How to Double Down Blackjack

Doubling down in Blackjack

Doubling down is a fast method to build up your chip stack, whether you’re a regular casino visitor or you prefer to play blackjack online.

Bear in mind though that it is also a fast way to get wiped out – if you don’t know the correct way to manage your double down Blackjack opportunities.

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Most casinos will offer you the chance to double down – double your bet – on any hand when showing two cards. As you are only dealt one more card, you will need to be selective about which hands you choose to double up on.

Let's outline some do's and don'ts for double down blackjack play:


Double down with 10 or 11.

If you’re dealt two cards totalling 10 or 11, you can strike for a big payday if you pull a 10 card on your double down draw.

And doubling down after splitting cards can significantly swing the house edge depending on what you’re showing.

Splitting aces and eights and doubling down on those two-card draws can make  the house payout for an even bigger win.


Double down with a 10 or 11 and a dealer showing 9 or 10.

While this may pay out over the long run, novices or the more safer players should steer clear of these close calls.

And if you’re feeling unsure with risking twice as much on one hand, you shouldn’t be doubling down to start with.


Double down with the dealer showing a 2 through to a 6.

If you have an beneficial hand to double up on and the dealer is showing one of these possible bust cards, make them pay with a big hit.

A dealer showing 2 through 6 is probably going to bust, with the odds of that happening between 35 (showing 2) and 42 percent (showing 6).

Anything higher than a six and the chance of a bust drops anywhere from 26 (showing 7) to 17 percent (showing Ace).


Double down less than your first bet.

Some casinos will allow you double down a wager less than the first bet, as long as it meets table limits.

Doing so defeats the real point of “doubling” down.

Going indifferent on a solid chance to win more chips, because your bankroll can’t take the hit, is a good reason that you shouldn’t be trying to double down in the first place.

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