PNC Championship 2020 Preview & Betting Odds

Tiger Woods at the PNC Championship 2020 Preview & Betting Odds

PNC Championship 2020 preview, betting odds, where to watch and more can all be found in our expert article. PNC Championship Golf Odds

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Justin Thomas & Father



Tiger Woods & Son



Bubba Watson & Father-in-law



Matt Kuchar & Son



Bernhard Langer & Son



Jim Furyk & Son



John Daly & Son



Padraig Harrington & Son



Tom Lehman & Son



Vijay Singh & Son



David Duval & Son



Mark O’Meara & Son



Lee Janzen & Son



Lee Trevino & Son



Mark Calcavecchia & Son



Tom Kite & Son



Greg Norman & Son



Nick Price & Son



Gary Player & Grandson



Annika Sorenstam & Father


PNC Championship 2020 Preview

This week marks the start of the much-awaited PNC Championship 2020, otherwise known as the father-son challenge with all the eyes on the show's star, Tiger Woods, and his 11-year-old son, Charlie.

The most exciting thing to see in this year's PNC championship is the amount of attention it is getting! If we look at previous stats, the PNC Championship has never got such attention.

And the reason, of course, is the iconic father-son pair of the Woods family. For the first time in the PNC Championship history, Tiger woods will appear along with his son Charlie.

However, that's just not it. This year, we will see a 20-player field, jam-packed with 20 major champions with 67 major titles spread across them. Although, it is a requirement of this championship too that at least one member of the two-player team has won a major title.

Let's start with the basics of this championship.

  • PNC Championship 2020 is set to undergo this Saturday-Sunday, Dec 19-20 2020.
  • The iconic Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Orlando, is set to host this much-awaited event of the PNC Championship.
  • Last year, the champions were a German professional golfer, two times master champion, Bernhard Langer, and his son Jason Langer.
  • The purse of this year's championship is worth almost $1.1 Million.

Participating Teams

Twenty teams will be participating in this tournament. Each team will have a member who has won a major title before. And as it is clear from the former name of this tournament, “Father-Son Challenge,” each team will consist of family members competing together.

Below are the names of each teams' participants.

Team 1: Mark Calcavecchia and his son Eric.

Team 2: John Daly and his son Little John.

Team 3: David Dual and his stepson Brady.

Team 4: Jim Furyk and his son Tanner.

Team 5: Padraig Harrington and his son Paddy.

Team 6: Lee Janzon and his son Conner.

Team 7: Tom Kite and his son David.

Team 8: Nick Price and his son Greg.

Team 9: Gary Player and his grandson James.

Team 10: Mark O'Meara and his son Shaun.

Team 11: Greg Norman and his son Greg, Jr.

Team 12: Tom Lehman and his son Thomas.

Team 13: Bernhard Langer and his daughter Jackie.

Team 14: Matt Kuchar and his son Cameron.

Team 15: Vijay Singh and his son Qass.

Team 16: Annika Sorenstam and her father Tom.

Team 17: Justin Thomas and his son Mike.

Team 18: Lee Trevino and his son Daniel.

Team 19: Bubba Watson and his father-in-law, Wayne.

Team 20: Tiger Woods and his son Charlie.

What will be the Format?

The format of this year's PNC Championship as shared by the official website is quite simple.Its summary is as follows:

“Each player will drive on each hole, and the best drive will be selected. From the spot where the selected drive lies, each player will drive again, and for the second time, the best drive will be selected. This process will continue until the hole gets complete.”

Pretty interesting! Right?

What to Look Forward to?

There is a reason why this year's tournament has become the talk of the hour in the golf world. We golfers are pretty excited to see our favorite players in action and expecting a nail-biting tournament.

Here is what you should be looking forward to in this championship:

Woods' debut

This year's PNC Championship will feature the debut of none other than Tiger Woods and his 11-year-old son, Charlie. This will be the first time when they will play together in a tournament that will be aired live.

“It's so much fun to see him enjoy the game,” says Tiger Woods. “Enjoy hitting and creating those shots. It is so cool for me to see him enjoying the sport, hitting the shots and hitting it as solid as possible.” He further added.

For him, it is just a family venture where he wants to have fun with his son. He already has so much success to show. However, it is much more serious than that for Charlie.

Given the history, Tiger Woods is an 82-time PGA Tour winner, and his son has won back to back junior events. So, it will be a fascinating site when both the father and son graces a tournament together.

Thomas-Woods Rivalry

“Charlie always wants to beat me for some reason. It doesn't matter what it is,” says Justin Thomas, who will also be playing along with his father, Mike. They have been grouped with Team Woods from the very first day.

“We will have an inner tournament within the tournament, and it will be fun,” Justin further remarks.

So, it will be intriguing to see how this rivalry goes. However, one thing is certain, “competition is going to be tough.”

The Langers

And who are we to forget the Langers. They are, in fact, the former champions. This time, Bernhard Langer will appear along with his daughter Jackie Langer.

Bernhard Langer has plenty of experience as he is a four-time champion of this particular championship. He and his son were a team to beat last year. Let's see how they perform this year.

That's Not it!

No doubt, all eyes are on Tiger Woods and his son, but that doesn't mean they are the most favorites. This year's PNC Championship will feature pro competitors that have won at least one major tournament.

Some big names to look for are as follows:

  • Bubba Watson and his father-in-law, Wayne Ball.
  • Bernhard Langer and his daughter, Jackie Langer.
  • Lee Trevino and his son, Daniel.

The competition will be too tough. It will be enthralling to see who gets out as a champion this year, and we are sure looking forward to it!

Where to Watch?

1.On TV

Though you can't enjoy the scenes live this year at the Orlando Golf Club, you can still tune in to your favorite channels to enjoy all the action.

The PNC Championship will be aired across NBC, Peacock, and Golf Channel.

  • Coverage will be opened on Peacock on Saturday.
  • After that, NBC will be broadcasting from 2:30 to 5:00 pm ET.
  • It will be followed by Golf Channel that will re-air the broadcast from 6:00 to 10:00 pm ET.
  • The next day, the first turn will be taken by Golf Channel that will broadcast the action from 2:00 to 3:00 pm ET.
  • The next turn will be NBC, which will air the action from 3;00 to 6:00 pm ET.
  • And finally, on Sunday night, Golf Channel will again air all the final round action from 7:00 to 11:00 pm ET.
  1. Online

If you cannot catch all the action live on TV, you can still stream it all online from various platforms.

  • NBC Universal's newly introduced streaming platform known as Peacock will be exclusively covering all the action from Saturday's first-round from 1:00 to 2:30 pm ET.
  • If you have an active cable subscription, you can catch all the action at Golf Channel and NBC websites' live streaming channels.

What are the Odds?

Let us talk about the odds now, as it is the most interesting part.

This year, the PNC championship will feature 20 major tournament winners teamed up with their family members in a competition that is supposed to be 36-hold. We will see a scramble format without the cut this time.

According to the Betonline sportsbook , Justin Thomas and his Father are the favorites of this event with +200 odds.

The next favorites are three teams that can give a viable challenge to Thomas boys. They sit at +600 odds at betting sites. These three teams include

  1. Tiger Woods and his son Charlie.
  2. Bubba Watson and his father-in-law Wayne Ball.
  3. Matt Kuchar and his son Cameron.

Following them up, Jim Furyk and his son Tanner sit at +800 odds. John Daly and his son Little John sit at +1000 odds, just a little behind the duo of Jim and his son.

The former champion, Bernhard Langer, and his daughter Jackie sit at +1600 odds. Betters must not count them out as they are, in fact, the four-time champions of this tournament.

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In a Nutshell

This year's PNC Championship will not be the same as it used to be in previous years.

This time, it has got so much more hype from golf fans worldwide, probably because of the debut of renowned golfer Tiger Woods and his 11-year-old son, Charlie.

Most odds are placed in favor of Justin Thomson, currently ranked at No. 3 in the World Golf Ranking, who will be playing alongside his father, Mike Thomas.

However, many world-class players will be seen competing with each other, and it will definitely be an astounding tournament to watch. Let's see how it goes!

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