College Football Conference Championship Week Odds and Picks

  • We were nicely profitable for the college football regular season
  • Onto the postseason! First up: Conference Championship Week
  • Wow that’s a spread on the Alabama/Georgia game

We went 2-0 last weekend, which brings us to 23-15-0 (>60%) for the regular season. Heading into the postseason, things get a little sharper.

College Football Conference Championship Week Picks

The odds below are from Bovada.

SEC Championship: Georgia vs Alabama

Team Spread at Bovada
Alabama (#1) -13.0 (-105)
Georgia (#4) +13.0 (-115)

You know I hate fading Alabama, but I love when they get huge spreads against great teams. We’ve referred to that as throwing the flag, and we’re here to do it again.

Georgia vs Alabama Statistical Comparison

2018 Stat Alabama Georgia
Record 12-0 11-1
S&P+ Defensive Rank 6th 14th
S&P+ Offensive Rank 2nd 3rd
S&P+ Overall Rank 1st 3rd

These are both fantastic teams, and the last game they played ended with a walk-off touchdown in overtime. I don’t think that a 13-point spread is realistic here.

S&P+ would have this is a three-point game on a neutral site. Can Alabama blow out Georgia? Probably! Will they? Who knows! In the meantime, I’ll take the points (all 13 of them) and pray for the kind of tight game Alabama has a habit of playing against great teams.

Betting Advice: Take the points.

Pac-12 Championship: Washington vs Utah

Team Spread at Bovada
Utah (#17) +6.0 (-115)
Washington (#11) -6.0 (-105)

I originally had this game circled because I think Utah is disastrously underrated.

Washington vs Utah College Statistical Comparison

2018 Stat Washington Utah
Record 9-3 9-3
S&P+ Defensive Rank 8th 24th
S&P+ Offensive Rank 30th 34th
S&P+ Overall Rank 9th 14th

I just think this spread is a little wide for a game that features a lot of defensive talent, great running backs, and no pressing need to throw the ball. If the Huskies can win this game 10-7, they absolutely will.

I hate betting against UW in Myles Gaskin’s last game, but he’s got the NFL draft to worry about now. He’ll certainly get a lot of work, but don’t be looking for three touchdowns and 200 yards.

Betting Advice: Take the points in what is likely going to be a tight game.

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