What are the best ways to bet on Tennis?

best ways to bet on Tennis

Although it may not be considered a mainstream sport in the United States, tennis is wildly popular among bettors worldwide. Tennis as a sport can earn sports bettors some juicy profits if they know how to bet on Tennis smartly.

First, the tennis calendar is typically set up in a way that there are matches being played almost daily. What's more, another fantastic thing about tennis betting is that you can find a lot of data and metrics available online made public by the sport's governing bodies.

Now, whether you are an experienced bettor at tennis or you are brand new to the courts, there's a lot of money you can make out of tennis betting.

This article is a guide that will walk you through the world of tennis betting from start to finish. You'll find out the top strategies used by pros to make the best picks.

Let's begin!

Most popular Tennis betting Strategies

Contrary to what you may imagine, especially if you are a novice tennis bettor, there are more aspects of a tennis match or tournament that you can bet on, besides just the winner of the game.

Tennis betting brings a lot of flexibility to the table for bettors. And, the good news is that you are allowed to bet on every one of your predictions, meaning that you may be able to squeeze out every bit of profit from your predictions.

However, especially when you are a beginner in the world of betting, keep in mind that even if there are many different types of bets available, you don't necessarily need to bet them all.

In fact, even if you only feel comfortable with betting on match winners, that's absolutely fine.

Yet, we are going to share with you the most famous tennis betting strategies that pros used so that you'll be empowered to take your bets to the next level.

Outright winner bets

This is the most common and simplest bet available in tennis betting.

The outright winner bet is also known as “to win bet.” So, in other words, if you think that your favorite tennis player is going to win the next tournament or match, you can place your bet on him with an outright winner bet.

Now, all tennis players will almost pay out better than even money. So, if you, let's say, bet $100 that Nadal will win the match, you'll get at least $100 in profit if your prediction is right. Typically, the heavier the player you bet on is, the less money you will get if your prediction was correct.

Match betting

Match betting is pretty similar to the outright winner bet type. However, the difference between these two types is that when you are making a match bet, instead of making predictions on who will win the entire tournament, you predict who will win an individual match.

Now, with match betting, based on the level of favorite or underdog the player you pick is, the payout odds will differ. The favorite typically pays out less than even money, while the underdog usually pays out better than even money like it is for outright winner bets.

Handicap betting

If you want to bet on a specific player, although you think that they might lose, you should go for the handicap betting type. In other words, what you will be betting on is that the player will perform better than expected but will still lose at the end of the match.

This type of betting aims to spot a number of games to the underdog to give them a fair playing field. And the player who performs better on the court than their expectations they will be the winning bet.

Now, it's essential to keep in mind that the handicap bet type is entirely independent of the match results. In other words, the winner of the match isn't relevant here, but only the games won matter.

Let's explain how handicap betting works to make sure that you understand.

Let's say that Player A has -2.5 while Player B has +2.5.

This means that Player A is the favorite in the individual match.

So, if the win by 2.5 games, Player B will lose by 2.5 games. No matter who you have placed your bet on, as long as the player outperforms the prediction, you will win the bet.

Over/under betting

This type of bet refers to how many sets the match will take to end. So, you don't have to make any prediction on the winner of the match but only the game's duration.

For example, in a three-match format, you can bet on either over or under 2.5 sets.

In other words, you bet either on the fact that the match will end in straight sets, choosing the under 2.5 sets option, or that the game will take three sets by selecting the over 2.5 sets option.

Exact score betting

The exact score betting type is perfect for absolute tennis wizards or for those who like to make some higher variance bets. This type of betting allows bettors to try and predict the exact score of each set of the match or the precise number of sets won by each player.

Now, compared to the other types of bets, this one can be pretty challenging and takes intensive tennis knowledge to give the exact correct predictions. However, as you may imagine, if you nail one of these bets, you can win a significant amount of money.

Prop bets

As the name suggests, prop bets basically means that you bet either for or against certain proposes made by the sportsbook. So, you basically bet on whether or not you think the scenario proposed will happen.

Our advice is to start small and test each of these tennis betting strategies before you start betting to the next level. See which bet type is more comfortable for you and start making money while watching your favorite sport.

Where to bet on Tennis

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