NBA Updates of the Week – September 23rd

NBA Updates of the Week – September 23rd Edition

Gearing up for the new season, there’s no shortage of NBA updates and news. Check out what’s going on in the hardcourt game! And don’t forget to keep checking out the latest NBA future odds for the upcoming season!

NBA Updates of the Week – September 23rd Edition

Tampering No More! NBA Passes Strict Measures

Channeling Amy Winhouse, Adam Silver and the powers that be at the NBA said, “Tampering? Uh, no, no, no!” Silver and the NBA Board released new tampering rules that should prevent players and teams from calling up whomever they wish and trying to create super teams ala the L.A. Clippers and L.A. Lakers.

The new rules calls for a $10 million fine, possible loss of draft picks, possible executive suspensions, and possible voided contracts. The NBA can also randomly audit a team’s communications with agents and other teams.

On the surface, it sure looks as if the NBA is trying to make the league more fair. Yet, the league was so, so, so unfair before the shenanigans that took place before this past free agency period opened. Instead of wondering who the Golden State Warriors were going to play in the NBA Finals this season, we can watch the Houston Rockets, both L.A. teams, Golden State, and the Denver Nuggets battle it out in the West.

In the East, a healthy KD makes the Nets a contender while Boston, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee also have a shot at rings. That makes 8 teams capable of winning the NBA Championship this season. I’m not sure if the NBA has ever had as many contenders.

The new tampering rules could most definitely backfire. The NBA has always been a league of dynasties and what does it matter if Paul George had waited until a minute after free agency started to announce he was heading to the Clippers before leaking the news before free agency?

Team USA Will Be Number One Heading into 2020 Olympics

Although they spectacularly bombed in Beijing, Team USA will head to the 2020 Olympics next summer the top basketball team in the world. The Olympics start after the NBA Finals, which means the biggest stars on the hardcourt should play.

The Euros have caught up to our good players. They haven’t caught up to the U.S.’s great players like Kawhi, Steph, Kevin Durant, and LeBron. They won’t at the 2020 Olympics, either. So, if a few of the United State’s top players head to Tokyo, consider gold a foregone conclusion.

Vinsanity! Carter Will Play his Final Season for the ATL

Vince Carter will play a record 22nd season for the Atlanta Hawks. It’s Vinsanity’s final season in the NBA. Carter is an easy hall of fame pick. His career averages are 17.2 points, 4.4 boards, and 3.2 assists per.

Those are great career averages because he only averaged 7.4 points last season. Also, it’s over a 21-year span, which means Vince tore it up earlier in his career. Carter won’t receive Air Jordan gifts in his final season. He should get plenty of shout outs, though.

Lakers New Favorites in MyBookie Future Book

The Lakers made a huge move in the NBA future book last week. The LeBron led Los Angeles team leapfrogged the Clippers for favoritism to win the NBA Championship. The Lakers are at +340 while the Clippers are at +390.

Third choice are the Bucks at +530. The surprise team on the board are the Philadelphia 76ers. Philly is the fourth choice to win the NBA Championship. Sounds crazy, but future bettors have beat down the Sixers to +750. That makes Philadelphia favorites over the Golden State Warriors at +900, Houston Rockets at +930, and Utah Jazz at +1400.

Have a great week!

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