What Does + 400 Mean in a Bet?

What Does + 400 Mean in a Bet?
  • What Does +400 Mean in a Bet?.
  • We explain How American Odds work.

If you ever visited a bookie online, you know that there are different types of odds you can bet on. They all predict the probability of an outcome in an event but come in different formats which can be confusing for new bettors.

Decimal odds might be the most common, but what if the site offers American odds only?.

Don’t worry – we’re here to help you learn more about this type of odds that is only common in the USA.

What Are American Odds?

There are three types of sports betting odds you’ll come across online.

Those are decimal, fractional, and American.


The first format is the most widespread one and displays the probability in decimals (for example, 1.60).


Fractional odds are a bit more complex, but in short, they can be described as the ratio of the amount won to the bet.

These are displayed by two numbers in the form of 1/3 – you get 1 unit for every 3 staked.

American Odds

American odds differ from both in terms of format.

They still indicate the same thing (the probability of an event), but come with plus or minus signs in front of the number which is much higher than what bettors are used to seeing with the other formats.

It might be confusing for casual or new punters, but don’t be scared.

Once you learn more about the American format, you’ll see how simple it is.

How Do American Odds Work?

Also known as moneyline odds, the American odds format doesn’t differ from its European counterparts.

As mentioned, they come with either a plus or a minus sign in front of a number.

These indicate the favorite and underdog.

The first comes with a minus sign, while underdogs are indicated by the plus sign.

Let’s put things into perspective.

When the Lakers play the Pistons, it’s obvious that they would be the favorite.

A team with Lebron and Anthony Davis in his prime is the obvious pick over Detroit.

  • In this case, the odds of a Lakers win (hypothetically) would be around -400.
  • Detroit’s odds will be in the range of +400 which makes the Pistons an obvious underdog.

These odds indicate that a Lakers win in this match is much more plausible than a Pistons win.

Of course, you’ll win a lot less cash if the LA Lakers win while betting on the Pistons will give you a return of 5 times your bet.

How Are American Odds Calculated?

With decimal and fractional odds, it’s easy to calculate the return.

For example,

betting $10 on odds of 1.50 will give you a return of $15 (that’s the original stake back + a profit of $5).

The fractional equivalent of 1.50 would be 1/2 – you get 1 unit in return for each 2 staked.

The whole thing’s a bit different from American odds.

Betting on odds of -400 (negative moneyline) indicates the amount you need to bet in order to win $100.

Using the aforementioned example, you’ll need to bet $400 to win $100 if you back the Lakers.

In Detroit’s case of +400 (positive moneyline), you should bet $100 to win $500.

That’s your original stake returned ($100) plus a hefty profit of ($400).

Of course, this is much less likely to happen in that particular game as the Lakers are major favorites to win the match.

The Bottom Line

If you want to be a successful online sports bettor, you must first understand how the odds work.

American bookies will mostly offer American odds and that shouldn’t scare you away.

As you can see from the abovementioned examples, moneyline odds are simpler to get a hold off than you think.

Just like decimal and fractional odds, it’s easy to calculate the payout and learn who the favorite/underdog is.

Now that you know how they odds work, hit the NFL or NBA section at your favorite offshore sportsbook sites and start betting.

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