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Are Online Casinos Illegal for US Players?

When asked are online casinos illegal the straight answer is no they are not illegal and you will not be breaking the law if you play online and reside in the US.

As with any online operators you should of course make sure you only play with reputable, long standing organisations. We can help you in that area with our recommended sites that fit this criteria.

The main hurdle to playing casino online was how to fund your gameplay.

This is no longer a problem with e-wallets like Moneybookers and Neteller and even with these methods falling out of favour you can now use main stream credit cards to fund your play.

Online operators like MyBookie and have a high acceptance rate with credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa.

So make sure you only play with the top online casinos, we have identified these and you can see our list of Top 3 Casino safe and trusted sites below.

Start with these.

  1. Bovada (Slots) Casino Click here for a Deposit Bonus
  2. MyBookie Casino
  3. BetOnline Casino

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