NCAA Basketball Betting – Tips – Best Sportsbooks

Surprisingly, it can be pretty tough to find a website that offers NCAA basketball betting. A lot of major websites seem to aim for NBA betting and give those college sports a skip. This is not fun. Not when you have an NCAA basketball game heading your way, and you seem to be pretty sure who is going to win.

Thankfully, while finding an NCAA basketball betting site can be tough, it isn't impossible. On this page, we are going to give you all of the tools that you need to find a fantastic website for NCAAB betting. This includes a list of many of the websites that we tend to play on when we have a good college game rolling around.

The Importance Of Choosing a Quality Online Betting NCAA Basketball Site

ncaa basketball betting

As we said, it is almost impossible to find an online betting NCAA basketball website. There are so few of them around. This is why, in our opinion, it does make it worth spending the time tracking down a website that offers a tremendous playing experience for those keen gamblers out there.

If you choose a good NCAA basketball betting website, then you will be able to enjoy some of the best odds on the games that you want to gamble on. This means that if you do win (and we have our fingers crossed that you will win!), you will be able to enjoy even more cash in your pockets.

In addition to this, choosing the best sportsbook for NCAA B betting will also help to ensure that you have the largest selection of bets available. While betting on the winner of a game may seem like the best bet for many people, the secret to winning huge sums of cash is to dive into props and other sorts of betting markets. If you choose a good betting website, then you will be able to get pretty creative with your bets. This means even more cash in your pocket should you win!

Finally, choosing the right online sportsbook for your betting adventures will ensure that you are safe when you are gambling. It is fair to say that the betting industry attracts a lot of businesses that aren't quite above board. If you take the time to choose a good place to gamble, then it helps to ensure that you will be avoiding those websites that may be a little bit ‘scam-like' to you.

In the next section, we are going to go through the sorts of things that you should be on the lookout for when you are choosing an NCAA basketball betting website. We suggest that you read it. It is always wise to know what you are looking for in a basketball betting website. If you are a bit pressed for time and want to start gambling as quickly as possible, then we suggest that you check out the final section instead. Here, we will list the best NCAAB betting websites that you can play on today!

Top Tips For Choosing a Sportsbook To Bet Online NCAA Basketball

We have been gambling for a long time now. Ever since the online betting world was in its infancy, we have been there. This means that we have developed a pretty solid knowledge of what makes a good website. As we said, a bit later on we are going to discuss what we believe are the best NCAAB betting websites out there. All of these are sites that we personally play on (we wouldn't recommend them otherwise), and they all fit the following criteria.

Reputable Website

This is your main priority.

You should always be looking for websites that other gamblers have experience with. There are new online betting websites popping up every single day, and most of them are not going to be all that great.

Gamblers love to help one another (see: this entire page). They want to steer their fellow gamblers toward the best sportsbooks to gamble at. After all, if they can steer people toward great websites, it means that every gambler is going to be having a fun time! The odds tend to end up being much better too.

So, listen to what experienced gamblers are telling you. It is safe to say that if they are recommending a website that you should be playing on, then that website is probably going to be a fantastic place for you to be.


Any website that you use for betting on NCAA should be licensed. If a site has a gambling license issued in a country, then it means that the website has to constantly prove that it is a safe place to gamble. They have to conform to some pretty strict standards. There are lots of gambling licensing bodies out there spread over many different countries. It is important that the site is licensed in at least one. Make sure that you check that license, just to ensure that you are not being lied to.

Plenty of Gambling Options For NCAA Basketball (And Other Sports)

A lot of websites seem to steer clear of NCAA basketball betting. It is likely that it is because NCAA betting is probably not the most popular thing in the world. That and the fact that many states will ban the betting on college sports.

That being said, if a site does offer NCAA basketball betting, you do want to be 100% sure that they are offering more than just betting on the winners of a game. Look at the types of bets they offer. A good site will offer plenty of prop bets, and you may even end up with some live sports betting too (this does tend to be a bit rarer on those NCAAB games unless it is a big event).

Competitive Betting Odds

This is how you will determine how much cash will be landing in your pocket should you win a bet. Betting odds are absolutely everything.

It is worth noting that there isn't a single website that will consistently offer the best betting odds. Due to the way in which odds are calculated, this is impossible. Therefore, if you are planning on betting on numerous events, then it may be worth getting signed up for multiple sportsbooks. This way, you can jump between them and always stand to make the most money.

We suggest that if you are comparing odds, you switch to either the American odds or decimal odds betting system. While fractional odds are the most popular way of displaying odds around the world, decimal and American odds are much easier to compare.

Easy Deposits ; Withdrawals

Of course, you want to ensure that the website that you select a website that makes it easy to get money in and out of your account. Thankfully, most of the best sportsbooks should support the payment methods that you have at your disposal, so this part shouldn't be too tricky.

Great Customer Service

A good website will either have a live chat system, or at least speedy email answering. If your selected website doesn't seem to have any way of getting in touch with customer support, then give them a skip.

Welcome and VIP Bonuses

We know that, for a lot of people, welcome and VIP bonuses are the main reason why they head to a website. We admit, these bonuses can be fantastic, but they are a sweetener. Not a way to choose a website. Think about everything else that the website brings to the table before you start to consider the bonuses.

The Best Sportsbooks For NCAAB Betting

So, now we have given you the tools that you need to choose a website, let's quickly run you through our favorite NCAAB sports betting websites. is one of our favorite online sportsbooks. you have plenty of options to dive into NCAAB betting (including some live betting options), and a wealth of promotions. On the promotion front, this is a site that seems to gravitate very heavily toward ensuring that the regular gamblers are catered for, not just first-time sign-ups.

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While has an entire online casino there (as with most sportsbooks on this list), the primary focus for this platform is to ensure that they have some of the most competitive odds in the sports betting business. They accomplish this. For big events, there is nowhere that we would rather gamble.

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While they accept fiat currency, Bovada is an online sports betting website that seems to lean heavily into crypto betting. They may be a good place to check out if you have some crypto burning a hole in your pocket.

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XBet is a website that loves the world of college sports, and NCAAB is absolutely no exception. For every NCAA game, you will have a wealth of bets available. Many of the games are available for live betting too.

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Won a bet? You will love This platform boasts some of the fastest withdrawals in the business. We tested it. If you win, you can have access to your winnings in a matter of minutes.

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NCAA is one of the leading sports in the US. While it doesn't get many views outside of the US, a lot of top betting websites have still leaned pretty heavily into offering NCAA gambling options. Check out one of the five websites on this list. We are sure that you will have a great time.