Can You Bet on College Football – Best ways & Sportsbooks to use

Can You Bet on College Football

This article explores the best ways and sites to use for betting on NCAA College Football.

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The world of online sports betting has grown in popularity throughout the years. Throughout the United States, the legality of betting on sports varies from state to state.

One of the most entertaining and engaging sports to bet on is college football. The NCAA’s teams provide lineups of 30+ games on Saturdays, and games can range from low-scoring, unevenly matched teams to high-scoring blowouts full of action.

The best part? Betting on college football doesn’t require you to show up anywhere, there are multiple ways you can bet, and best of all, it is fun and legal.

Ways to Bet on College Football

[su_panel color=”#00000″ border=”2px solid #00329A”]See our list of Top College football betting sites with Bonuses.[/su_panel]

Can You Bet on College Football and place a wager on Tyler Shough?

While online betting for college football is legal, it is important to check your local state’s age restrictions and types of betting that are acceptable.

[su_panel color=”#00000″ border=”2px solid #00329A”]There are multiple ways you can prepare your bet based on which statistics you would like to target.[/su_panel]
Some of the most common (and most fun) are listed below:


This is perhaps the most simplistic way to bet on a college football game and is often referred to as a straight-up bet.

Moneyline bets mean you are simply picking the team you think will win the game. In these bets, there will be odds for both the potential favorite (-) and potential underdog (+).For example, University of X (-210) against X State University (+190).

In this example, if you bet $50 on UX, you would receive an additional $23.81 for a grand total of $73.81.

However, if you bet on the underdogs and placed a $50 bet on XSU, you would receive an additional $95 for a total payout of $145.

Point Spread:

As the name implies, point spread betting is based on how many points you predict a team will win or lose by.

In another example, let’s look at University of R (-30) and R State University (+30).

Here, University of R are the favorites. To win your bet, the University of R simply needs to win the game by 30 points or more.


These bets are often referred to as over/under bets. These are bets on the combined total number of points the two teams will score in the game.

Sportsbooks (the companies that will accept your bets) will release their statistics revealing what they anticipate each individual team will score in the upcoming game.

The total for the game between University of Y and Y State University is set at 60.

If you think the combined score will be 61 or more, you will bet “over”.

If you think the game will score 59 or fewer total points, you will bet “under”.

The payoff rate for these totals will vary depending on the Sportsbooks’ odds.


These bets are the ones that make watching the game that much more fun. Prop bets are not dependent upon the outcome of the game, but rather actions by individuals or teams.

For example:

– Which side will have more rushing yards?
– Will there be a safety in the game?
– Will player X make a field goal?
– Will player Y throw an interception?


A parlay bet is a fun way to include multiple bets on one ticket. If you are interested in a spread bet for the UX and XSU game but want to place a totals bet for the UY and YSU game, you can do so with a parlay.

The only downside? You must win all of your bets on a parlay ticket in order to cash out. For example, if you place three bets and even one loses, you lose the entire parlay payout.

Live Betting:

You can indeed make plays while the game is live. This is particularly helpful if a game has already started and you forgot to place your bets.

In live betting, once a play has started, you can make a bet as to how you think it will play out. For example, will the play end in a touchdown? Interception? Field goal?

College Games

The collegiate schedule varies from that of the NFL. The season runs from August – December, with about 14-15 weeks of play.

In total, there are 130 college football teams playing at the Division I (NCAA) level. There are ten conferences that contain these teams.

Each year, there are multiple bowl games (Such as the New Year’s Six: Cotton, Fiesta, Orange, Peach, Rose, Sugar) for the top schools to qualify for and play near the end of the season.

These bowls are great opportunities to make bets as the bowl games are nationally televised.

Where to Bet

When placing bets, you want an interface that will allow you to track your data, keep ahead of multiple bets, and include lines and odds on your betting teams.

You will find your sportsbook (some popular ones include MyBookie, BetUS, and BetOnline) and create an account.

(A note – be ready to have your deposit information ready; most sites take digital currency through PayPal or Bitcoin payments.)

After you register, you may find multiple rewards options to match your first bets, increase payouts, or add additional money to your betting wallet.

It is always advised to ensure the Sportsbook you are using is legitimate. This will ensure the safety of your data as well as the validity of any winnings you may earn.

Above all, make your bets and have fun watching the college football season play out.


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