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Best Bitcoin Wallet For Sports Betting

If you are planning on gambling using Bitcoin, then it is vital that you get hold of a Bitcoin wallet.

 We know that there are some people who may be tempted to use one of the Bitcoin wallets provided by one of the various exchanges but don't. 
Many BTC exchanges actually ban gambling through them. So, if you don't own your own BTC wallet, it is pretty tough to gamble online.

On this page, we are going to look at some of the best bitcoin wallets for sports betting.

We have given you a few options here.

All of them should be compatible with our favorite sports betting sites including:

The Best Bitcoin Wallet For Sports Betting (Top 4 Choices)

Before we hop into our list of the best Bitcoin wallets, we do want to point out that we will only be discussing hot wallets.
 While hardware wallets are probably going to be the best choice for long-term, secure Bitcoin storage, they tend not to be a fantastic option for sports betting. 

This is because you are likely going to be tapping into your BTC pool quite a bit.


Blockchain.info is one of our favorite Bitcoin wallets. This is because it is one of the originals.

Blockchain.info has lead the way when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Despite being immensely popular, and often the target of hackers, Blockchain.info has stood strong.

They invest a ton of cash into the security of everybody that has a wallet with them. If you have your BTC keys stored at blockchain.info, then you can be sure that it is in the safest possible hands.

Most BTC sports gamblers will use Blockchain.info in order to get their accounts loaded up with BTC.

It is simple to use, and the various features that Blockchain.info offers will allow you to easily swap your money between your sports betting account and your BTC wallet.


You don't have a web interface with Mycelium. This is a mobile-only Bitcoin wallet.

While Mycelium can be a little bit tricky to wrap your head around initially, it is easily one of the most secure mobile wallets out there.

Although, of course, you will need to protect your phone with your life! If you lose that, then you are going to lose your Bitcoin wallet.


This is a Bitcoin wallet for sports betting that people ten to choose if they don't go for blockchain.info.

For the most part, the platform is very much the same.

This means a secure system that will ensure that your BTC wallet is properly protected.

However, Electum.org also benefits from having a mobile app.

One of the cool things about Electrum.org is that you can create a backup of your wallet for storage.

This way, you will have your BTC in cold storage, just in case you lose access to your Electrum wallet for whatever reason.


If you are looking for an absolute basic BTC wallet for sports betting, then BRD may be perfect.

There aren't a huge number of features in this mobile app.

It doesn't even store your Bitcoin in the cloud. It is an offline storage, so you don't have to worry about hackers getting in and stealing your BTC.

You just need to connect to the BRD servers when you want to transfer your cash to a sportsbook.

Want a Hardware Wallet?

We know that we said that we wouldn't be discussing hardware wallets here.

However, we do want to encourage you to check out Trezor.io.

While it is a hardware wallet, the interface for the wallet is so fantastic that it almost functions like an online storage system.

Trezor.io is one of the better-valued cold storage solutions out there.

You can pick up the hardware for not a whole lot of cash. Once you have it, you will easily be able to interface the cold wallet with your computer or mobile device.

Very handy!


If we had to choose the best Bitcoin wallet for sports betting, then we would choose www.blockchain.info.

There is a reason why this site is one of the leading BTC wallets around.

It is used by countless sports gamblers too, so you know that you can trust it.

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