Top NBA Betting Picks of the Week – March 18th Edition

Top NBA Betting Picks of the Week – March 18th Edition.

We are at the stage of the season where a single game can ultimately decide the fate of a team. For some, a win will clinch them a playoff spot, while others will see their postseason dreams come to an end with a loss. There is very little margin for error at this late stage of the year, which is why every game on the NBA calendar seems that much more important in the final few weeks of the regular season.

With that in mind, we have taken a look at the upcoming week to pick out the games that are likely to have the biggest playoff implications, so let’s jump right into the NBA betting action.

Top NBA Betting Picks of the Week – March 18th Edition

Denver Nuggets at Boston Celtics – Monday

If the season were to end today, the Boston Celtics, the preseason favorites to win the East, would be in the #5 spot and be forced to give up home-court advantage in the opening round. They are making a late-season push, though, as they try to get up to the #4 spot.

They have a tough one on Monday night, as they will be hosting a Denver Nuggets team that still has designs on winning the Western Conference, where they are just 1 game back of the Golden State Warriors. This has all the makings of a fun one to watch, with the slight edge going to the Celtics at home.

Indiana Pacers at LA Clippers – Tuesday

The best playoff race in the Eastern Conference is taking place between the teams in the #3 through #5 spot, as one of those three teams is going to miss out on home court advantage. There are just 2 games separating 3 from 5, so no margin for error. The Pacers are in the middle of that pack and trying to hold off the Boston Celtics.

Tuesday night will see the Pacers head West to face an LA Clippers team in a great run of form as they look to move up the standings in the Western Conference. The Pacers have won each of their last 5 meetings with the Clippers, so let’s go with 6 in a row.

Toronto Raptors at Oklahoma City Thunder – Wednesday

At this late stage of the season, it is beginning to look as though the Toronto Raptors are going to need to settle for the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference, as they have simply been unable to close the gap that the Milwaukee Bucks have opened up at the top.

The Raptors are not a safe NBA Betting pick against OKC.

They will continue to battle, though, but look to have a tough one on their hands on Wednesday night when they go on the road to face the Oklahoma City Thunder for the first time this season. OKC swept both games last season, but they are in a bit of a slump at the moment that could see them fall at home to Toronto.

Indiana Pacers at Golden State Warriors – Thursday

I always try to avoid talking about the same team twice when putting together these posts, but the Pacers need to be here again, simply because this is the biggest game on the NBA calendar on Thursday night.

We have already spoken about what Indiana needs to do coming down the stretch, but they are facing a team in the Golden State Warriors who also have some work ahead of them. The Dubs are atop the Western Conference, but only by a single game. Golden State won big in Indiana in their earlier meeting this season, so expect them to get the W again in this one.

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