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Belmont Stakes Prop Bets

2020 Belmont Stakes prop bets for 152nd running of the horse race on 20 June. You can find our recommendation at the end of this article.

  • Will the Belmont Stakes winner lead Wire To Wire?
  • Will the Belmont winner be wearing Blinkers?
  • Number of words in the name of the Belmont Winner
  • We have used Prop Odds for this article.

On Saturday 20th June, America’s finest three-year-old thoroughbreds return to Long Island to compete in the 152nd Belmont Stakes at Belmont Park.

This year (due to rescheduling) it’s the first leg of the American Triple Crown, with the Preakness and Kentucky Derby taking place in September and October.

There have been a few adjustments to the race, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  1. Firstly, it will be behind closed doors, so, unfortunately, no fans will be able to cheer on their runners and riders on the day.
  2. The length of the race has been cut down from 12 furlongs to nine furlongs, making it faster and arguable more competitive.
  3. Finally, and most importantly for those involved, the purse has been cut by a third from $1.5m to $1m.

Despite the reduction in prize money, the chance to claim the first leg of the Triple Crown is a worthy prize.

The current favourite is Tiz The Law, a short price at (+100), who is fancied following his performance in the Grade 1 Curlin Florida Derby back in March.

Manuel Franco led him over the line four lengths clear of Shivaree in the 1m1f contest, claiming a whopping $336k in prize money.

What’s more interesting is that only six horses have won both the Florida Derby and the Belmont Stakes since 2000.

Belmont Stakes Prop Bets

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Ok, so you can’t attend the Belmont Stakes this year. Bummer. But, there are plenty of ways to make your viewing experience more exciting.

One of those ways is placing a Prop Bet on the race.

A Prop Bet is short for ‘Proposition Bet’ and is quite simply a wager on any given outcome, most often a ‘yes or no’ outcome.

Two common types of Prop Bets are skilled bets and entertainment bets.

As you would expect, you can use your own analysis and knowledge to place a skilled prop bet as the outcomes are often influenced by tactics and strategy of horses, trainers and jockeys.

Entertainment Prop Bets, on the other hand, are often just a bit of fun.

In this article, you’ll find a guide the most entertaining and profitable prop bets available on Mybookie sportsbook

Best Prop Bets

Winning horse’s name starts with letter

Like many horse racing prop bets, at first glance, this seems totally random.

How can you predict the first letter of the winning horse?.

There is zero correlation between the horse’s name and it’s ability to run the course well.

However, on closer inspection, this is a percentage play. The two options are either A-I or J-Z, both priced at -115.

Looking at the current field for the Belmont Stakes, ten out of the fourteen runners’ name starts with a letter in ‘J-Z’, including favourite Tiz The Law, so that would be the value play.

However, 2nd-favourite Dr Post (+800) and Gouverneur Morris (+1400) carry some weight and could upset the book.

Will the Belmont Stakes winner lead Wire To Wire?

This could be another shrewd play opportunity, with ‘Yes’ priced at +400 and ‘No’ priced at -750.

Of course, No is the likelier outcome, but there are a few factors in play that could play into bettor’s hands.

  1. Firstly, Tiz The Law being a short-priced favourite means he is expected to dominate.
  2. And the shortening of the race to nine furlongs means there is less of an opportunity for horses to changes positions throughout the race.

Number of words in the name of the Belmont Winner

Here, you have the choice between one word (+105), two words (+175) and three words (+300).

Again, seems like a random one?.

Let’s look at the field and start with the name that everyone is talking about; Tiz The Law.

He’s a short-priced favourite but, he’s the only horse in the field with three letters in the name.

The smart play here might be to cover more ground with two words, ensuring a nice payout should Dr Post (+800), Mischievous Alex (+1000), Gouverneur Morris (+1400) or a number of other horses win.

Will the Belmont winner be wearing Blinkers?

This is a clear strategy play and will take research.

Which horses have worn blinkers before?.

Which trainers have a propensity to go to blinkers when required in big races?.

A yes or no choice, Yes will get you +550, while No will get you -950.

Belmont Stakes Prop Bets Writers’ tips

Along with my straight bets, I’ll definitely be looking to add the cherry on top and boost my profits by enjoying a few small Prop bets.

There are a few value plays, but my money is going on Winner’s name to begin with a letter J-Z.

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