Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasukawa (Rizin 14) Odds

  • Floyd Mayweather is entering the ring once again for another payday
  • This time he faces 20-year-old kickboxing prodigy Tenshin Nasukawa in an exhibition boxing match
  • It’s easy money for Mayweather, and it could mean easy money for bettors as well

They don’t call him Money Mayweather for nothing.

The biggest pay-per-view star in history has finagled another easy payday for himself. This time he’s taking on a 20-year-old kickboxer in a three-round exhibition boxing match at Rizin 14 on December 31st.

Mayweather will showcase his talents for nine minutes and walk away a couple million dollars richer.

This is 99% spectacle, 1% fight. Japan is known for hosting thrilling nights of combat sports every New Year’s Eve, and 2018 will be no different. It’s a ridiculous way to end a ridiculous year.

If you haven’t already decided to pick Floyd Mayweather, here are four reasons why you should side with The Money Team.

 Floyd Mayweather vs Tenshin Nasukawa Odds

Fighter Odds to Win at Bovada
Floyd Mayweather -340
Tenshin Nasukawa +260

1. Compare the fight records: 50-0 vs 0-0

Tenshin Nasukawa may be a kickboxing prodigy, but this is a boxing match and he’s making his debut against the most successful boxer of all time. Floyd Mayweather took on and beat the greatest fighters of his generation, becoming world champion in five divisions.

Before starting his undefeated professional career, Mayweather went 84-8 in the amateurs and won a bronze medal in the ‘96 Olympics.

Tale of the Tape

Floyd Mayweather FIGHTER Tenshin Nasukawa
41 AGE 20
5 ft 8 in HEIGHT 5 ft 5 in
72 in REACH Undisclosed
149.5 lbs LAST WEIGHT November 17, 2018

That alone should tell you all you need to know about this fight. A 20-year-old kickboxer is taking on one of the greatest boxers of all time. If Nasukawa can keep the fight mildly competitive and land a few clean shots, that will be considered a victory for the Japanese youngster. Forget about him actually winning on the scorecards.

2. It’s a welterweight fighting a bantamweight

Usually when there’s a huge skill disparity, promoters will play up the “puncher’s chance” angle. This is boxing: all it takes is one clean punch for the underdog to put one over the favorite.

But that talking point isn’t even available in this fight. Nasukawa is so much smaller than Mayweather that it’s impossible to imagine how he could knockout the 41-year-old boxer.

Nasukawa last fought at 125.6 lbs, while Mayweather has fought as high as light middleweight (154 lbs). The fight will take place at welterweight (147 lbs), which is currently Mayweather’s natural fight weight and far higher than what Nasukawa is accustomed to.

Mayweather is expected to out-maneuver and out-muscle his opponent. He has the skill advantage as well as the size advantage. This is as clear a mismatch as we’ve ever seen.

3. There’s also an enormous height and reach difference

The 5’8” Mayweather looms over the diminutive 5’5” Nasukawa, and while Nasukawa does not have a disclosed reach, it’s safe to assume that Mayweather possesses significantly longer range. We only need to look back to Mayweather vs Pacquiao to understand how effective Mayweather is at using his range to nullify shorter opponents.

Nasukawa will have to try to fight on the inside against Mayweather, which very few opponents have managed to do. Brawlers like Marcos Maidana found some success in the past, but Nasukawa just isn’t that kind of fighter.

4. Uh, this is boxing

If you watch Nasukawa’s highlight reel, you’ll see that it’s his kicks and aerial techniques that set him apart from the pack. That’s the reason he’s undefeated and heralded as the next big thing in Japanese combat sports. This exhibition match strips away all of that. Nasukawa will have to keep his feet planted and fight solely with his hands.

What chance does he have!?

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