YouWager Sportsbook Review

Welcome to the YouWager sportsbook review.

YouWager Sportsbook has been around for over 25 years. One of the pioneers in the online sports betting world, it is headquartered offshore and available as a sportsbook that Americans can bet with.

  • YouWager has enhanced its reputation as a reliable online sports betting option with every passing year.
  • We provide a complete review of this industry leading sportsbook below.

YouWager Sportsbook

YouWager Sportsbook Review

YouWager was originally licensed in 1996. Back then, they were known as the First Fidelity Deposit Trust. As the name suggests, they invoked feelings of trust and solidity, a trait that has followed them over two and a half decades.

YouWager is headquartered in San Juan, Costa Rica. (See our post on the biggest offshore sportsbook in Costa Rica). They accepted their first online bet in 1999, so they have been a trusted name in the online betting business for 22 years now.

For about 20 years, YouWager primarily catered to the American betting audience. In July of 2019, YouWager began to cover a host of international sports – primarily focused on soccer, but then branching into cricket, tennis and other popular global sports.

In the process, they also moved their primary web domain from to These days, if you click on, you will be redirected to the new domain.

The current avatar of YouWager covers more sports, offers more betting games along with a great mobile experience. They also focus more on live betting, which makes it all the more attractive to punters everywhere.

How Do You Rate a Sportsbook?

To rate a sportsbook, do your online research. Go onto the site, look at the layout and how difficult or easy it is to find information. Additionally, look for these features:

  • Reputation, Longevity and Reliability – Legit sportsbooks will typically not have a lot of bad press, negative reviews or legal actions/sanctions against them.
  • Technology and Site Design – The sites should be well designed for ease of navigation and the technology should enable fast deposits, wagers and withdrawals. The best sportsbooks are multi-platform, so they can be accessed on desktop, tablet or mobile devices (via apps usually).
  • Banking – The best online betting sites make banking simple, allowing you to transact through wire, ACH, credit cards, Bitcoin and other means. Also, there should be high balance requirements for withdrawals. Take a look at our post detailing the fastest options for your Youwager payouts.
  • Betting Games, including Live Betting, and Lines Offered – Good sportsbooks are also defined by the betting lines they offer.
  • Bonuses and Offers – Check for bonuses, free bets, risk free bets and special offers.
  • Customer Service – Great customer service is an absolute must, both for assistance and for occasional dispute resolution if the need arises. The keys are accessibility and efficiency.

YouWager Lines

YouWagers odds tend to be slightly more competitive on American sports compared to the odds they offer on European sporting events, and their vigs are not as low as some of the smaller or less reputed sportsbooks on the market.

To rate YouWager’s betting lines, you should make a like-to-like comparison as befits an industry leader. On the whole, we can report that their odds are at par with, or better than, with each of their major competitors as we discuss below.

How Do YouWager’s Lines Compare with Bovada?

Bovada is one of the few online betting sites that can consistently compete with YouWager. Like YouWager, Bovada does not release odds super early. Their lines are generally competitive – they are known for better odds on moneyline and futures bets than the average, as also for certain sports such as MLB>

In general, YouWager stacks up well with Bovada in terms of quality of betting lines.

How Do YouWager’s Lines Compare with MyBookie?

MyBookie is not really in the same class as the YouWager overall, being a middle of the pack (though not blacklisted) sportsbook. Their lines feature standard 10% vigs (occasionally lower) and YouWager competes at or better than par with them.

YouWager Customer Service

The customer service at YouWager is one of the very best in the business, as is reflected by the fact that they have flourished for over two decades as a market leader among offshore sportsbooks. Some of the features include:

  • A 24-hour, 365 days a year customer support service is available.
  • YouWager has established a reputation for having knowledgeable representatives on the line, which means that there is a very high probability that your issues get resolved on the first call itself – without the need for being sent around to multiple reps and managers while they try to figure out how to reach resolution.
  • The above trait is heightened due to the fact that YouWager sets up their customers with dedicated email accounts for marketing, customer service, credit card, casino or poker related issues. Using this route ensures that you will reach someone who is knowledgeable in resolving the problem you are facing.
  • Conclusive and fair dispute resolution is a key factor when choosing YouWager.

All in all, customer service with YouWager is a big plus.

YouWager Sportsbook Payouts

The sportsbook is reputed in the industry for fast payouts. This is a key feature that should be considered when choosing an online betting site and YouWager checks all the boxes.

There are many means of payout, including:

  • You can withdraw between $50-$15,000 in cryptocurrency, an option that can be availed of when you make your initial deposit in cryptocurrency as well.
  • You can get bank wire payments between the limits of $5,000 and $10,000 or E-check payments between the limits of $100 and $3,000.
  • Moneygram (between $100 to $450) and Ria (between $100 to $500) are also options as person-to-person payment methods.

Cryptocurrency transfers are free of charge. Other methods of withdrawal will have certain (normal) fees associated with them.

The types of payments available do vary from time to time, so check before you ask for a withdrawal.

YouWager Sportsbook Bonus and Free Bet Offers

YouWager offers excellent deposit and ongoing bonuses, along with risk free bets and special offers. As an example:

  • An initial deposit of $100-$1000 will get you a bonus of 50% with a 10x rollover.
  • Beyond that, reload bonuses of 20% are offered on subsequent deposits of $100-2000 with a 4.5x rollover.
  • Each of the above bonuses is not cash, but free play based.

YouWagers also offers CashBack bonuses:

  • 15% back on losses if you deposit $500 or more.
  • 25% back on losses if you deposit $1000 or more.

There are excellent casino bonuses as well. For example, slot players will receive:

  • A 200% welcome bonus on initial (new player) deposits between $100-$1000.
  • A matching (100%) bonus for fresh deposits between $100-$500 by existing players.

The above are samples and are subject to change. Additionally, special event offers vary.

The bottom line is that YouWager is reputed within the industry for having outstanding bonus offers for its players.

Is YouWager Sportsbook Legit?

YouWager is one of the oldest active sportsbooks, having conducted business for 22 years at this point. Over this time, they have enhanced their reputation as one of the best and most trusted sportsbooks, with a wide array of betting options over most major sports – both in the US and globally.

YouWager holds a gaming license in Costa Rica which allows them to accept wagers from anywhere in the world including North America and Europe. They are overseen and audited as necessary by the Costa Rican Commerce Industry Ministry.

So, YouWager is totally legit. When you go with YouWager, you know that you will get the type of attention and respect that any better deserves. After all, it’s your own money that you will be putting up, and you are a valued customer.

YouWager will meet your expectations for sure. It is safe and secure.

Pros and Cons of YouWager Sportsbook

As you would expect, the pros greatly outweigh the cons for an industry leader like YouWager:


  • Well laid out and easily navigable website – YouWager is reputed for having one of the very best Player Prop experiences in the industry
  • High speed of transactions
  • Great mobile experience
  • Betting lines that are competitive with their peers
  • Excellent coverage in terms of different sports and events
  • Great live betting options and offers
  • Great banking options – YouWager accepts many modes of transfer, along with both USD and half a dozen cryptocurrencies
  • Fast payouts
  • Good bonuses (both welcome and ongoing), cashback schemes to protect your wallet from big losses and casino offers
  • Excellent and dedicated customer service


  • YouWager does not offer long-term loyalty programs at the current time.
  • Prior to 2019, YouWager was sometimes criticized for not having a wide array of betting options. This has expanded since then, especially in the live betting arena.
  • YouWager bonuses are focused on (and often exclusively available to) US based players, but this is not a drawback if you are in fact betting from the US.

Our Verdict

If you live in the US and wish to place a wager, you cannot go wrong with the YouWager sportsbook. They know what they are doing and will do their level best to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Their many bonuses and cashbacks are crucial in terms of protecting your pocketbook as well.

To put it succinctly, there is a good reason why the YouWager sportsbook consistently receives an “A” rating from multiple reputed industry publictions.

YouWager clearly wants their customers to feel satisfied and stick around. Check them out so you can enjoy the benefits as well.

YouWager Sportsbook review

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