Find the Best MMA betting sites (with Top Sports bet Bonuses)

MMA betting

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MMA betting is an exciting part of the world of online gambling platforms. There are now sites offering the best of the best when it comes to odds and markets, and players can make straight bets, parlays, futures, props, and even live in-game bets.

To better understand how betting on MMA fights works, we’ve created this guide full of tips and tricks, as well as insights into the best places to take your bankroll. 

Keep reading as we explore online UFC betting, the top sites (including BetOnline), the best way to bet, and more! Stick around to the end, where we will answer frequently asked questions.

Online MMA Betting

Online MMA betting allows sports bettors to take their wagers to online platforms, where you can browse the best odds, opportunities, and exclusive online bonuses and promotions.


The bonuses and promotions offered when you bet on MMA fights online are special offers that you don’t get at brick-and-mortar establishments. These sometimes involve sign-up deposit bonuses when you first join an MMA betting site. But they can also include regular or weekly promotions for free bets, parlay insurance, and other offers.

If you find a decent online sportsbook, they may even feature VIP or Loyalty Club programs, where you can get rewarded even more for your wagers.

Markets and Odds

The key component of online MMA betting is the wagering, and to understand that, you need to know the markets and odds. Different online platforms will have different odds, which are set by their own bookmakers.

When it comes to markets, we’re talking about the types of wagers you can make, which include the following for MMA fights:

  • Live wagering – bet on a fight while it’s still happening (great when accompanied by live streaming)
  • Winning method – this type of bet is specific to fighting bets and it’s set on an odds line (you just have to whether the fight will be won with a knockout, submission, or judge decision)
  • Futures – also known as outrights, these are bets on the future outcomes of culminating events like championships
  • Props – bets on circumstantial things like the number of minutes that the fight will last, which round will be the winning round, etc.
  • Parlays – a high-stakes bet where you have to correctly predict the outcomes of multiple fights
  • Money lines – a straight wager on an odds line, you must predict the winning fighter
  • Totals – an over/under bet on the number of rounds you think the fight will last for


The features at online MMA betting platforms range from virtual customer support to virtual bet slips, mobile betting, live streaming, updates, and more. You also get access to online banking for your wagers, which includes options like cards, e-wallets, prepaids, and more.

And if you’re worried about the reliability of betting on MMA fights online, consider the fact that most sportsbooks follow responsible gaming practices and use secure encryption on their websites.

MMA Betting Sites

When it comes to MMA betting sites specifically, there are a few things that you want to look for to ensure you’re getting the best MMA betting experience out there. There are some key questions you can ask yourself before landing on your sportsbook choice, including the following:

  • Does the site feature a wide variety of MMA betting markets?
  • Does the site feature special promotions and other offers for fights?
  • Does the site’s bookmaker provide good odds and low vigorish?
  • Are there opportunities to place futures bets as well as special prop bets?

Furthermore, it’s important that the betting site you choose for MMA betting meets your financial needs. For example, if you intend to fund all of your online betting solely with e-wallets, then the site needs to have a cashier featuring e-wallet deposits and withdrawals. You also want to check that there aren’t tons of fees and restrictions when it comes to your desired payment method.

And of course, it’s super important to thoroughly browse a platform’s MMA selection to see if you like the kinds of markets offered. If the site is heavy on total rounds bets, but you’re more interested in parlays, then you should find a site that features more parlay opportunities.

Best MMA Betting Site – BetOnline

BetOnline MMA betting site

After thorough research of the hottest sports betting sites out there right now, we found one that offers the best opportunities to MMA bettors. BetOnline has a great range of prop bets – more than you’ll find at other bookmakers. This gives BetOnline a serious edge over its competitor sites.

Some of our favorite features and benefits to avail of at BetOnline sportsbook for MMA bettors include the following:

  • Early listed lines
  • UFC fight odds
  • 48-hour payouts of winnings
  • Highest credit card acceptance rate industry-wide
  • Best industry-wide deposit bonuses
  • Live betting free play opportunities
  • High bet limits
  • Re-bet functionality
  • Wide variety of payment options including card, crypto, and more
  • Live chat customer support

At this sportsbook, players can even access crypto betting and crypto exclusive bonus offers for more rewards. And the MMA betting opportunities are extensive, including tons of MMA props and UFC bets for fights around the world.

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Other Great MMA Betting Sites

Aside from BetOnline, though, there are plenty of other valid options for MMA bettors. There are some great online sportsbooks that feature UFC fights with good bonus offers and even better features. Take a look at some of their markets and features as we highlight them below.


MMA betting at BetNow

BetNow sportsbook is an offshore betting site where MMA bettors can wager on a variety of UFC fights. The site also features a section dedicated to UFC props, and players can avail of a 150% sign up bonus, referral bonus, and loyalty program.

This is a secure, 24/7 bookmaker with mobile wagering, live wagering, and 24/7 toll-free customer support offerings.

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We also like for its impressive selection of UFC props, rounds betting, outcome betting, and method of victory bets. And, it also boasts of its signature “lightning fast payouts” on MMA bets.

Here, MMA bettors can avail of mobile betting, in-game betting, a 100% bonus, crypto features, and much more. You can even use useful online betting features such as the virtual bet slip for tracking wagers.

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BetUS MMA betting site

This bookmaker has nearly 30 years of industry experience, and we like that you can also get boosted bonus offers just for wagering with cryptocurrencies there. MMA bettors get to take part in tons of live and traditional bets, ranging from prop bets to the ever-popular UFC Fight Night Specials.

With a huge referral bonus and secure payment methods, this one is high on our list.

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Bovada Sports

Bovada Sports MMA betting

Bovada rewards its bettors right out of the gate, starting with a welcome bonus worth hundreds of dollars. UFC bettors have a lot options, such as fight lines and futures, all of which you can track with the site’s useful bet slip.

Bovada is also Bitcoin-compatible, and the self-exclusion features allow sports bettors to manage their bankrolls with confidence and peace of mind.

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BUSR MMA betting site

BUSR is another ideal online sportsbook for MMA bettors to join. The markets range from UFC lines to wagers on upcoming UFC fights. The site accepts both cryptocurrency payments and traditional credit card payments.

And you can rely on this site, as it promotes responsible gaming practices and features both live chat support and a help phone line.



MyBookie MMA betting site

We also like MyBookie sportsbook for its decent selection of lines to bet on UFC fights. You also have the opportunity to wager on rounds and much more.

Live betting is another exciting facet of MyBookie, along with the VIP program, referral bonus offers, and initial deposit sports bonus offer. And last of all, we really enjoy the layout of the MyBookie interface, which is easy to navigate, even for beginner online MMA bettors.

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One of the most exciting features of this sportsbook is that you can mobile wager on MMA events. There is also live betting to take part in, and MMA bettors can wager on plenty of markets.

The site also features convenient customer support phone lines for various types of inquiries. And if you’re looking for rewards, the promotions and welcome bonuses at Wagerweb are great!

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Xbet MMA betting site

Xbet is becoming increasingly popular in the online gambling world. The platform is extensive, and MMA bettors can enjoy a huge selection of money lines and totals opportunities. There’s also a decent selection of prop bets on the fights that are featured there.

Live betting, live chat support, odds display preferences, and deposit sports bonus offers are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Xbet benefits and features.

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GTBets MMA betting site

GTBets has rewards right off the bat, with a 150% deposit bonus when you first join. The sportsbook features lots of UFC betting markets, including live opportunities.

While money lines are the primary option for MMA bettors, you also have the chance to bet totals and a few others. With its virtual bet slip, easy to use interface, and secure site setup, GTBets is a great choice for MMA bettors.

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Sportsbetting MMA betting site

Last but not least, we recommend Sportsbetting for its great selection of MMA markets, including props. Bet on aspects of fights, such as the fighter to win inside distance, method and round, method of victory, and more.

Sportsbetting has an extensive cashier for deposits and withdrawals of various methods, as well as live chat and phone support that you can access 24/7 as a member.

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What is the best way to bet on MMA?

The best way to bet on MMA fights depends on what your goals are. For example, if you wish to find the easiest type of bet, you should go with something more simplistic, such as a straight money line. Money lines are outcome-based where you just need to pick a fighter who you think will win.

But if you’re looking for the most interesting or most fun bets in MMA fighting, you might turn to prop betting. Prop betting (specials) is when you bet on things that may or may not occur within a fight, like method of victory, winning round, and others.

All in all, there are different betting strategies suited to different types of MMA bettors. To find the one that’s best for you, you’ll need to practice and spend some time getting used to the markets.


MMA betting is one of the most exciting forms of online sports betting out there. UFC bettors can wager prop bets, futures, money lines, rounds bets, and so many more. Some of the best places to take your MMA wagers include BetOnline, BetUS, and Xbet, among others.

When choosing an MMA betting site, be sure to seek out the benefits and features that are most important to you.


Can MMA fighters bet on themselves?

MMA is a rare sport where the contestants are actually allowed to legally bet on themselves and win money from that.

The catch is that they cannot bet against themselves (or for the opponent).

But in order for a fighter to bet on his or her self, they need to follow all MMA rules and abstain from threatening the UFC.

Will MMA overtake boxing?

MMA (mixed martial arts) is an extremely popular form of fighting, and many people believe that it is on an upward trend to one day eventually become more popular than boxing.

Currently, though, boxing is technically higher in the ranks still.

Is plus or minus the underdog in MMA?

In UFC betting, the underdog team is labeled with a plus sign (+) in front of the team name.

This label is used for match line odds, and underdog indicates a bet that could reap more earnings if your bet is a winner.

How often do underdogs win in MMA?

Typically, in mixed martial arts betting, the underdog teams only win between 15-30% of the time.

This means that while the potential earnings are higher, it’s less likely for your underdog wager to be a winning one than it is for a favorite wager to be a winner.