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How to Bet a Wheel in Horse Racing Successfully!

Bet a Wheel in Horse Racing

For anyone interested in placing a wager on horse racing, a wheel bet is a popular way to win big with plenty of options.

If you know how to place a wheel bet, choosing a key horse is all you need to be successful.

To bet a wheel in horse racing, you will place multiple wagers in one single bet.

Then have to choose which horse you feel will take the #1 place in a particular race and wager the other bets on who will place in the rest of the spots. 

However, if your #1 horse loses your wheel bet, the other games are obsolete, and you lose them all.

Although betting a wheel may seem a little complicated, it isn’t once you get the hang of it and can be very rewarding if you know what you are doing.

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Wheeling a bet in horse racing is sort of like a parlay wager when betting on sporting events.

You are given the option to place multiple bets in order to have better odds. 

However, when wheeling a horse racing bet, you are only allowed to wager on the order placement of the horse coming into the finish line.

You cannot use this form of betting to place wagers on multiple races or different types of bets.

When you are betting a “wheel,” you can choose to wager on which horse will come in which place, and as long as your pick for the #1 place horse is accurate, you will win your bet.

For example, you decide to wager on a horse race with eight horses.

You are very confident in your #1 pick, but not so much for your #2.

Here you can bet on a wheel, place your choice for number one and then add seven horses to the possibility of coming in the #2 spot.

What’s the Catch?

This setup may seem like an ideal situation because you are guaranteed a win no matter the outcome of the race, as long as you have a winning first place horse. However, a wheel bet isn’t that simple.

You must place a stake down on each part of the wheel. You bet on eight horses; you have to pay for eight separate wagers. If you lose, you lose all of that money.

What is a Key Wheel Bet?

A key wheel bet is no different from a regular wheel bet.

This is just a term used in the horse betting world, letting others know which horse is your key stakeholder.

If you are wagering on those same eight horses, each wager has the key horse and the other options.  Your key horse is the horse you believe is going to take the #1 place.

How Do You Bet a Superfecta Wheel?

A superfecta wheel is considered an exotic bet in horse racing, and this is when you place a wager on the finishing lineup of four horses in one race.

There are ALOT of outcomes in these types of bets, and they can be challenging to win.

For a superfecta wheel, you will have four key horses in the race. That means you will correctly identify which horse will place 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. From there, you can match up each key with other bets.

In a superfecta key wheel, you have to win your bet with all four horses placing in the order you choose.

How Does a Trifecta Wheel Work?

As you probably guessed by now, a trifecta bet is when you bet on the top three finishing horses in one race.

If you win, you could win big; however, if you lose just one, you lose it all.

In a trifecta wheel, you choose the #1 finisher and then multiple options for the other two wagers. As long as your top pick takes #1, you win your bet.

How Does an Exacta Wheel Bet Work?

In an Exacta bet, you will choose which horse finishes 1st and which will finish 2nd; if these two places are chosen correctly, you will win the wager no matter where the other horses place.

In an exacta wheel bet, you can choose who the #1 horse will be and then have options for the #2 place, giving you wiggle room to win your wager.


In a horse race with eight horses, you have your key horse (which must finish in the first place) and then open options for second place.

This will give you eight options to choose from to finish in the 2nd slot. 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5, 1:6, 1:7, 1:8.

However, in this example, you will have to put down a wager for each option. Say the stake is $4.

You will be required to put down $4 for eight bets equaling $32.

It is also important to note that you do not have to wager on all eight horses to take on second place.

You can wager that horses 3,5,6 could take second, meaning you would only have to put down four stakes equalling out to a $16 wager in total.

What is the Difference Between a Key Bet and a Wheel Bet?

As mentioned above, keying a bet is nothing different than a wheel bet.

The term key is just an indicator, letting others know which horse you have chosen as your key bet or the horse you feel is going to finish first.

The other horses are just options surrounding the initial bet that can fill in other spaces.

Summing Things Up

When considering betting a wheel in horse racing, think multi-betting with one key horse in mind. 

Having a good idea of how horse betting works and the capability of each racers’ performance will give you a great start to a successful bet.

Wagering on a wheel at our recommended best horse racing betting sites is not only a good way to win more money but an opportunity to have backup bets to save you from a terrible loss.


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