Arbitrage Betting Explained

Arbitrage Betting

What is Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage betting has been a well-kept secret for years and is now one of the most controversial topics in online sports betting.

  • In this technique, the bettor makes a guaranteed profit.
  • You achieve this by taking the best odds from two or more online sportsbooks.
  • You then place bets on all the possible outcomes of the game or event.
  • So whatever the result of the game, the bettor is sure to make a profit.
In bettors’ jargon, an arbitrage bet is also called arbs, surebets, surewins, or miraclebets. The people who place arbitrage bets are called arbers or arbitrageurs.

Legality of Arbitrage Betting

 While it may sound too good to be true, arbitrage betting is a completely legal way make profit online. 
  • The arbitrageur is simply taking advantage of the variation in odds from different sportbooks.
  • It does not infringe the terms of use of any bookmaker.
  • In fact, bookmakers purposely create arbing opportunities as they need these to balance their books.

The only thing that may inhibit someone from this practice is if their country of residence has a law that restricts online betting.

The Frequency of Arbitrage Opportunities

There are hundreds of online arbing opportunities every day.

You will have to learn the “art” of arbing before you can find “miraclebets” easily.

The profit from arbing is usually around 5%. But if you’re lucky, you can find big ones that are more than 15%.

For a more time-saving process of looking out for the odds that offer arbing opportunities, some people use arbitrage betting software.

  • There are betting alert services that feature real-time updates on arbing opportunities.
  • Integrated calculators to indicate profit probabilities.
  • Even filters to select the level of profits, type of sports, and preferred sportsbook.

Arbitrage Betting Risks

Arbitrage betting is often dubbed as a “risk-free practice” and a “sure way to make profit.”

However, there are still some risks involved with this betting technique.

Shifting odds:

If there is a delay when you place your bets, the odds can shift adequately enough to remove the arbing opportunity prior to the completion of your bet submission.

This is a real risk, provided you need to submit wagers to different bookmakers.

To avoid this, refresh each bookmaker’s odds before submitting your series of bets to make sure the odds you previously saw quoted are still available.

Bet cancellations:

Sometimes, bookmakers create arbing opportunities by mistake.

These bookmaker errors seldom happen but they do happen. This can be punitive on the bettors’ part but this cannot raise any complaint from arbitrageurs.

It is explicitly described in most bookmakers’ terms and conditions. They reserve the right to invalidate all wagers placed at erroneously quoted odds.

Calculation or submission errors:

In the rush of submitting bets, bettors sometimes make errors in calculating the odd differences or in filling out the submission form.

These errors might sound silly but these incidents do happen, too.

Before hitting the submit button, verify all your calculations first and pay attention to the bet submission process.

Pinnacle Best sportsbook for Arbitrage betting

Pinnacle sportsbook welcomes Arbitrage betting players but not USA players!


Arbitrage betting is a great opportunity for those who are looking to earn money from home by making sure profit online.

But as with other types of investment, you will have to learn the basics and master the strategies to become successful in this form of sports betting.

And remember that in order to effectively generate profit, it is essential to maintain consistency and discipline in your every approach.

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