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  • The Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson odds have Tiger as the favorite.
  • How do they compare in recent performance?
  • Is Old Tiger back?

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are set to face off at Shadow Creek on November 23rd in a match that might shape the future of golf. If head-to-head pay-per-view events prove viable, they’ll have changed the game forever. If not, they’ll just have made loads of money playing golf with their friends.

Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson Odds

Player Bovada‘s Odds to Win the Match
Tiger Woods -200
Phil Mickelson +160

Phil Mickelson the Underdog

Lefty has had one hell of a career, but also one actual hell of a year. His performance at the Ryder Cup was dismal (every American’s was) and he didn’t do himself any favors in the Tour Championships or the tournaments leading into it. Part of that has to be down to fatigue, sure, but if you’re looking for “recent form” Phil Mickelson is well behind.

Tiger’s last PGA Tour result was a win at the Tour Championship that made this humble sportswriter cry a little bit. He’s also Tiger Woods, and part of being Tiger Woods is that people will bet millions of dollars on you at whatever odds are offered. If Tiger Woods were competing in the 10 metre platform dive at the Tokyo Olympics, people would bet on him to win gold at +300.

Tiger vs Phil Match Play Records

Player Wins Losses Ties Win %
Tiger Woods 50 17 2 72%
Phil Mickelson 33 25 4 53.2%

The two don’t really compare in terms of record, but of course there’s more to it than the percentages. Tiger Woods hasn’t won a match since the 2013 Presidents Cup, when he eked past Richard Sterne.

Tiger also has some of the most one-sided victories in the history of match play, including the 2006 WGC-Match Play, where he beat Stephen Ames 9-and-8. It all comes down to which Tiger Woods shows up: the Tiger Woods of old would win easily. The Tiger Woods of a year ago would lose horribly. The Tiger Woods of next weekend? It’s tough to know.

Betting Advice

It’s hard to determine which of these golfers is the value play. Tiger is extremely difficult to predict, and has tons of money behind him, but Phil Mickelson has played garbage golf recently and might not be a serviceable opponent.

I will tell you that you’ll have a lot more fun with money on Tiger. His comeback has been one of the most inspiring stories in sports this year, and rooting for him to win at the Tour Championship was an unforgettable experience. Betting on Phil can be thrilling as well, especially when he pulls weird short-game nonsense out of nowhere, but it’s not quite at Tiger’s level.

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