Another Super Bowl Option Returns With FanDuel’s Big Game Bingo

Big Game Bingo is back at FanDuel right before the Super Bowl.

A year after its free-to-play Super Bowl game proved popular among customers, FanDuel came back with Big Game Bingo. The daily fantasy sports and sports betting company describes as an “innovative twist on the classic Bingo game (that) allows fans to follow what's going on during the game, both on and off the field, on a digital Bingo card.”

The incentive to participate certainly exists, as FanDuel has a $25,000 prize pool to divvy up.

How the game works

Most Super Bowl bingo-style games revolve around products similar to what DraftKings Sportsbook unveiled last week.

Not FanDuel's, which integrated with its DFS app rather than its FanDuel Sportsbook.

Big Game Bingo squares include celebrity sightings, popular songs from halftime performers, as well as commercials and in-game moments:

Super Bowl

Courtesy: FanDuel

Daub those coinciding squares, for example, if a commercial features Peyton Manning or a Clydesdale. Will there be a flashback to Super Bowl XXXVI, the last time the New England Patriots and Los Angeles (then St. Louis) Rams met in the Big Game? Will Maroon 5 perform “Moves Like Jagger” at halftime?

These kinds of squares share the same card as game moments, like a facemask penalty, a missed field goal, or a coach's challenge.

How to play the Super Bowl game

Last year, FanDuel debuted Big Game Bingo, dubbed by the company as “the ultimate Super Bowl Party game,” and it was met with more than 350,000 participants.

Anecdotally, many of those players tweeted to the game's halftime performer, Justin Timberlake, requesting he sing “Sexy Back” because the song was on their cards.

Now users can create similar experiences.

The free-to-play game is available on the FanDuel app as well as at the company's website. Along the way, players can chime in using “#FanDuelBingo.”

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