Is Everygame Sportsbook a Legit and Trustworthy site in 2023?

Everygame sportbook review

Do you know what we hate? The fact that all the major sportsbook names get a ton of attention but the smaller ones barely get played at. This is a massive shame because, in our experience, the smaller sportsbooks often offer a far better gambling experience.

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One company is being talked about rather positively recently. This is the Everygame Sportsbook. Up until a few months ago, we had never heard of the site. Now? Well, it has worked its way into our rotation of awesome sportsbooks to play at.

You may be wondering whether the Everygame sportsbook is for you. Well, luckily for you, we are going to answer that question right here for you.

What Are The Everygame Sportsbook betting Choices?

Everygame sportsbook Odds

The Everygame sportsbook has been online since around 1996. It hasn't quite hit the mainstream, but it has a steady follower of gamblers. This includes us. Many people head to Everygame to take advantage of their great odds and sports betting choices.

This is a website that is heavily focused on European sports. So, you will find a lot of soccer, cricket, rugby, etc. here. However, this doesn't mean that the company is shying away from American sports offerings. They have a fantastic selection of bets across all major American sports.

Rest assured that if there is a big game going on (or even a major game at the college level), then the Everygame sportsbook is going to have something that you can bet on. In fact, they will probably have hundreds of open markets that you can dive into.

They even have live betting, but we will discuss that a bit more later on!

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How We Rate The Everygame Sportsbook Site Against The Top US Sportsbook

We understand that there are a ton of sportsbooks out there. Some of them are great (most are terrible). You can choose to gamble at any one of them. Why should you use the Everygame Sportsbook as one of your gambling locations? Well, let's tell you.

It's Legit

As we said, Everygame has been online since around 1996, although this is a recent rebranding (in 2022). The site used to be known as Intertops. Anybody that gambles at the smaller online sportsbooks will almost certainly have heard of Intertops. They are a major company. We suppose that the Everygame branding just made so much more sense.

Obviously, a company isn't going to be sticking around for almost 30 years unless it was good.

Don't worry. You are going to be protected if you gamble here too. Everygame is fully-licensed. This means that if you do run into some issues, there will be somebody that has your back. Not that you will run into any issues. We haven't.

Customer Experience

The hallmark of a good online sportsbook is one that makes it an absolute joy to use.

We are not massive fans of sportsbooks that are constantly shoving ads in our faces and trying to get us to gamble on sports that we have absolutely no interest in. We suppose this is why we have fallen out of love with the bigger sportsbooks.

You don't get any of those issues with Everygame. The interface is clean. There are minimal ads. Not of them are intrusive. It makes it easy to navigate and find the bet that you want to place.

Even if you have never gambled online before we reckon that you should have no issues with the Everygame sportsbook.

Betting Odds

Because Everygame is trying to make a name for itself in a tough market (especially since its rebrand), they have had to try and become much more competitive with its betting odds.

The main reason why Everygame managed to work its way into our list of regular gambling sites so easily is that their odds are so fantastic.

It seems that no matter when we checked, Everygame always seemed to have odds that were on-par or, in many cases, beat the more established sites that we had been using.

We can't promise you that the Everygame sportsbooks will always have the best betting odds. No sportsbook will ever promise that. However, they get it right often enough that you would be happy if this was the only site that you used.

Betting Options

As we mentioned earlier, Everygame has a good selection of betting odds available. You have all the usual suspects when it comes to sports (i.e. the big events) but they also throw in some smaller sports too e.g. eSports, volleyball, and a bit of snooker.

At any one time, you will find hundreds of different bets listed under each sport. The company tries to cover both the big and the small leagues. This means that you should always find something that is worth gambling on.

We love the fact that Everygame has tried to adapt to the times. There are some companies that still aren't quite seeing the appeal of eSports betting. We don't get it. It has a ton of gamblers. Everygame is going all-out to cater to those that love to bet on competitive video gaming.

Live Betting

Everygame Sportsbook Live betting

Many of the events that you find on Everygame are going to be open for live betting.

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If you want to bet on the game while it is in play, then this part of the site is absolutely worth checking out.

The interface for the live betting is incredibly clean and their betting odds remain just as competitive as they did pre-game.

The only downside to the live betting is that there isn't always a huge number of bets that you can place. In our experience, the vast majority of props get dropped when the game goes live. This means that you will often be left with nothing more than the moneyline and a few point spreads.

That being said, we don't see this as a massive issue. Sure, it is annoying. However, most standard live gamblers will probably be sticking to these bets anyway.

Mobile Betting

There is no mobile betting app for Everygame. However, their website is fully-functional through your mobile web browser.

Because the Everygame Sportsbook went through a brand relaunch in 2022, it is probably one of the most modern mobile betting sites at the moment. Everything is so clean. It is silky smooth to use and everything that you want to do can be accomplished in no more than a couple of taps of your screen.

We know that there are some online sportsbooks that offer mobile apps. However, in this day and age, it isn't really worth it. Nobody wants to be constantly updating an app when they can just tap the name of the site into their browser and go crazy.

Banking Options

Most credit and debit cards are accepted at Everygame. You can also pay using Skrill, Paysafecard, Ecopayz, and Bank Transfer.

The real highlight of gambling at the Everygame sportsbook, however, is the inclusion of Bitcoin gambling. That's right. You can deposit and withdraw using your Bitcoin.

When you deposit using Bitcoin, the Bitcoin will be converted into USD (or the currency for your local market). When you win and withdraw with Bitcoin, it will be converted back. in our experience, Everygame always offers a good price for Bitcoin. There is a minor cut there, but nothing too drastic. It is certainly better than most other sportsbooks that also accept Bitcoin.

Deposits and withdrawals are fast. The vast majority of withdrawals will be processed on the same day. If you are withdrawing via Bitcoin, the BTC could arrive in a matter of minutes. Although, this will be dependent on whether you have passed the security checks at Everygame.

There are no fees for withdrawals. At least at the end of Everygame. There may be some fees tied to withdrawals from certain payment processors. These will be clearly highlighted to you. We recommend that you withdraw using Bitcoin wherever possible.

Betting Bonuses

Because betting bonuses do change rather frequently it would be amiss if we told you what the current betting bonuses are. This is because those same bonuses may not exist when you head to the site.

What we can tell you is that it is clear that Everygame is trying to tap into a crowded market. Their bonuses are designed to catch people's attention.

You have fantastic welcome bonuses when you sign up for the site, but the real highlights come when you are a member. You get boosted odds, more deposit bonuses, and loyalty rewards.

At the time of writing, we would go as far as to say that the Everygame Sportsbook offers some of the best betting bonuses in the business. You can always click the link on this page to see what the current bonuses are, but we reckon that you will always find something that is great for you to sink your teeth into!

Everygame Sportsbook Pros and Cons


  • Competitive betting odds
  • Both welcome and VIP betting bonuses
  • A site that listens to the customer.
  • Good mobile gambling experience.
  • Can deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin.


  • A lower number of live bets in comparison to other sites.
  • Not available in every country.


The Everygame Sportsbook is a legit sportsbook. This is where we do a good chunk of our gambling nowadays and we reckon that if you checked the site out you would be saying the same thing pretty quickly.

While the site does have a few issues (namely the lower number of bets available for live betting), these issues are not that crazy. There are other sites that do things worse. In any case, the benefits of gambling at Everygame far outweigh the cons.

Check out the Everygame Sportsbook today. Don't forget to click the link on this page. This way you can take advantage of the latest betting bonuses.

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