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Whether you a are trying to win your local office pool for the upcoming NCAA Tournament or rolling the dice on betting upsets at a Las Vegas sportsbook on the Strip, there are some basic betting tips that can be employed to increase your chances to win your fair share of cash during March Madness.

While every NCAA Tournament for men’s basketball includes a 68-team field gunning for a national championship, every year’s Big Dance needs to be broken down on its own merit when it comes to picking the right teams to advance through the four regions of the tournament bracket to reach the Final Four.

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Anyone that even casually follows the NCAA Tournament already knows that upsets are a big part of the game. Anytime you have a single-elimination format in place, there are going to be some unexpected results. The most important thing to keep in mind is that past trends do not dictate future results. A recent betting trend should be used as a guide for handicapping purposes. It should not be used for making actual picks.

For example, the No. 12 vs. No. 5 matchups have produced their fair share of upsets over the years. This does not mean that you have to force one or two of these upsets into this year’s pairings. You need to take each of the four matchups at face value, while also weighing in the actual pointspread for the game.

Turning to the 2019 March Madness NCAA Tournament bracket, No. 5 Marquette is a 4.5-point favorite over No. 12 Murray State in the West Region. The Golden Eagles are stumbling into this tournament with just one win in their last six games. The Racers are riding an 11-game winning streak to win both the Ohio Valley Conference’s regular season and tournament title. This is an upset that does make sense.

Moving to the South Region where No. 5 Wisconsin opened as a slight 1.5-point favorite against No. 12 Oregon is another tight matchup that could go either way. The entire Pac-12 was a complete disaster this season. However, the Ducks got hot at the right time of the year with an eight-game winning streak that included a romp over No. 1 seed Washington to win the conference tournament.

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The bottom-line tip when it comes to picking upsets is finding the matchups were the hotter team just so happens to an underdog in the opening round game.

Making as many correct picks as possible in the first 32 games of the tournament is an important task. However, it is far more important to focus your energy on which teams you have going to the Final Four. Second to that, is getting as many teams as possible into the Elite 8. These are the rounds of the tournament that can yield the most points in a typical bracket competition. This is why you should always look at your bracket picks from the inside out. Once you have figured out which two teams will meet in the national title game, start working backwards all the way to the Sweet 16. From there, you can fill in the gaps for the opening round of play.


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Another important factor in this tournament is experience and coaching. The game’s best coaches know how to motivate the game’s best players. There is a reason why teams such as Duke, North Carolina and Villanova (2X) have all won a national title over the past four seasons. There is also a reason why Kentucky, Gonzaga and Michigan have played in the national title game over the last five seasons.

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