Best College Football Betting Sites for March 2020

The best College football betting sites for 2020.


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It's no wonder that people are searching for the best college football betting sites online. According to most surveys, college football ranks as one of the most popular sports within the US.

In 2018 alone, there were more than 47 million fans attending games.

During that year, there were up to 366 regular season telecasts which reached more than 163 viewers at home, and another 38 postseason bowl games with over 90 million viewers.

It is little wonder, then, that there are hundreds of college football betting sites all over. Choosing the right college football betting site can be a bit like searching for a needle in the proverbial haystack.

College football betting sites offer a wide range of incentives to endear themselves to potential customers. However, not everything that glitters is gold. It can be a challenge finding the right site with excellent odds and betting options and the right levels of security.

Best College Football Betting Sites for 2020

This list of five College football betting sites offers the perfect balance of quality services, odds, and legitimacy for any college football fans and betting buff.

Although betting sites are generally heavily regulated, not all sites are legitimate. This list will be helpful to those looking to find the right site for college football betting.


MyBookie remains one of the best offshore betting sites when it comes to football betting in general, and for college football in particular.

College football here is found under the NCAA football tab, where one can bet on who they think will be the Heisman Trophy winner, and on the national championship.

For the national championship, MyBookie provides odds to win, with every college and their odds listed. The wager cut off is on the 1st of April 2020, at 9 AM.

The list is much shorter for the Heisman trophy potential winners, with the wager cut off being in August 2020.

MyBookie’s strengths go further than the college football betting odds offerings. The website has some of the most lucrative loyalty programs, huge bonuses, free plays, and promotions. They also offer useful advice for their users through the articles published on their website.


Bovada has been around for a fairly long time, with almost a decade of industry experience since 2011. It is a simple and reliable site, offering college football betting options to players from the US and other regions in the world.

To get to the college football bets, click on the all sports option and proceed to the football icon. As soon as one logs on, it is easy to see why Bovada is so popular. The user interfaces are simple and easy to navigate, even for beginners.

Bovada also has a wide variety of general and Bitcoin sports betting promotions, as well as articles from betting experts that can help one navigate the often-complex college football landscape.

Bovada remains one of the true standout sites, what with the ease of navigation, information from industry experts and attractive bonuses.

Further, Bovada has a greater variety when it comes to the NCAA football odds. There are point spreads posted on Tuesday at 6, with the rest posted the day before the game including totals, first half lines, team and player props and money lines.


Bodog is another simplistic offshore sportsbook whose focus is on the ease and smoothness of the betting experience.

Bodog is one of the older sites in the industry, having been established in 1994. During its more than 25-year history, it has been one of the fastest-growing sportsbooks in the industry.

NCAA football is one of the major sports on its sportsbook, which has a wide variety of wager types. One can bet on a whole lot, from the Heisman Trophy winner, buying point wagers to the national championship winners.

Like most online sportsbooks, Bodog offers introductory bonuses to attract new customers. For instance, they offer a 100% bonus equivalent to the first deposit.

They also offer a wide range of promotions, as well as a nice bonus when one refers a friend to the site.

Younger customers will also be happy to find that Bodog also has an attractive mobile betting site that is easily accessible on a wide range of devices, from iPhones to android devices.

Bodog has its negatives but seems to be one of the most established in the North American market. It has built and maintained its reputation as one of the best and reputable sites when it comes to college football betting.


Xbet, like mybookie, allows bets on the Heisman trophy winners and the national championship winners. Their wager cutoff for the Heisman Trophy winners is on the standard1st of August, while the national championship wager cutoff is on April 1st, 2020.

While their range of bets is as limited as MyBookie’s, they more than compensate for that through lucrative offers and promotions.

For instance, they offer signup bonuses of up to $300 as well as reload bonuses of up to $250 for existing customers.

They also have a superior interface, one with quality graphics and color schemes that aren’t too tough on the eyes.

As an online sportsbook, Xbet has had several rave reviews. It has been described as everything from the best sportsbook one can ever find, to the betting site that understands consumer needs the best.

Although relatively young, it was launched and is operated by a team of hand-picked professionals, many of them skilled and experienced online gaming professionals.

The collective vision of the company is to redefine the gaming industry, living with the mantra of the three Rs, Reliability, Reputation and Real Fast Payouts.

The implication for the college football betting fan here is that this is an offshore sportsbook they can trust when they bet on NCAA college games and one that will give them payouts as quickly as possible.

For those who would be confused by odds formats, Xbet offers customers a choice of three options, American, fractional and decimal odds formats. One can also choose a time zone that is appropriate for them so they do not miss out on games.


Wagerweb was also launched in 1994 and has a perfect record when it comes to service provision and the facilitation of payouts.

When betting with wagerweb, the process is different. Instead of first choosing the game then placing whichever bet you would like, at wagerweb the process is reversed.

One first selects the type of bet they want before then choosing the type of sport they would like to focus on. This focus on the bets makes college football betting with wagerbet quite interesting.

Not only do they allow different types of bets for college football, but they also allow different combinations of bets with other sports (parlay).

For instance, one can choose to parlay their Monday Night Football pick with whichever college football team they want.

This not only makes the bets more interesting but also increases the possible earnings. Some of the bets one can place on college football games include Heisman trophy wins, national championship wins or buying and selling up to 5 points.

New users will also be happy to find that they get bonuses when they join. Many of these bonuses are specific to football, further increasing the attractiveness of wagerweb as a college football betting destination.

Further, wagerweb offers the customer up to 9 language options for ease of understanding, the three odds choices and four time-zone choices. One can also reach the customer service representatives through three channels, email, telephone and chat.

What is the Best College Football Betting Website?

Having reviewed these college football betting sites, which then is the best of them?.

On the balance of evidence, MyBookie remains the best on the list. It is a simplistic betting site that is easy to understand and navigate.

New users get attractive sign-up bonuses and the chance to join its VIP loyalty program, where they earn redeemable points the more they bet.

Given the sheer number of college football games, bettors with this inclination will definitely enjoy using MyBookie. It is also a safe and reliable online sportsbook, and despite being in the market for only about 6 years, has built a reputation for prompt payouts and reliable service delivery.

A special mention goes to Xbet, whose dedication to providing cutting edge services through a focused ideology sets it apart.

The strength of Wagerweb on the list is the unique approach to betting, where one focuses on the type of bet first before choosing the specific game they will bet on.

Further, wagerweb offers the customer up to 9 language options for ease of understanding, the three odds choices and four time-zone choices.

One can also reach the customer service representatives through three channels, email, telephone and chat.

There is little difference between Bovada and Bodog in terms of their offerings, but both have a simple, straightforward interface that makes college football betting easy.

Perhaps most importantly, though, is the fact that all the sites listed here have built a strong reputation for timely payments, easy deposits and excellent customer service. These are the three essentials when it comes to betting, especially on college football.