Valiant Hearts Game Review Marks 100 Years since WW1


Watch the Valiant Hearts E3 Trailer [US] marking 100 years since the start of WW1

For the 100th Anniversary of WWI, Consider Maybe a Video Game

In our Valiant Hearts game review we discuss the origins of the idea to mark 100 years since Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in the form of a video game.

His death exacerbated conflicts in Europe that lead to World War I a month later.

A top France-based game company Ubisoft has released Valiant Hearts, a video game that shows the experiences of those caught up in the extremely bloody struggle.

As you can see by the trailer above, this game is not Call of Duty.

It’s not a shooter-style war game with players running around ducking behind walls and shooting down hordes of anonymous enemies or fellow gamers:

The game puts players in control of four different people with different backgrounds and nationalities (and an adorable dog) in a point-and-click style adventure/puzzle game.

In addition to the mood established by the trailer above, the game highlights significant amounts of accurate historical information about World War I.

Various knick-knacks the player picks up, from toys to tools, describe their historical contexts.

Players will find actual letters written by those participating in or affected by the war. The gameplay is fairly simple, perhaps too simple for some critics.

If you haven’t played the game yet I would recommend you give it a try and plan to pick it up this weekend.

Valiant Hearts Game Review Marks 100 Years since WW1 1


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