Experience the Thrill of Sports Betting with the YouWager App – A Comprehensive Review!

YouWager is not necessarily at the forefront of people's minds when you say, ‘Name a great sports betting website.'

But, you know what? It should be.

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While YouWager isn't running glitzy adverts or sponsoring soccer kits, they are offering something much better: a quality gambling experience coupled with competitive betting odds.

If you are looking for a new place to gamble, stick the YouWager app at the top of your list of online bookmakers.

You have found it.

Let's tell you all about it in this YouWager app review.

Features of the YouWager App Sportsbook

YouWager Sportsbook Features

Let's kick off with the features. Right away, we want to point out that the YouWager sportsbook doesn't go as all-in on the feature front as many other sportsbooks.

However, there is a reason for this. YouWager believes that by keeping their site features to the minimum, they can offer a better gambling experience for their customers.

This means much, much better betting odds.

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YouWager Live Betting

While the YouWager app doesn't have the most extensive live betting system on the gambling platforms, it is one of the smoothest.

Some of the more competitive gambling odds too.

If you spend a considerable amount of time gambling on significant events, particularly when you are sitting in front of the TV, then we reckon that the YouWager app is going to be right up your street.

Whenever we gamble on live sports, 80% of our time is with the YouWager app opened up on our phones.

It is just that good.

Betting Odds

We have read a few YouWager app reviews. We do this whenever we write our own reviews because we want to see what other people have thought about a website.

We can believe a site is the best in the world, but another reviewer could find it woeful.

We are pleased to tell you that everybody agrees with us; the betting odds at YouWager are fantastic.

One of the major perks of gambling at a smaller online sportsbook is fewer overheads.

Without going too much into the business side of things, this pretty much means that the site doesn't have a whopping number of expenses each month.

The savings can be passed on to the customer. The betting odds on YouWager have less juice/vig on them.

This means less of a profit margin.

The benefit? If you win at YouWager, you have far more cash in your pocket!

This is why we spend 80% of our gambling time using YouWager. Things are so much more thrilling when you are winning more money.

Cryptocurrency Support

Like many other smaller sportsbooks, YouWager focuses (mainly) on cryptocurrency support. This means gambling with Bitcoin and other Altcoins.

We will talk more about banking options in a short while.

Mobile Support

Technically, YouWager doesn't have an app, at least for Apple devices.

It has an app for Android, but you won't find it on the Google Play store (lots of gambling companies don't have apps there).

However, this hasn't stopped YouWager from offering extensive mobile support.

Unlike other sites, you won't need to download an app to get the mobile experience.

YouWager's website works well on your mobile browser. It adapts to the size of your screen.

Honestly, YouWager has one of the best mobile sites we have ever seen. At times, it really feels like you are gambling with an actual mobile app. It is just that good.

YouWager App Bonuses

YouWager Sportsbook review
100% Bonus up to $1,000
5 / 5

100% Bonus up to $1,000

YouWager sportsbook review - US players welcome and a choice of great bonuses including Bitcoin deposits. It's one of the longest tenured sportsbooks and also one of the best ... read on!

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18+T&C's apply
EXPIRES 10/23 AT 11:59:59PM EST. 1 TIME OFFER. Deposits from $100 to $1,000. Deposit methods: Banks, Cash Money Transfer, Credit Cards, Crypto Currencies, EWalletCards, Zelle. 10X rollover & 30 days. No profits until the requirements are completed.

Like most online sportsbooks, YouWager shakes up their bonuses regularly.

So, head on over to the YouWager website if you want to check out the current bonuses. Some always seem to stick around, though.

Welcome Bonus

This is for all the new players at YouWager.

If you deposit a minimum of $100 into your account (and a maximum of $1,000), your first deposit will be matched 50%. This means you can get free cash to gamble with.

Depending on your deposit, this could be anything from $50 to $500.

Nothing is more thrilling than gambling with free cash.

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Reload Bonus

Regular players aren't left in the lurch either. All future deposits between $100 and $2,000 will be matched by 20%.

This may not seem like a lot in comparison to the reload bonuses offered by other sportsbooks, but the rollover requirements at YouWager are much better.

So much so that there is a considerably higher chance that you will be able to eventually withdraw anything that you have won from your free cash.

Keep topping up your account, and you will always have a reload bonus trickling in.

Net Loss Bonus

Yep. You read that right. YouWager will pay you back any losses you have made.

Well, a fraction of them. Your losses have to meet the following criteria:

  • Deposit $500
  • Play through that $500
  • That $500 must be played through in at least 12 weeks of a 6-month period.

If you do, then 15% of your losses in a 6-month period will be paid to you at the end of that period. This means you can take advantage of this bonus twice per year.

If you play through at least $1,000 (instead of $500), then this will be extended to 25% of your losses back.

The cash will be given as free bonus cash for you to make future bets.

Bad Beat Bonus

This is a bonus that we tend not to play about with too much. This is because it requires way too much effort to make a claim.

It only applies to certain sports too.

If you are betting on point spreads in certain sports and you receive two consecutive losses by under 0.5 points, then you get your stake back on the smallest bet (maximum $250 returned) and you can use that to place further bets.

The problem is that 1) it is pretty unlikely that you will ever trigger this bonus and 2) you have to email YouWager to make your claim.

It is more hassle than it is worth.


YouWager mainly focuses on the major American sports markets e.g. NBA, NFL, NHL, etc.

However, they also dabble in major international markets too.

As long as you are not gambling on tiny international leagues, then you can probably find something to bet on using the YouWager app.

You will never find a huge number of bets available for each event.

The site tends to stick to moneylines and point spreads, but you may find the odd props available here and there.

The reason why the markets are kept to a minimum is to ensure that YouWager can continue to offer competitive betting odds.


Youwager payouts the fastest way

YouWager focuses on cryptocurrency deposits, mostly Bitcoin but a few altcoins have representation here.

If you don't fancy depositing using crypto, then major debit and credit cards are also supported.

The only major issue with YouWager is that they only allow you to withdraw using Bitcoin or an altcoin.

You can get a check in the post, but that has a ton of fees attached to it. So, unless you are gambling with crypto, then you may want to give YouWager a skip.


YouWager has CloudFlare protecting the main website. This pretty much protects the site from anybody with malicious intentions.

The CloudFlare protection can be a bit over-zealous at times (we were blocked on one occasion), but it works to the benefit of the gamblers. It means that the site doesn't have to deal with an attack that could put the platform at risk.

The site is 100% secure. It uses secure servers, and the website utilizes HTTPS protection for all of its pages.

This means that if you use YouWager (and you really should use YouWager), there is little chance of your details getting stolen.

No payments are processed on the YouWager servers, providing you with even more protection.

Basically, if you gamble here, then you are in safe hands.


The support on the YouWager app has had a bit of criticism over the years, mostly because they are not the most responsive team to talk to.

There are a couple of ways to reach out to them. This includes using the YouWager phone number, 800-YOUWAGER (968-9243), Backup: 877-778-9157, email, and live chat.

We found that live chat was probably the best way to talk to the team at YouWager.

They answered any questions quickly. It often took a bit of prompting to get them to do something that wasn't reading from the script, but it was fine.

We don't think we had an issue that they couldn't solve. Not that we have run into too many issues with the

YouWager site anyway. It does seem to be well-designed.

The one concern is that some of the YouWager support team ask for passwords. It is odd.

You don't have to give it to them, but it is very odd. We think it is just the way that their system has been set up.

Pros and Cons

Let's go through the major pros and cons of the YouWager app, shall we?


  • The good live betting interface
  • Unique betting bonuses
  • Good betting odds
  • Responsive customer support team
  • Secure website


  • Not a huge number of betting markets.
  • You can only withdraw using crypto
  • Some bonuses can be confusing.

Summary and Verdict

YouWager App Sportsbook review

There is a reason why the YouWager app has become a firm favorite among regular crypto gamblers: it is good.

It offers competitive betting odds and an easy-to-use interface. Sure, it has a couple of shortcomings, but what online betting platform doesn't?

Check out YouWager today to see why we love it so much.

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