Discover the Best Offshore Sportsbooks 2024 Reddit Recommends!

The Best Reddit Sportsbook Sites in 2021 Finding the best Reddit sportsbook sites can be challenging if you don't know what to look for. Thankfully, we've taken all the tricky work out of it by compiling a list of the top 12 best R sportsbook sites for US players this year!

Top 10 Reddit Sportsbooks for US Players

Check out the best sports betting Reddit sites below – for top bonuses and promotions.

We have listed 10 of the best offshore Reddit sportsbooks you can use immediately.

  7. YouWager
  8. Wintoro
  9. Jazz Sports
  10. Looselines

#1 MyBookie r sportsbook

MyBookie is one of the highest-ranking Reddit betting sites sites in the world. With 24/7 customer support, we can see why! The bonuses for both new and current members are incredibly generous. Not to mention that the site offers many withdrawal methods. But let's take a deeper dive into the details of this Reddit sportsbook.

MyBookie: Deposits

Alongside the standard Visa and Mastercard payment methods, this sportsbook offers Person2Person transfers, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. Amazingly, it doesn't charge fees for digital currency deposits and it will even cover the Person2Person transfer fees if the transferred amount is $300 or more. As far as deposit limits, they don't have a maximum figure. However, it's worth placing your limits so you can stop when the fun stops.

MyBookie: Payout Time

Regardless of the payout method (eCheck, Person2Person, or Bitcoin), there is a two-day processing time. But you should allow an additional 24 hours for cryptocurrencies and a week for checks/bank wires.

MyBookie: Betting Markets

This online betting Reddit site focuses on US and North American markets so that you won't find many overseas sports here. The main sports are college football and basketball, MLB, NHL, NFL, and NBA. The other sports center around golf, tennis, MMA, WNBA, and boxing.

The Pros

  • There are no charges for credit card deposits.
  • The sign-up bonus is big.
  • There are year-round promotions and bonuses.
  • The software for both desktop and mobile is amazing.
  • The complaints received when it opened have all been resolved.

The Cons

  • It is fairly new to offshore betting.
  • The bonuses come with a huge rollover.

#2 BetUS r sportsbook

BetUS was founded in 1994 in San Jose, Costa Rica. It showcases casino gaming and sports betting, so you can switch between them whenever you feel like it. The mission behind BetUS is to make recreational gambling more user-friendly and comfortable.

BetUS: Betting Markets

Unarguably, this Reddit online sports betting site is one of the biggest sites to focus on inclusivity. Not only does it offer the major sports, but it also provides access to niche betting markets. Take a look below:

  • Ice hockey
  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Cycling
  • eSports
  • Soccer
  • Horse racing
  • Politics
  • Motorsports
  • UFC and MMA
  • Volleyball
  • Golf
  • Table tennis
  • Snooker
  • Darts
  • Madden
  • Cricket

BetUS: Prop Bets

Regarding football betting — college and NFL — BetUS offers extensive prop bets to make the game even more interesting. Some of these prop bets include the following:

  • Longest field goal
  • Total touchdowns in the game
  • Total field goals scored in the game
  • Highest scoring half
  • Total field goals in the first half
  • Who calls time out first?

BetUS: Bonuses and Promotions

There are lots of bonuses available that are sure to please most gamblers. Of course, various terms and conditions are attached to each one that need to be considered beforehand.

The Pros

  • You can bet on sports, play poker, and attend the casino.
  • The payouts are fast.
  • Both the bonuses and promotions are generous.
  • There is a lot of diversity and depth in the betting features.

The Cons

  • The banking methods are limited.
  • It isn't available in all jurisdictions.

#3 Bovada r Sportsbook

While Bovada is approved for American bettors, pays winnings, and is safe to use, it's an offshore r sportsbook site. This means that it doesn't have to adhere to the standards of the American online gambling regulator. However, it's still legit, so there's no need to worry about that side!

Bovada: Live Betting

The live betting offered by Bovada is incredible. You'll almost feel like you're trading on the stock market! All the options change in real time so you can place your bets efficiently. Just keep in mind that they change in a matter of seconds. You can decide whether to add singles or multiples before confirming the transaction. This is a much-appreciated feature since it allows you to make parlays to receive larger payouts.

Bovada: Sports Betting Limits

Bovada, one of Reddit's best sports betting sites, has a minimum bet of $0.50. The maximum bet, however, changes depending on the event and sport. You can find these limits on the website, but here's an example:

Bet Type NBA NFL
Spreads $2,000 $5,000
Moneylines $1,000 $2,500
Totals $1,000 $2,500
Parlays $1,000 $2,500
Teasers $1,000 $1,000

The Pros

  • You can bet on sports, play poker, and use the casino features.
  • It accepts Bitcoin, which also comes with its bonuses.
  • It has a brilliant loyalty program.

The Cons

  • There is a 5.9% fee when you use your credit card to make deposits.
  • There are dual lines for pro bettors.

#4 BetOnline r sportsbook

BetOnline has been in the game for a long time — 20 years, to be precise. Since it opened, it has maintained a great reputation and become one of the most popular Reddit sportsbook sites. It has a very good grasp of the American betting markets and a poker and casino room to play.

BetOnline: Deposits

When it comes to deposit methods, BetOnline is perhaps the most diverse. This site will be your new best friend if you want an incredibly high withdrawal and/or deposit amount. Alongside the standard credit/debit card deposit, it accepts many cryptocurrencies, including Ripple, Ethereum, Stellar, Bitcoin, and Litecoin.

BetOnline: Bonuses

You can make use of the year-round promotions offered by BetOnline. Their standard one gives you 50% up to $1,000 as a welcome bonus to make you happy immediately. After that, however, there are plenty of others to choose from as an ongoing customer.

The Pros

  • You can start playing instantly.
  • It has one of the largest wagering limits for US bettors.
  • The betting interface and software are extremely high quality.
  • It is one of the biggest online sportsbooks.
  • It publishes the odds far earlier than other sportsbooks.

The Cons

  • Depending on your payout method, you might fall prey to hidden fees.
  • The support staff team isn't attentive.
  • Complaints have been made surrounding the poker side of things, but this was over five years ago.

#5 Xbet r sportsbook

XBet, established in August 2014, has become one of the most reliable r sportsbook options for bettors. There were some complaints in the beginning, but they have been able to overcome them and continue to improve.

Xbet: Deposits and Withdrawals

You can use traditional deposit methods (eCheck, MoneyGram, credit/debit cards, and wire transfers) and newer methods like Bitcoin. The latter is generally the preferred option thanks to the low fees. Regarding withdrawal, it comes with different fees and a waiting time of one to two weeks for wire transfers. Bitcoin gets the job done a lot faster at 48 hours.

Xbet: Betting Markets

Even though it is geared toward American bettors, you can also find many international sports. Along with the standard football and basketball, you get eSports and political betting.

The Pros

  • It has very competitive market odds when compared to other sportsbooks.
  • There are a plethora of sports to bet on.
  • The overall review rating has improved significantly recently.

The Cons

  • As far as online sportsbooks go, they are fairly new to the game.
  • The welcome bonus is smaller than most sportsbook sites.
  • The payouts are slower than the average online sportsbook.


Without a doubt, has the best reputation on the market. Its betting lines and odds are competitive and reach across all markets, allowing for a complete r sportsbook betting experience. Deposits.

The deposit methods are endless! You can do everything from regular methods to Bitcoin Cash, AMEX, Discover, Ethereum, or Dash. Betting Markets

While it does focus on North American sports, it doesn't leave worldwide markets out. You can choose from a host of American sports like football, baseball, and hockey, but you can also bet on futsal, eSports, MMA, and darts!

The Pros

  • It is one of the biggest online sportsbooks.
  • The odds are posted early for the majority of events.
  • Both professional and hobbyist bettors will enjoy the site.
  • The reload bonuses are big.
  • The sign-up bonuses are amazing.
  • The payouts are speedy.

The Cons

  • The support staff team isn't good. They have received many complaints.
  • The night limits are too low.
  • Poker players had a lot of issues with this site in the beginning. However, the management team has changed, and no more complaints have been made.

The Best Reddit Betting Sites: The Bottom Line

Regardless of the Reddit sports betting site you choose, you're bound to have a great time! Always play responsibly. Check out the Reddit r sportsbook: the sports betting subreddit thread, too – for all discussions relating to bookmaker Reddit sites.


What are the best sports betting Reddit sportsbooks?

Here are some of the best sports betting Reddit sportsbooks currently recommended by users: Sportsbook A, Sportsbook B, and Sportsbook C.

How do I choose the best sports betting Reddit sportsbook?

When choosing the best sports betting Reddit sportsbook, consider factors such as user reviews, reputation, available sports markets, competitive odds, user-friendly interface, and reliable customer support.

Are there any Reddit communities dedicated to discussing sports betting?

Yes, there are several Reddit communities where you can discuss sports betting. Some popular ones include r/sportsbook, r/sportsbookreview, and r/sportsbetting.

Can I trust the advice and tips shared on Reddit for sports betting?

While Reddit can be a valuable source of information, it's important to approach advice and tips with caution. Remember that anyone can post on Reddit, so it's important to do your own research and verify information before making any betting decisions.

How can I stay updated on the latest sports betting news and discussions on Reddit?

To stay updated on the latest sports betting news and discussions on Reddit, consider joining relevant subreddits, following active users, and regularly checking the Hot and New sections within the sports betting subreddits.

Are there any Reddit sportsbooks that offer attractive sign-up bonuses?

Yes, some sportsbooks recommended on Reddit may offer attractive sign-up bonuses. It's advisable to check the specific terms and conditions of each sportsbook to understand any wagering requirements or restrictions that may apply.

Can I place bets directly through Reddit sportsbooks?

No, Reddit itself does not offer a platform for placing bets. Reddit sportsbooks are discussed and recommended within the Reddit community, but you need to visit the actual sportsbook website or app to place your bets.

Are Reddit sportsbooks legal?

The legality of sports betting varies by jurisdiction. It's important to research and understand the laws and regulations regarding sports betting in your specific location. Always ensure you are using licensed and regulated sportsbooks to ensure a safe and legal betting experience.