

A check backed by Vanek in the quantity of $230,000 was utilized as proof in this case.

Vanek is not dealing with any charges. 2 other guys, Paul Borrelli, of Rochester, and Mark Ruff, of Connecticut are likewise charged in connection with the gaming company.

In this case the question, are offshore betting sites legal? – yes they are.

The offence committed here is that Joseph Ruff and his colleagues ran their business on-land and not based offshore. So he fell to the laws of US justice system.

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