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Betting On Historical Horse Racing Gets Go ahead

The Texas Racing Commission is continuing with a plan to set up horse race betting online of historical racing with devices at racetracks in the state in spite of resistance from a Fort Worth lawmaker.

Commissioners authorized the strategy Friday in a 7-1 ballot. A Tarrant County court selected not to release a temporary limiting order that would have delayed the move, yet on September 10th a hearing was established to consider a short-term order to stop the rollout of horse race betting online.

Criticizing a proposed form of counting on equine races as “nothing more than slot machines,” state Rep. Matt Krause revealed Thursday that he had submitted a claim to prevent the implementation of historic racing machines in Texas.

In addition to filing the claim against the members of the Texas Racing Commission, Krause, R-Fort worth, likewise applied for a short-term limiting order to stop the commissioners from setting up regulations permitting the machines.

Horse Race betting online goes Historic with Tweaking

Historic racing would certainly enable people at racing tracks to utilize terminals to bet on digital likeness of historic races. The races have been tweaked to get rid of most of the original details of the horse race betting online records.

“We believe that previous lawful rulings and also the constitutional power of the Texas Legislature leave no doubt that the Competing Compensation has no standing to legislate historic racing devices by themselves,” Krause stated in a declaration.

Krause's project spokesman, Luke Macias, stated Krause submitted the meet “in his ability as an elected official yet from him independently.” Macias said the move came due to the fact that Krause thinks the commission might act as early as Friday on making the machines available.

“He's not the first official to make it very clear to the commission that trying to pass something into law, which the Legislature has made clear they don't want to legalize, is an abuse of power,” Macias said. “We have a legislative process for a reason.”

Robert Elrod, a representative for the commission, claimed that the compensation was unaware of the claim however that the issue of historic racing equipments was still slated to be on the schedule for its meeting Friday.

In June, the commission revealed it would seek the technology, allowing for proposed guidelines to be published for a period of public evaluation. Some commissioners stated at the conference that historical racing would certainly be a benefit to prop up the racing sector.

In July, five Republican nominees for the Texas Us senate authorized a letter resisting the suggested guidelines for historic horse race betting online.

We await the final outcome for resistance but it looks like the implementation of historical horse racing machines will go ahead sooner rather than later.

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