NBA 2nd half lines & How they work

How often does the favorite win in NBA

In this article, we’ll explore NBA second half lines, how they work, and the different variations that exist online. You’ll also learn about the best betting sites where you can find NBA 2nd half lines.

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Keep reading to familiarize yourself with NBA 2nd half money lines, overtime bets, and more before you start betting.

How do 2nd half NBA lines work?

NBA 2nd half lines betting

Basketball and money

Some punters believe that NBA 2nd half lines are the most straightforward bets you can make following the first half. This is because game lines in sports betting are in fact “straight” wagers.

This means that they have to do with an outcome (i.e. who is winning or who won).

In NBA games, second half lines are bets on which team will score more points in the second half. You place this bet during halftime and before the 2nd half begins (unless you are tapping into live wagering).

Lines are a type of bet set on an odds line, where the odds are generally set by the sportsbook.

Depending on whether you bet on an “underdog” or “favorite” team, your potential payout differs.

You can win more money if you correctly bet on an underdog. However, the odds are better when you bet on a favorite.

Types of NBA second half lines

Most sports betting sites offer the typical NBA 2nd half line, which is a “money line”.

However, some will also offer other types of lines for the second half of a game. These may include bets that account for overtime, over/under scores, and point spreads.

To win second half bet meaning

When you see an NBA bet labeled “to win”, this is referring to a money line.

Specifically, it’s a money line bet for the 2nd half of the NBA game only. It’s exactly as its name suggests – a bet on the team you think will win the half.

NBA 2nd half over/under lines

Another type of straight wager or “line” you’ll see for NBA game halves is the over/under bet. It’s also referred to as a “total” bet.

The sportsbook or oddsmakers will set up odds lines for the 2nd half.

This odds line doesn’t feature a favorite and underdog team since you aren’t betting on which team will win.

However, the total line does come with a predicted “total”. This is a prediction of the combined total points of both teams at the end of the second half.

Now, bettors don’t have to correctly guess the exact total number with this bet.

You simply have to guess whether the actual total will end up being over or under the predicted total. This NBA second half line is a good option for bettors who are keen on stats.

NBA second half spread lines

Spreads are the third kind of half line you’ll find at betting sites. These odds-based bets are when you wager on a point spread for the second half. Sometimes, these bets are also called “against the spread” or “ATS” bets.

It’s quite similar to a money line, but there is a point spread involved, which is a small range.

You will have a favorite and underdog team set by the oddsmakers. So, this means that you have a higher potential payout if you bet on the underdog and win.

Example: the Boston Celtics are set at -4 (favorite) and the Brooklyn Nets are set at +4 (underdog). This +/-4 point spread means that you have two betting options:

  • Bet on the Celtics, and if they win the 2nd half by at least 4 points, you win.
  • Bet on the Nets, and if they lose the 2nd half by less than 4 points OR simply win the game, you win.

Does a 2nd half bet include overtime?

Depending on the betting app you’re using, the answer varies. Most sportsbooks do include overtime in 2nd half lines for NBA games.

Whether you’re betting on second half money lines, totals, or spreads, the points involved often include those scored during overtime.

Most commonly, if overtime points aren’t included in 2nd half bets, the sportsbook will label the bet as “OT excluded”.

What is live wagering on NBA 2nd half lines?

And finally, some betting sites also offer live wagering opportunities for NBA game halves.

This is when you place wagers on the 2nd half of the game as it's occurring.

Best places to find NBA 2nd half lines

When it comes to offshore sportsbooks, your odds are going to vary depending on the site.

You want to establish accounts with sportsbooks that offer the most competitive odds for NBA betting.

This is why you should consider the following NBA betting sites and their NBA 2nd half lines.


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MyBookie has an entire page dedicated to NBA betting odds for both Eastern and Western Division teams. At MyBookie, 2nd half line bets include overtime points and outcomes. The site also features plenty of bonuses, promos, and contests related to NBA betting.


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Bovada is a trusted online, offshore gambling site featuring plenty of NBA 2nd half betting opportunities. Players can access industry-leading lines, like NBA totals, money lines, and spreads. Bovada also features live wagering, Bitcoin sports betting promotions, as well as referral offers and sports welcome bonuses. Bovada is a good choice if you’re looking for player rewards.


Xbet Casino Bonus Xbet Casino Bonus
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Xbet’s interface is well-mapped and makes it easy to shop for your favorite NBA odds. You can bet on various NBA events, such as regular-season games, the Championship, and Playoffs. Second half lines at Xbet include overtime points and outcomes. Furthermore, there are different types of line bets, including point spreads, totals, and traditional money lines.

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One big attraction of is the match deposit bonus you get upon joining and betting on the NBA. At this sportsbook, you get fast payouts, industry-best bonuses, high betting limits, and quick access to updated odds. As for NBA second half lines, BetOnline typically includes overtime in wagers.

Final Thoughts

Head to Xbet,, MyBookie, or Bovada to access the best NBA 2nd half lines offshore.

These online sportsbooks give you access to halftime point spreads, over/under wagers, and money lines for NBA games.

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