Online Sportsbook Live In-Game Betting Tips

Online Sportsbook Live In-Game Betting Tips

Online sportsbooks have always been true pioneers in the sports betting industry over the past few decades.

In today’s fast-paced betting environment, they offer quick and easy access to their betting boards from various devices such as desktop and laptop computers to today’s most sophisticated handheld phones and tablets through an advanced mobile betting platform.

The modern online sportsbook continues to set and then raise the bar when it comes to betting on the games.

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One of the biggest innovations over the past several years has been the ability to bet on games after they have gotten underway.

Live in-game betting remains one of the fastest growing segments of the online sports betting industry as the actual offerings and betting options continue to expand as well.

Anyone who bets on sports bets to win.

However, the added element of excitement that comes from betting on a live game is the biggest driving force behind this phenomenon.

The top online sportsbooks in the game today know a good thing when they see one, so live betting has been expanded to every major sport covering every single game on the daily betting board.

Betting on live games is the best way to create even more excitement following the action on the field, court or ice.

However, just like any sports bet you place, there needs to be a level of strategy involved to have the best chance to win.

2 Ways Your Online Sportsbook Can Help you Win

Much of live betting revolves around the concept of ‘what happens next?”

You can bet on individual drives in football or the next type of score.

Live betting in baseball can be broken down on an inning by inning basis and sports such as basketball and hockey have a wide array of options to bet on what will happen next.

Most of these bets are similar to prop bets, so you need to have a good feel for what is going on right now to correctly predict what is going to happen next.

If the New York Giants just went three and out in their first three drives, do you really want to bet on them scoring a touchdown the next time they get the ball?

Another facet of live lines in-game betting is changing spreads.

One of the most basic betting strategies is to bet on any heavy favorite that is currently losing the game.

The ever-changing spread will most likely be smaller than when the game first started to immediately add value to the new betting line.

This is especially true when it comes to betting moneylines on a straight-up result.

Just because the favorite is losing after the first quarter does not radically diminish its chance to win the game.

However, instead of betting on the high risk of a -250 moneyline before the game got underway, you might be able to get the favorite at even money(+100) heading into the second quarter.

5 Reasons to Book All Your Sports Bets at an Online Sportsbook

  1. Live in-game betting is a great way to hedge any bets that you placed before that particular matchup got underway.
  2. New betting odds are always calculated on the probability of an outcome in relation to what has already taken place.
  3. The +175 moneyline on the underdog may become even more attractive if that team goes down early.
  4. If you still remain confident it can pull off the SU upset, you can make another wager at an even higher return.
  5. If your confidence is suddenly shattered given an underdog’s shaky start, you might want to hedge that bet with a small play on the favorite Covering the Spread.

Successful live in-game betting as more to do with what might happen as opposed to what has already taken place.

The betting odds are adjusted accordingly which in many cases adds even more value to going against the grain as the game wears on.

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