Enter the Ring: $10K UFC 300 Props Predictor Challenge at BetOnline!

UFC 300 Props Predictor Challenge at BetOnline

As UFC 300 approaches, bringing with it the unmatched thrill of elite mixed martial arts competition, BetOnline sportsbook raises the stakes for fans and bettors alike with a groundbreaking opportunity. Introducing the $10,000 UFC 300 Props Predictor, a contest that transforms your fight insights into a shot at a significant cash prize.

Whether you're a seasoned MMA analyst or a passionate UFC enthusiast, this challenge offers a unique way to engage with UFC 300, rewarding your predictive prowess with cash prizes totaling $10,000.

Enter Contest HERE!Enter Contest HERE!

Here’s how you can step into the virtual ring and compete for the top prize of $500, among other cash rewards.

How to Participate in the $10K Props Predictor

The road to victory in the $10,000 UFC 300 Props Predictor is paved with your knowledge of the fighters, strategies, and potential outcomes of the night. Follow these steps to throw your hat in the ring:

Step 1: Register Your Picks

  • Login to Your Account: Ensure you’re logged into your BetOnline account. Your gateway to the contest begins here.
  • Make Your Picks: Navigate to the “Enter Promo Code” section, claim the promo code MB15RLD10CASH, and make your selections for each of the 16 questions listed, plus the tie-breaker.

Step 2: Keep Your Options Open

  • Flexibility: Submitted your picks but had a change of heart? No worries. You can change your answers anytime up until the registration deadline on Saturday, April 13th, 2024, at 8:00 pm ET.

Step 3: Qualify for Prizes

  • Bet on UFC 300: To qualify for the prizes, you must wager $25 or more in real money on UFC 300, whether through a single bet or a combination of wagers. Note that only straight wagers qualify.

Enter Contest HERE!Enter Contest HERE!

Understanding the Rules and Prizes

Tournament Rules

  • The contest runs up to 8:00 pm ET on the day of UFC 300, providing ample time for late predictions.
  • Points are earned based on correct answers, with adjustments made for any fight card changes.
  • The leaderboard will reflect the most astute predictors, with 150 winners splitting the $10,000 prize pool.

Prize Distribution

  • Prizes range from $500 for first place down to $10 for those ranking up to 500th, ensuring a wide distribution of winnings.
  • In the event of a tie, the tie-breaker question will determine the final standings. Should ties persist, winnings will be split appropriately among the winners.

Prize Collection

  • Winners can expect their cash prizes, free of rollover requirements, to be credited by 6:00 pm ET on Wednesday, April 17th, 2024.

Why Join BetOnline’s UFC 300 Props Predictor?

Expertise Pays Off

Leverage your knowledge of UFC to predict outcomes and earn points. Each correct answer brings you closer to the top prize, making every fight and every round matter more.

Engaging and Rewarding

The Props Predictor challenge adds an extra layer of engagement to UFC 300, turning each fight into a puzzle piece of your potential victory.

Wide Prize Pool

With a generous distribution of cash prizes, your chances of winning extend beyond the top ranks, rewarding a broader spectrum of participants.


BetOnline's $10,000 UFC 300 Props Predictor is more than just a betting opportunity; it's a call to all UFC enthusiasts to test their insights and intuition against fellow fans. With a substantial prize pool, flexible participation rules, and a straightforward path to claiming winnings, this contest stands out as a highlight of the UFC 300 festivities.

Don't just watch the fights unfold; step into the BetOnline ring, make your predictions, and seize the chance to win big as the MMA world converges for UFC 300.

Enter Contest HERE!Enter Contest HERE!

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