NJ congressman Frank Pallone calls for Sports Betting Ban to Go

Frank Pallone it's time to lift the Sports Betting ban

NJ Congressman calls for sports betting ban lift.

NJ congressman Frank Pallone reassured his place relating to the federal Sports betting ban. 

Congressman Frank Pallone of New Jersey, mentioned throughout a congressional listening to related to MMA rules within the state that he believes that the federal ban on sports activities betting activity must be lifted.

Pallone mentioned that Gaming Accountability & Modernisation Enhancement Act (GAME Act), which is proposed to interchange the federal gaming legal guidelines, is outdated.

GAME would repeal the 1992 PASPA, the authorized act that prohibits sports activities betting activity within the nation.

“There is a revolution in the world of sports and that’s the exploding popularity of sports betting.

The act of sports betting is more popular and widely accepted than ever before.

Despite that, it’s still illegal in most of the country. A majority of Americans now believe that sports betting should be legal, and since it’s happening anyway we should ensure that basic consumer protections are attached to it.”

UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner supported Pallone’s comments by adding:

“I know offshore there’s betting everywhere. In Nevada, all our fights are put on the board, you can bet on the first fight through the last.

Personally, not for the UFC, I am in favor of sports betting around the world, around the country especially.”

The Supreme Court scheduled oral hearings relating to the New Jersey case of the Sports betting ban for December 4th 2017, however the resolution on lifting or sustaining PASPA won’t be seen till the primary months of 2018.

So the case trundles on but pressure is certainly building for a sustained review of the ban on online sports betting.

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