Wagerweb Promotions Rated – Are they worth it!

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100% Cash Bonus Up To $1,000
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100% Cash Bonus Up To $1,000

Trusted Sportsbook since 1994. Welcomes US, LATM and Canada players with Top $1,000 Welcome Bonus.

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Wagerweb may be a small betting side, but when it comes to betting promotions, they dream big.

On this page, we are going to introduce you to each and every one of the current Wagerweb promotions. While we can't imagine that any of them are going to be changing in the near future, it is perhaps worth bearing in mind that betting promotions can change on occasion. Therefore, always check Wagerweb to get your hands on the latest promotions (click the link on this page).

You never know what awesome stuff you will uncover! They may even run limited-time promotions for you!

We are going to give each of these bonuses a rating out of 5, but bear in mind that each and every one of these bonuses is great. We are judging them against one another, not against other betting sites.

Welcome Bonus

Wagerweb Promotions Review

Wagerweb has one of the most extensive welcome bonus collections out of all of the online betting sites. The welcome bonus that you can get your hands on will be dependent on what you are depositing into your account. Let's go through them, shall we? (seriously, we are very excited to tell you about them, because these bonuses are great!).

Bitcoin and MoneyGram Only Deposit Bonuses

There are two bonuses here. These apply only if you deposit using Bitcoin.

100% Cash Welcome Bonus – 3/5

If you deposit a maximum of $500 using either of these payment methods, then the site will match your deposit 100%. This means that you can earn up to $500 in free gambling credit.

This method has a 15x rollover requirement, which isn't even that high compared to other online betting sites.

50% Welcome Cash Bonus – 4/5

If you deposit up to $2000, you can have your initial deposit matched 50%. So, a maximum of $1000 on offer here.

This has a 12x rollover requirement, so slightly less than the previous bonus. This means that while you will be earning less free gambling credit, you have more of an opportunity to withdraw it.

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Bitcoin Only Deposits  – 5/5 for Bitcoin Gamblers

If you deposit at any time using Bitcoin and the deposit is a minimum of $75, you will have your deposit matched 30%. The maximum you can get is $500. The rollover requirements are 12x.

This is not just a welcome bonus, but any time that you use Bitcoin for your deposits.

All Deposit Methods

These methods apply to all methods of depositing. While they are marketed as a welcome bonus, you may be able to use them multiple times.

20% Cash or 30% Free Play – 4/5

A minimum deposit of $75, with a max bonus of $1,000. You get to choose whether you want the cash or free play credits. Rollover requirements are 12x.

10% Cash or 15% Free Play – 5/5

Same as before, but with a minimum deposit of $50 and a maximum bonus of $1,000. You will have 6x rollover, which is considerably less than before.

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Refer a Friend Bonuses – 5/5

If you really like what Wagerweb does, and we feel fairly confident that you will really enjoy what the site does, then you will enjoy referring friends. Unlike other sites, Wagerweb actually rewards you for doing this.

The more friends you refer to the site, the more credit you can earn.

Refer a single friend and you get 20% of their first deposit. Refer 4, and you get a whopping 35% of the first deposit of all of the people that you recommended. This means that you will get some extra cash from the past deposits that have been made.

The cash that you get will be a free play cash that you can use in various ways on the Wagerweb platform. You have a small 6x rollover requirement, which means that you have a pretty strong chance of actually being able to get that cash out of your account! As we have said several times on this page; Wagerweb is really good on the bonus front.

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Sportsbook Cashback – 5/5

Every Monday, this bonus will trigger. It will, however, only trigger if you selected the 10% bonus option during the sign-up process.

If you selected that option, then you will get 1% of cashback on all of your sports betting transactions over the last week. This will be credited as free play credit.

Now, this may not seem like a lot, but cashback is a great thing. It is more money to gamble with. However, the real highlight here is the fact that this cash has no wagering requirements. This means that you only need to win once with the bet, and you can withdraw the winnings from it.

It is a great way to help deal with some of those gambling losses that you may have suffered over the course of a week.

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Casino Cashback  – 4/5

Every Monday, Wagerweb will give you back 5% of your total net losses for the last week. There are no rollover requirements for this. This means that you can gamble it once, and walk away with the cash that you have won. This is fantastic! It is great if you have had a particularly hard week at the online casino.

The only reason why this didn't hit a 5/5 score is that it does not apply to live dealer games. This means that if you are the type of person that spends a lot of their time gambling at a live dealer, you are not going to be getting any of your cash back.

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Tenth Time's a Charm – 4/5

This is one of the most awesome bonuses that we have seen at an online betting site, and we wish that more sites offered it. Although, sadly, it doesn't reach the 5/5 score. This is because we doubt many people will be taking advantage of it. Although, we can imagine that for some this may be a good thing.

In order for this bonus to trigger, the following conditions must be met:

  • You have made 9 deposits
  • Those 9 deposits happened over the last 90 days.
  • You have not withdrawn from your account
  • Your betting account balance is $0

If you meet these conditions, then Wagerweb will average out the amount of cash that you deposited and give you it as free bet credit. This bet credit has 5x rollover.

We love this one of the Wagerweb promotions, because it allows people who may be seeing some rather extensive losses a bit of extra cash to play with. It may help them to get back on track.

You can take advantage of this bonus as many times as you want.

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Wagerweb Promotions – Conclusion

As you can see, when it comes to Wagerweb promotions, there is no shortage of options to take advantage of. Just remember to read through the terms and conditions before you use any bonus. This way, you will know what is expected of you.

Remember, bonuses on the platform can change regularly, so always keep an eye on Wagerweb. This way, you can be sure that you are always taking advantage of the latest bonuses that are available on the platform.