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Youwager payouts and the fastest options

Youwager payouts the fastest way

If you win on YouWager, you will be pleased to know that there are a variety of different options for YouWager payouts.

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YouWager payouts are available in both USD and Bitcoin.

It is worth noting that two of the payout options will attract fees. These can be rather substantial fees.

However, if you place a bet each week for four weeks in a row, then you will be entitled to a free payout. This means that the fees ar
e going to be waved.

This can be ideal if you are planning on gambling at YouWager a lot.

Top 3 Options for YouWager payouts

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Bitcoin is the fastest of the YouWager payout options. You will, of course, need to have a Bitcoin wallet to send your cash to. This is the only free withdrawal option from YouWager.

  • You will be able to get your money on the same day.
  • However, you can only withdraw between Monday and Saturday. If you withdraw on Sunday, then you will have to wait until Monday for your payout.
  • You can withdraw up to three times every seven days.
  • The minimum that you can withdraw will be $100.
  • The maximum is $2,000.

This means that if you win more than $2,000 through YouWager, then you are going to need to make multiple withdrawals. Although, this shouldn't pose much of an issue because it is free to withdraw.

If you have USD in your account, then it will be converted to Bitcoin at roughly the market rate when you withdraw.

Money Transfer

Money transfers are available only in USD. You will need to have a bank account that the cash can be paid into. There are a couple of limitations in place for a money transfer.

For example, you can only withdraw between $100 and $450. This means that if you are enjoying one of the bigger wins, then a money transfer may not be a viable option to withdraw your cash.

It can also be rather difficult to withdraw your cash too. This is because you are only allowed to make one withdrawal every seven days.

So, if you have more than $450 in your YouWager account, then it is likely going to take you several weeks for you to withdraw it.

  • This is a fast method for receiving your cash, though.
  • This is because payments will be processed the same day.
  • You will need to request the payout before 10 am Monday to Saturday, though.
  • If you request a payment on Sunday, then you will need to wait until Monday.
  • While YouWager will send out your money the same day that you request that withdrawal, you do need to bear in mind that banks can be quite slow.
  • This means that it may take a couple of extra days for the money to land in your bank account.

The fee to withdraw via money transfer will be dependent on the amount of cash that you are withdrawing. You will be told what this fee is when you withdraw. It will normally be between $20 and $50.


Check will be the slowest Youwager payouts option that you have available to you.

However, if you want to withdraw in USD and you don't have a bank account that you can hand the details over for, then a check is going to be the only option that you have available to you.

Like Bitcoin, the minimum withdrawal for YouWager payouts with a check will be $100 and the maximum is $2,000.

  • Check payouts are processed between Monday and Friday.
  • They will be processed the same day if you request your withdrawal before 10 am.
  • You will only be able to request a withdrawal 3 times every 7 days.
  • Due to the higher cost of withdrawing via check, then you will probably not want to be withdrawing this frequently.
  • It would be best to pool your cash and then have one big withdrawal every so often.

You will need to wait for 6-7 days for the check to arrive at your home, though.

There is a fixed fee for the check. You will need to pay $55.

This means that if you are withdrawing $100, then you will receive a check for $45.

As we said, it is going to be much, much better for you if you decide to withdraw larger sums of cash.


If you are looking for the fastest way to withdraw cash from your YouWager account, then it will be via Bitcoin.
This is the only fee-free method of withdrawal that YouWager offers.

You will need to have a Bitcoin wallet, though.

If your Bitcoin wallet is hosted by one of the larger Bitcoin exchanges, then you may even be able to convert the Bitcoin to your local currency the same day and withdraw it instantly to your bank account.

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