Seattle vs Washington Week 12 Preview + $100 in Free Play for Week 13

Seattle vs Washington Week 12 Preview + $100 in Free Play for Week 13 1

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Seattle vs Washington Football Team Pick & Preview

Seattle vs Washington Week 12 Preview + $100 Free Play Offer

Seattle vs Washington Week 12 $100 Free Play Offer

Tuesday On November 29th


The Seahawks have been severely struggling lately. Despite all of their close games and offensive talent, they have a 3-7 overall record.

They have lost five of their last six games now and have only scored six points in two combined matchups'.

Russell Wilson is back in the lineup again but it is apparent that his finger injury is still bothering him despite getting the surgery on it.

Seattle has also been useless on the ground.

Obviously, Chris Carson’s season ending injury plays a major role here, but the offensive line hasn’t given their backups any help.

Combine an injured quarterback and the lack of a ground game and this offense is one of the worst in the league.

Defensively, they have been a lot better lately.

Early on it wasn’t look good for this group but they have really come together.


Then we have the Washington Football Team.

Washington is starting to play like everybody expected them too early on in the season.

They have just defeated two playoff contending teams in back-to-back weeks and look as strong as ever.

Offensively, Terry McLaurin is a stud. Taylor Heinicke has been improving on top of that and they have become a genuine duo to look out for.

However, I believe the major factor in this offense is Antonio Gibson. He has been battling multiple injuries this season but they really haven’t utilized him like many expected.

Lately that workload is starting to ramp up and he is showing them why he deserves it with big performances.

Flipping over to their defense now, they are solid.

Chase Young being out for the remainder of the season with an ACL injury is a massive blow to the defensive line, but this team has so many other rotational weapons down in the trenches that they haven’t been exposed just yet.

In the secondary, they could use some work. Although with a defensive line like that they have been able to work under a lot less pressure than other teams have been forced too.

Seattle vs Washington Verdict

Overall, I believe this will be a very close content that doesn’t get solved until the very end.

I can’t imagine either of these teams blowing out the other, especially with their inconsistency offensively.

I am still waiting for Wilson to bounce back out of this slump and he could very well accomplish that in this one.

However, I don’t really see that happening. Momentum and home field advantage play crucial roles in how these games play out, and Washington has both of those things.

Seattle doesn’t have a run game to ease Wilson back into playing time, which will only reaggravate that injury and make it worse.

Washington also is the perfect matchup, pairing their excellent defensive line against one of the worst offensive lines in the league.

I’m going to have to be taking the Washington Football Team in this one.

Against the spread I would roll with Washington also; they are listed as the –1 favorite heading into this matchup. It’s basically a pick here, which is why the Football Team is a better option.

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